The end of bullshit, lies, and conformity

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Public announcement

Unlike many religious people I’ve read large parts of the Bible. It wasn’t told to me.

– I fucking READ IT! –

The Bible taught me that God is a sexual predator, a male chauvinist, a rapist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a narcissist, a psychopath, a liar, an anti-intellectual, an oppressor, a dictator, a tyrant – just to mention a few.

Religion 1

The Bible taught me that God is nothing but an ignorant intolerant asshole and a punk. In the Bible God proves himself to be a detestable moronic idiot.

As many of his worshippers, over time, adopt to a lot of Gods traits they become as detestable and obnoxious as God himself. That’s why they own the definition Religiot.

Religion 7

These discoveries from reading the Bible naturally made me an anti-theist. Because I’m better than this evil and hostile character that the Bible presents.

Furthermore, religion changes people’s minds from open & curious at birth to closed & viciously suspicious when adult. It changes people’s minds from nice & friendly at birth to evil & hostile when adults. It changes people’s minds from tolerant, empathic, and magnanimous at birth to intolerant, hostile, and selfish as adults.

Religion 5

There is nothing good coming from religion, nothing good that cannot be accomplished without religious beliefs.

Of all the seriously religious people I’ve met, no one, not a single one of them, has benefitted from their beliefs. Many has managed to avoid becoming as bad and evil as the God they believe in, but some has turned out worse than their God. However, no one has turned out a better person thanks to their religious beliefs. None!

Religion 4

As a self inflicted therapy I’ve written several articles on the appalling absurdities of any and all religions. Most of them are published here:

I’m sick and tired of it.
I’ve had it with this religiot bullshit.
– I’m done with it.
I’m moving on to another topic that makes more sense in this sick and wicked world of ours. I’m moving away from arguing with worshippers of hate, death, destruction, and mental oppression of the freethinking mind.

Religion 2

I’m moving on to a topic, to an art form, that looks for love, life, nature, and its stunning beauty. I’m moving on to photography.

However, if anyone dares to expose me to this religiot junk again they better put on a verbally bullet proof vest or they won’t survive the 50 caliber bullets of words fired in their direction.

If the religiots could read my mind they would know to stay the hell away from me.

Religion 3

– THIS IS A WARNING – If you dare to challenge me with your religiot bullshit again I will verbally shoot you into smithereens.

If your heaven is better than your life on Earth – please do us the favor and go kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit!

Religion 6

– Meanwhile, I’ll stay here looking for the loving beauty of life, taking beautiful pictures of what the religiot cannot comprehend, nor appreciate. Pictures of our planet, our one and only Home that we call Earth. It is far more beautiful, far more fragile, far more admirable, than most understand.

I’m going to take some of those astounding pictures of our planets amazing beauty, and for the ones who cares I’ll share them with you!

Hummingbird on a balcony-8


Act of God

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God is omnipotent – He is the all powerful creator of everything.
Omniscient – He is all knowing.
Omnipresent – He is present everywhere at the same time.
Omnibenevolent – He is all loving and all good.
…if he is not one, or any of this, he cannot, by definition be a God.


Most insurance companies, as well as in corporate and government documents, in USA use a clause called Act of God. What does that mean?
– It is obviously used as a synonym to natural disasters. But if we dismiss that, what does it actually mean


If a natural disaster happens, like a hurricane, an earthquake, a volcano erupting, and it is considered an Act of God, what does that tell us about God himself?
– It means that, from all reasonable points of view, he should be considered an asshole. 
Because God, The Omnipotent, created the mayhem and suffering in the first place. And now, as The Omnipresent, he’s looking at his fans suffering from the chaos he just created. What kind of dick does that?


What else is an Act of God? As God is The Omnipotent he is responsible for creating everything. A broken elevator, a TV remote out of battery, a car accident, or a lost house key, they must be Acts of God as well.
– Does that mean that I can call my employer claiming that I cannot come to work because I am suffering from an Act of God when my car wont start? What if I have a fatal car accident and, in court, claim that the person died as an Act of God? Would that even be considered as a sane argument?


As God is The Omnipotent, he is responsible for the bad stuff happening to us just as an Act of God advocates. Doesn’t that mean that God is a damn nasty and malevolent mother fucker?


– What does the clergymen have to say about this, when God constantly is displayed as the bad guy? Because it strongly contradicts the churches views of The Omnibenevolent God. Why aren’t the churches obstructing this picture, this cruel description of their greatly admired deity? Could it, ironically, be because God actually is a malevolent bastard…?



