Donald Dump

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There’s one good thing to say about Donald Dump; he’s one of the very few that manages to cover 100% of his head using only 30% of his hair. – That is quite an accomplishment!

And that is probably the nicest thing one can say about him. Because from the top of the ridiculous hairdo that poorly covers his scalp it is all free-fall.


Because, Donald Dump has no political experience nor agenda. He is a proven narcissistic sociopath, a xenophobic racist, a homophobic misogynist, un- and misinformed, an arrogant and vulgar hypocrite. And probably one of the worst cases of the Dunning-Kruger victims we’ve ever seen.

He is an uneducated, dumb, ignorant, and a full frame buffoon. He is an inflated, bloated, fool who cannot stop endorsing himself and his importance. From his point of view he is the best there is – at everything!

He is a proven compulsory liar and a draft dodger, a sexual predator with no empathy, no compassion, no character, no conscience, no passion, no shame, no moral guidelines, no decency, no manners. He is a pathetic intellectually disabled misfit with the thought process of a drunk.

He a useless piece of shit who can’t even keep his dick from fucking the wrong cunt.

img_4778The wrong hooker’s cunt; Stormy Daniels

Here’s the politically correct conclusion:

– Donald Dump is so poor all he have is money.

… and the non-politically correct conclusion is:

– Donald Dump is a despicable piece of shit and a full frame moronic idiot.

Or like Rex Tillerson so well coined it; He’s a fucking moron!



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With thanks to my friend Ranald MacLean who triggered my mind into new experiences.


It is good to listen to the ones we disagree with. Because they have knowledge about stuff we don’t. We learn from the ones we disagree with.

Ask them questions so you understand their point of view. Ask questions so you learn to understand them as people.


Use logic and reason when questioning their answers, question so you understand more and better, do not stop listening. Digest the answers you get. From those answers, ask more questions until you understand as well as they do.

Stay calm, do not judge, do not jump into conclusions, remember that this is not about you – it’s about them. This is not a debate, it is not an argument. It is a moment to increase knowledge and understanding through logical and reasonable questioning. It’s a learning moment, cherish it as such. When two people do this to one another magic happens, lifelong mutual friendships are built. Make it happen.


Agree disagree

-Why do I write this?

Because there are far too many people that –

  1. Don’t question because they believe they understand. They think they know all there is to know, and they, therefore, lack the ability to digest new knowledge.
  2. Don’t question because questions implies critical thinking which is considered a bad thing, ultimately met with hostility and anger.
  3. Don’t question because they might come through as ignorant or dumb.
  4. Don’t question because the answers given might be intimidating and rock their boat.
  5. Don’t question because they don’t want to learn.

Learning is a life long process. Keep the learning alive.



The reason I came up with this is my life itself.

I live in an environment where questioning what locally is considered unquestionable facts and truths is a bad thing. My questions are often dismissed, ignored, answered in hostile personal ridicule, or in pure anger – if answered at all.

This has led to me being perceived as a trouble maker, a difficult person, a person some avoid. I even would go as far as saying that a few people literally hate me. Now, let me tell you that neither of this bothers me to sleepless nights.

During my eight years in this country I have learned far more than I ever imagined or expected. It has been, and still is, a very interesting experience.


These people, who I have happily assisted to develop a dislike against me and my person, are small. I would say that they have small intellects, tiny thinking capabilities, and an adverse attitude against anything or anyone who does not agree with them. These people are very reluctant and easily scared of new information and knowledge. They are, by culture and nature, suspicious against anything they have not experienced before. Here food serves as a simple but good example. Eating something they haven’t had before? -No!

They only try it if “forced” to, and then in the tiniest bit you can imagine, always with the same verdict; I didn’t like it.

People like these are intimidated by change, or the prospect thereof, and therefore are very reluctant to anything that have the smallest of possibilities to accomplish just that.

People like these are self centered, judge mental, and full of prejudices against anything they know little to nothing about – and they don’t have a clue that they are.


People like these live in an actively chosen bubble of ignorance. However, living in a bubble like this is not without risk. Because, over time, as the world is in constant change, they appear to regress on an intellectual level. This is not entirely true, it is rather the world that is increasing its distance from them. But nevertheless they appear to become less and less intellectually adaptable over time.

Some day ago I read an article on how fundamentalist religion affects the brain. Later the same day I accidentally found and watched a short video on how alcohol affects the brain. The article and the video argues that religion and alcohol affects the frontal lobe of the brain. It is in the frontal lobe where logical thinking and reasoning takes place.


This might mean that:

  • having a discussion or argument with a tipsy or drunk person is useless – and most of us have experiences confirming that.
  • having a discussion or argument with a religious person is equally useless because they “think” like a drunk. Not to mention what happens when the religious actually is tipsy or slightly drunk…Drunk2

Link to the article:

Link to the video:

The Westboro Baptist Church is as interesting but extreme example of what happens to the intellect of members in a small indoctrinated group.

Links to BBC documentaries on the Westboro Baptist Church:

Westboro Prologue 1:

Westboro Prologue 2:


We are all products of our environment. If you want to be as good a person you can be – question everything to keep your learning mind active.

Enjoy the company of people who are smarter than you, they have other opinions than you. Learn from them.