Why is it only the bad stuff that is labeled an Act of God, but never the good junk? Nice stuff like a good whiskey or beer, a laughing child, a sprouting flower, a beautiful sun rise, or how about when my wife has a delightfully pleasant orgasm? Why aren’t those Acts of God as well?


An Act of God?
The claim is bullshit. Anyone using the expression must first prove the existence of a God in order to validate and justify the condition of the claim. So far no one has succeeded with that task…


Until proven otherwise, God only exists as a ghost in gullible people’s minds – and that cannot, must not, be used as a condition in any law abiding document.


As an atheist I don’t believe in any God. Therefore, I cannot be included in this specific clause and claim no matter where, or how, it is used. The Act of God clause has no validity for me or any other atheist, and shouldn’t have for anyone else either.


The delusional life

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There is no proof that any God exist. None.

Friedrick Nietzsche

Nevertheless there are countless people that argue God is real, and many spend their days trying to convince the rest of us that they are right, that God in fact, does exist.

Every scientific study on the existence of Gods has come up with the same negative result. There is no proof of any God. But there is proof of nature, and nature’s power of – and ability to, create life.


So what is it the religious tell us when they argue that God is real?

They tell us that God is real to them.

– OK, that’s pretty harmless. We can live with that, right?

Equally important is what the religious do not tell us, which is, that they believe in a power that cannot be seen, heard, or touched, like a ghost. There is a word for this, it is called being delusional.




  • characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

This means that having a belief in a God is no more relevant than believing in ghosts. The only place, the only location, where these ghosts are real, is in the minds of the believers.

Ghost 1

Anyone telling us that s/he considers God to be real, from a reasonable and logical point of view, has a mentally impaired mind. Similarly, a person that has been indoctrinated from childhood, has a damaged mind too! This is psychological child abuse.

Believing in Godly ghosts creates uncertainty as the believer never really knows what will happen to them. This is a constant burden of fear that might never fully leave their mind. They don’t know if they, at any given moment, are violating the will of God… and therefore will get punished for it.

Fear 1

This uncertainty creates anxiety. As it does, the concept of God creates a vicious cycle of belief, anxiety, and prayers, which cannot be broken unless the faith is abandoned. Abandoning religion is the most petrifying of all for most believers, as it is a journey into the unknown for them. This fear of the unknown is the cause of religiously based prejudices many believers hold close. They believe, better to keep what is known, even if it is bad…

But the consequences don’t stop there: when children are taught to ask a ghost for trusted assistance to solve their problems, they learn to become irresponsible adults who fails to find solutions!

They are taught, that whatever the problem is, a ghost will find the answer for them; this is a form of psychological child abuse.

Religion is child abuse

When children are taught that a God created them, and that a God can take them to Heaven – or Hell (i.e. kill them) they are taught to fear death as well as life itself. This, again, is psychological child abuse.

Believing in Godly ghosts creates a mind that accepts absence of understanding as normal. It creates a mind that becomes gullible and superstitious, a mind that accepts not knowing and not looking for educated answers. Over time this develops into a mind that is not used to its full potential, but is rather limited in its ability to think, draw conclusions, and form individual thoughts and opinions. This puts the mind at a very high risk of becoming so mentally damaged it’s close to the mind of a mentally deranged person.

Ghost 2

This mindset might create a person who is easily offended, which in turn creates liars; these liars are the ones who don’t want to be offensive, therefore they lie in order to keep the sensitive person’s mind calm and at ease.


1st Conclusion
Believing in a God is the intellectual surrender to believe in ghosts.
Believing in ghosts is akin to having a delusional mind and thought process.
This divine ghost is affecting everything they do in a negative, impaired, manner.

When it comes to logical, reasonable, and intellectual, thinking, this leads to the conclusion that people of faith are intellectually compromised, and therefore cannot be considered fully reliable, trusted, or mentally stable.

The reason for this is quite simple, their ability to draw logical and reasonable conclusions is heavily compromised by irrational feelings… produced by the ghost they believe in.

The strangest thing of all the above is that this mental state of mind is, in most places, accepted as normal!

Look at yourself

If people of faith would turn up in what was a godless society, I am fully convinced they would immediately be incarcerated in mental institutions.


2nd Conclusion
Nothing good comes out of religion.
In all cases it creates the following, at one level or the other:

– It creates a weak mind.
– It creates a closed mind.
– It creates a violent mind.
– It creates a gullible mind.
– It creates the mind of a liar.
– It creates an illogical mind.
– It creates an ignorant mind.
– It creates an arrogant mind.
– It creates a mind of anxiety.
– It creates a judgmental mind.
– It creates the mind of hypocrisy.
– It creates an irresponsible mind.
– It creates a mind of a narcissist.
– It creates a mind of personal shame.
– It creates a mind saturated with guilt.
– It creates a mind fearing the unknown.
It creates a mind lacking personal confidence.
– It creates a mind that neglects facts and knowledge.
– It creates a person with an intimate relationship with his/her fragile ego.

3rd Conclusion
God only exists in the believers mind. There is no proof that any God exists at any other place other than IN their mind. This Godly ghost might feel as reality to them. But for all others their perception is no more a reality than Santa Claus, or any other man-made character.

God is a ghost that only exists in their mind. He is nowhere else to be found. And the damage their beliefs do to them will not be understood until the day they throw Him out the window, or flush Him down the toilet…

Mankind doesn’t need religion. But religion needs mankind.

I didn’t lose my faith – I got rid of it, and I don’t want to find it again!

Break free from it!

Bruce Lee People fear what they don't understand

Good morning God

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Good morning God.

As I woke up this morning I still don’t believe you exist. I still think you’re a fallacy.

Isn’t that strange?

Because yesterday you clearly proved your existence and your omnipotent powers in Barcelona when you had a terrorist running people over in a pedestrian street with a van at full speed. Through this terrorist you managed to murder 13 and injuring 50. I thought you were omnipotent… Why did you need a person to do killing for you, are you too much a coward to do it yourself? It’s almost as you don’t exist, isn’t it?

And the day before Barcelona, you made a bunch of gang members open fire inside a public hospital in Guatemala City killing 7, and injuring even more. I thought you were omnipotent… Why did you need people to do the murdering for you, can’t you do it yourself? It’s almost as you don’t exist, isn’t it?

But, what the heck, I can be wrong and you are listening…

You’re supposed to be the creator of everything. And for that ability you demand our worship, or we will burn in Hell. But if you’re omnipotent why am I not worshipping you already? Is my resistance stronger than your omnipotence? It’s almost as if you’re not real, isn’t it?

I am not going to worship you. Because you have yet not proven to be real. All you’ve proven so far is that you are a manmade fallacy, a manmade ghost in people’s minds. You are just a ghost personifying peoples fear of death.

Now, as you didn’t kill me for the blasphemy I told you yesterday I’ll do it again.

I will not worship a celestial dictator, tyrant, and mass murderer! Because you are a piece of shit.

If I ever meet you I will beat the life out of you, then shoot your corps in the head just for good measure, and feed the remains to a school of pyrajas.

So, I’m still here. You didn’t murder me yesterday, nor during the night. It’s almost like you’re not real, isn’t it?

I give you another chance, God.

You are an evil asshole, your religion is bullshit, your deserve not admiration – but you do deserve hate. You are an arrogant tyrant. Fuck you!

Now kill me for this disrespectful blasphemy of mine, as you have not hesitated to kill and slaughter so many others in the past. Prove your existence and kill me too.

Let’s see if I’m still here tomorrow.

Absurdities of Sex II

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The key word for this article is the word virgin.

A virgin is, by modern dictionary definitions, a person who have never had sexual intercourse.

By the same definitions sexual intercourse means sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen.

This definition can be questioned if we apply it to lesbian women who probably never would have a male member included in their private moments. Are they virgins? Most likely not, right?

At the time the Bible was written, and rewritten over and over again, the virgin word could be the description of an innocent young woman who had not yet given birth to a child.  That is quite different from how we understand the word virgin today.

Today we generally use the word for a person who have not had sexual intercourse, coition. This modern understanding of the word is not without complications when we look at the story of Mary.

So what happens with Mary’s story if we stay with the modern interpretation of the word?

In Mary’s case it would mean that she had never had a male member penetrating her birth canal, right?

Virgin Mary
Now, we all know from the Bible that she was impregnated by God in order to give birth to Jesus, who was the personification of God himself. For the moment, let’s ignore the fact that Mary was impregnated without her approval, and therefore by definition was raped. Let’s also ignore the fact that she was as young as 12 years old, and God therefore must be considered a pedophile. And let’s ignore that baby Jesus was born in June, not on December 25th.

Mary was a girl child and a virgin, i.e. a girl who had yet not had a male member inside her body.

From a technical/physical point of view she could have been impregnated without full penetration. All needed was one single male sperm on the outer parts of her genitals. A sperm that then moved into her body and swam all the way up to her cervix, into the uterus and fertilized the egg. It is very unlikely this ever happened but it is not entirely impossible.
Mary What Do I Tell

As Jesus was a male child, and did penetrate Mary’s birth canal at birth, was Mary still considered a virgin after giving birth to Jesus? The fact that child Jesus did penetrate his mother on the way out of her, with his whole body private parts and all, would technically make Mary a non-virgin.

– If Mary was not considered a virgin after giving birth to Jesus, it means that Mary’s virginity was lost to her son, which should be considered incest. Incest is illegal by law, and a sin according to several passages in the Bible.
Virgin Mary Baby Jesus

– If Mary still was considered a virgin after Jesus birth; was it because the penetration was in the wrong direction, i.e. from inside – out and not from outside – in? Is the direction of the penetration important when female virginity is lost? Or was she still a virgin because the penis of child Jesus most likely wasn’t erect at the time of birth?
Children of a virgin
The entire story is absurd and so are the conclusions that comes out from it. The idea with this article is to expose those absurdities.

Who is this?

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You see statues, symbols, and pictures of him wherever you walk in the city.

In order to satisfy him you have to:

  • constantly praise him.
  • constantly admire his actions.
  • constantly hail his presence.
  • constantly worship him as the greatest leader of all leaders.
  • have pictures of him in your house.


  • From early childhood you are told that he can hear your thoughts and words.
  • To please him, you have to follow his demands on how to live your life according to the doctrines and scriptures.
  • If you criticize him in writing you will be punished.
  • If you criticize him in speech you will be punished.
  • Failing to praise him at all times and you will be severely punished and end up in a place so horrifying you cannot imagine the suffering you will face.

    – Who is it?


It is Kim Jung-Un of DPRK, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, i.e. North Korea. He is the fascist/communist dictator of the worst country on Earth. Kim Jong-Un is portrayed as the reincarnation of his father Kim Jong-Il, who was the reincarnation of his father Kim Il-Sung.

Kim Il-Sung is still the president even though he died in 1994. DPRK is the only necrocracy in the world. North Korea’s leaders are portrayed as divinities.

Now, read it again, but replace Kim with your God – and tell me why one is bad and the other is good when they are so alike?

My religious journey

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I was born in Sweden 1962. One son of four. Our mother is from Estonia, she and her sister was put on a boat in 1944 by their mother, to get away from the ending WWII. They barely made it across the stormy Baltic Sea. Our father is a son of three. He grew up in comfort and safety in Stockholm, Sweden.

My father married my mom. His brother married the sister. Two brothers married two sisters.

Grönbetevägen 62
My parents have always had the capability of focusing strong on joint tasks.

Together they built two large houses. First a townhouse, later a large villa of more than 150 sqm (1600 Sqf). My father did it all by himself, with the assistance of my mom.

He worked the office during the days, then rode his bicycle to the construction site and worked on the house until sunset.

Rode home, went to bed only to repeat it the next day. Both houses took him more than 2 years each to build. He’s no quitter…

Badhusvägen 11 2017-08-12 18.35.09
Religion was never a topic in my home. Never.

We had the conflicts every family has. As children of our home we where brought up to become independent. Sometimes too independent. But all in all our parents made the best they could.

At the age of three I walked a forest with my parents. As a clearing between the trees opened up in front of us a roaring sound was heard from above and behind.

Three fighter jets passed over our heads at a little more than the height of the trees.

One by one they banked hard to the left. I was stunned! They where gone in a few seconds, but the sound, the sight of the hard banking planes, it is a memory that is burned into my mind for ever.

From that moment, flying like that was what I wanted to do in life! So when the opportunity came to join the voluntary army forces in my mid teens I applied.

J35 Draken Low
I joined the voluntary branch of the Swedish army. It was exiting to shoot guns, camp in the dark forests. The structured strict military life appealed to me.


A few years after that I did my first attempt to become a fighter jet pilot. Together with others in a group of around 15 youngsters I spent an entire day being tested, from 7am to 5pm. Most guys in the group were dismissed at first brake at nine in the morning. A few more was dismissed at lunchtime. I managed to hang on until 5pm. But, at the end, I failed. Hand/eye coordination wasn’t good enough.

Around 4 years later, after military service, I was offered a second chance. I happily embraced it – and failed again…

J35 Pilot

As Sweden at the time had a draft system all men had to do military service. I had to choose between Navy (Submarine), Army (Tanks), or the Air force (Fighter Jet mechanic). As a young radar engineer I was selected for the last choice, just as I wanted. If I couldn’t fly’em I sure as hell could fix’em!

J35 Draken

During my draft year I got in touch with religion via the field priest and his few services. I found it strange that we, if ever in armed conflict, would pray for victory to the same god as our potential enemies would. But I didn’t bother to think about the contradictions. I moved on.

Fast forward to the very last years of the 1980’s I had become a father of two, moved out from my beloved Stockholm, to boringly small mid-country town of Mora, the host of the largest and longest cross country ski competition in the world, Wasaloppet.

Mora, Sweden

As I became a father in a bad marriage I had abandoned my dreams of a military career. I was young, stupid, immature, and a follower of my wife. A woman who had no dreams in life, no accomplishments, no other future than to live from paycheck to paycheck.

I worked in a factory making US military equipment, telescopic masts. When offered payment to leave, as they needed to downsize after a few years, I embraced the opportunity and started my own little tiny convenient store at the local bus stop center. But before the little shop I had divorced and started a second relationship that within time would give me my third son.

One day an elderly man, a regular customer, approached me and asked for a private meeting. I was politically involved and the local president of the Swedish equivalents to the US DEM. At this private meeting the old man asked if I wanted to become a Freemason. As most people I didn’t know much about them, but a quick internet search made me curious and I accepted.

Bergalid Falun

I have always liked to do things I’ve never done before. I have always embraced challenges. This was clearly one of those opportunities. It was the start of a 20 year long journey I will never forget, nor regret.
The Freemasons is not a secret organization. But it is an organization with secrets.

The Freemasonry taught me what my parents hadn’t, what the Air Force hadn’t, what life itself hadn’t. As a Freemason I grew as a human being, I grew as a man.

The Freemasons makes good men better. I am one of them.


The Freemasonry is an organization based on strong Christian values. But it is not a church. It does not tell what is right or wrong from a religious perspective. It is not providing any dogmas. But it shows what Christianity is and how to live in a Christian society.

As I had my share of troubles in life the freemasonry gave me a safe haven without having the intention of doing so. At the freemasonry I found calm peace when my world outside was a mayhem.


When I began my freemason adventure I had a tiny belief in some kind of deity. Over the years my respect for my own belief grew, but it never grew into something big enough to have a greater impact on me. When life events where unbearable I paid visits to a local church on Sundays just to find some comfort and emotional rest.

As the Freemasons provided such comfort I became more involved. The rituals are secret so I wont tell you about those. But what I can tell is that they involve several people. I was one of them and I enjoyed it a lot. The world and time outside the freemasons became a waiting room to the next visit in the lodge. This was what I wanted and needed, for several years.

From a religious point of view, the freemasonry did make me a bit stronger as the weak believer in God I was: It did make me pray for guidance and advice from time to time. And praying made me feel better but I cannot say I ever saw any divine guidance, nor advice, that mattered in real life. But it taught me how to
become a better man, father, and husband.

Cross of Malta

I am still a Freemason and I will remain one until the day I die.

In 2008 I was divorced for the second time. Me and my youngest son lived in the best and most expensive apartment I have ever had. After two failing marriages it was clear that marriage was not for me. Been there, done that. Didn’t work out … Fuck it.

Förrådsgatan 6, Solna

My future plans did not involve a relationship. I planned to stay alone for many years to come. Support my son and see him accomplish whatever suited him the best.

Life had other plans for me…

One day a girl found me on Facebook. We started chatting. We soon understood that the likelihood we ever would meet was very small. We enjoyed our conversations a lot. She was in Guatemala, I was in Sweden.

The chats where very long and every day of the week. We both fell in love … over the phone! Damn, what a woman!


An internal conflict with my youngest son made him move back to his mother. My relationship with my two older sons, with my parents and brothers, was scarce. I was alone and had all the freedom I

wanted to do whatever I decided.

In 2009 she visited me for the first time. It was two weeks of excitement and love. In 2010 we decided to get married. The plan was for her to move to Sweden. But as I understood that the impact on her family would be too strong, too big, I moved to Guatemala instead.

I gave away as much possessions as my children and family wanted to have. I sold what I could, and gave the rest to charity. I moved to Guatemala out of concern for my future mother in law and family.

Guatemala is a very religious country, heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic church. As I had some tiny belief coming here I thought this would not be an issue.

Oh boy, was I wrong…!

Guatemala City

We read the same Bible, but as a swede from a secular country the Bibles teachings never influences our lives that much.

Swedes are educated and therefore drawn to their own conclusions. As they do, church and religion has very little influence, if any at all, these days. But in Guatemala it influences everything. Nothing escapes the religious impacts here.

It influences the people, the culture, the entire society. It influences law and order, schooling of children, as well as politics. There is literarily nothing that escapes it. The worst part is what it does to people. People become hypocritical liars and narcissists. I have written about it here at my blog.

As the Swede I am I began openly questioning what I saw and learned. It was not appreciated. People got upset, angry, and insulted. So I decided to stay quiet for five years. That would give me time to observe and learn before asking the hard questions again.

During those first five years I worked as an English teacher. First at a language school for adults. Later I accepted the offer to work at a Catholic boy’s school that is under the supervision of Opus Dei. Opus Dei is the hard core right wing branch of the Catholic Church.

Opus Dei

My learning curve was steep but fast.

After five years in Guatemala I had lost all of the little faith I had. I did read the Bible in order to figure out what was going on within me. But my readings only sped up the process, because the stories in the Bible does not make sense when adding logic and reason to them.

So I challenged myself by watching video clips on YouTube. Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, George Carlin, Dave Allen, and others. I found them refreshingly educational.

Once you have seen the absurdities of religion it cannot be unseen.

In January 2017 I visited Sweden to get the highest grade at the Freemasons. Entering the building felt like coming home, just as the very first time I did it. The Swedish Freemasons is my second home, still is. But this time it was slightly different. The feeling of Home was more mature, with more facets.

Even though I am now an outspoken atheist I will not leave the Freemasonry. It made so much for me when I needed it the most. Even though I no longer believe in any deity I respect the organization, and what it does in society, far to much to turn my back on it. And the Freemasonry does not obligate anyone to be a religious believer. The only thing we have to confess to is to believe in a higher being.

My higher being has a name. Life.

Life it too short, too beautiful, to waste on imaginary characters that does nothing for us but providing falsehoods.

Happiness 2

Life is far more remarkable than any religion or God, far more remarkable than any religious text or scripture. Far more beautiful than any religion ever can be.

I literarily love my life. I love what I have accomplished. I love the fact that I have given life to four beautiful sons who I am the proud father of. Four sons who would not have been here if it wasn’t for me.

During the weeks before my trip to Sweden in January, 2017, I realized how much I had missed photography.

As therapy I had started writing again. When I am in emotional distress I write. It works for me; it makes me better. Writing forces me to gather and structure my thoughts.

At the beginning I wrote about food and health because the food here in Guatemala is like in the US, terrible. But it wasn’t enough.

After my first years of silence my blog took a turn. As I couldn’t speak out about religion I started writing about it. I had to, in order to stay sane in an insane country. But it wasn’t enough.

This religiot culture was driving me nuts!

I had to expand my interests to divert myself from the religious insanity that saturates everything here. Photography forces me to look for the beauty in Guatemala. Photography was the key to keep a sane mind.

Nikon D5300

So as I came back home to Guatemala I bought the best camera I have ever had. A Nikon D5300. Over the months to come I completed my equipment with the accessories I wanted and now I am all set for a hobby that will last for years.

Guatemala is such a beautiful country. The sceneries nature provides are breathtakingly beautiful. By focusing on this instead of corruption, crime, murders, pollution, bizarre religious stupidities, crumbling infrastructure, and all the other absurdities, I have found an interest that will divert my attention to the good things in Guatemala. I needed it.

View from a balcony May 27, 2017 (1 of 1)

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I got my first camera at 7, a Kodak Instamatic. Always have had a camera since then. At age 8 or 9 my parents made a dark room for my mom and me. During the last 5-6 years of elementary school I had weekly photo classes.

Some uses photography to document their lives. I do too, to some extent. But my focus in more on the artistic side of it. I want pictures so beautiful that they should displayed on a wall.

As my youngest son Phillip has shown interest in photography I gave him a camera when he turned six this year. So from now on I will take him shooting every once in a while. I look forward to these moments with him.

Fujifilm S8600

I didn’t lose faith. I got rid of it, I trew it out the window – and I don’t want it back!

We don’t need religion to be good to one another. We don’t need religion to do what is right in life. We don’t need religion to find beauty in life. We don’t need religion to be strong when life is tough on us. – We need love and appreciation, we need support and hope. And we create it ourselves. No distracting God has anything to do with it.

Life itself is too short to waste on imagination and manmade religious characters.

Far better is to focus on what we have on hand. Life itself.

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