  • Because the opposite turns you dumb.

Look up at the stars

Words are important

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We the people make our societies. Many of us agree that our societies aren’t good enough, that they should be better. This means that if we want better societies we need better people.

That means that we, the parents, have to make our children better than we are if a change should occur. Make it happen. Make your child better than you.

Here’s one way of doing just that.

Words are important. What we say have impact. Spoken words reflect what we think. Unspoken words can reflect what we don’t think. Spoken, as well as unspoken, words affect our children.

  • Words are powerful.

The following example showed up in a WhatsApp group chat the other day regarding a deceased friend to one of the members in the group (text is Google translated from Spanish to English):

“That the Lord, the Almighty God, spill over you a balm of peace, love and protection, its light through your whole body as a source of living water. That he heals all your diseases discovered and hidden. In the name of the father, of the son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. It passes this blessing to all your contacts, including me. With great pride and affection, you choose because you are special. The word of God says that Job was blessed when he prayed for his friends… Bless your friends and you will be blessed… Today is a day of blessing. “Bless”. “I bless your heart” – your life. -Your health – your home. -Your family. -your work. -your spiritual life – your finances and projects, in the name of Christ, choose to like who to bless.”

Now, as God is omnipotent, we’re supposed to show worship and gratitude for His work?

Am I the only one realizing how intellectually wicked religious people actually become…? Am I – really – the only one?

Let me explain my train of though here…

Omnipotent means All powerful, i.e. the creator of everything. Let me clarify that; God is the creator of EVERYTHING.

Omniscient means All knowing of everything. Let me clarify that; God the omniscient who knows EVERYTHING.

Omnipresent means Always present everywhere. Let me clarify that; God the omnipresent is EVERYWHERE at all times.

Now, digesting these facts one soon realize that, according to the Christian belief system, God created mankind and everything else. As he creates everything, he creates good & bad, health & illness, prosperity & poverty, happiness & sorrow, life & death. God creates everything that has happened and will happen to every living thing, be it a person, an animal, or a plant.

Now, the post above advocates admiration and worship for a deity that is only proven to exist as a ghost within the mind of the believer. Keep in mind that this is the deity that demands love and admiration by threats of eternal pain if not complied to. This is the trait of an extortionist, a dictator, a tyrant, a fascist.




The post above DID NOT say –

Thank you for being a good friend.
Thank you for being a good husband to your wife which I hold dear.
Thank you for being a good father to your children.
Thank you for all the good memories you brought us.
Thank you for your friendship. I will hold your memory dear for as long as I live.


  • No, the post did not say that.


The post above DID say thank you God for letting us know this good man. The post above does advocate the praise a self inflicted artificial ghost of the believers mind as the one to admire and gratify for the deceased mans existence.

But the post did not take into account the proof of existence of such a deity. Barely believing in such a deity was enough to show the admiration and gratitude, not towards the deceased man himself, but to a deity that cannot prove its own existence without the assistance of a human being.

This means that whatever good this deceased man did while sharing his life on earth with his family and friends he is not to show gratitude to. He did not get the credit and thanks for the good he did in life. An imaginary ghost got all of it. God got all the credit. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!??

The words of religion really screw up some people’s minds…

This post is so disrespectfully arrogant, it is as repulsive as it is gullible at the same time, towards a deceased friend, I barely want to throw up in response to it. …however, I won’t do that in public.

Vomiting cat


Definition of indoctrination in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Definition of indoctrination – the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

If we teach, indoctrinate, our children to believe in religions our societies will never change for the better. Because a child who ask a ghost for assistance when problems and hardships emerge in life will develop into an adult who will not find better solutions.




Religions are not promoting good values. All religions do, however, promote blind faith. Faiths that are not allowed to be questioned or criticized. Religions creates minds that will fail to think freely.

Words are important. Words have impact. Words are powerful.

  • Chose your words wisely, because they affect the thinking capabilities of your child just as much as they affect yours.


Don't ask kids what they want to be


Last but not the least … How important are we in universe and why?

Don’t be fooled

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Don’t be fooled by his humble appearance.

This man is the head of a fascist organization hiding inside a religion. He is the world’s main protector of child molesting rapists and pedophiles.

-He represents nothing to worship, nothing to respect, nothing to admire.

Under his devine, gold plated and polished, varnish hides a man who accuses sex abuse victims of responsibility and guilt for being used, abused, and raped. Under his varnish hides a man who give sovereign protection to sexual criminals and crimes. Under his varnish hides a man who pays hush money to victims but neglects assisting in getting his pedophile clergymen convicted in a court of law.

This man is nothing but a despicable human piece of shit – and so are you if you support him or his church.

Sexual perversions within religion

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Here is a comment to my recent Facebook and Twitter posts on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church:

-It’s not only Catholics abusing children, other religions do it too!


This comment is pretty interesting, because it actively neglects the fact that no other religion have abused as many children as the catholic one.

This comment justifies sexual abuse because other religions do it too.

This comment prevents pulling the abusers out into the light, and it prevents the abusers from facing criminal charges.

This comment protects the abusers and it’s lack of action permits them to continue raping children.

This comment supports the Vatican’s historical protection of the abusers.

This comment clearly shows that moral values based on religion are absurd and sometimes perverted.

This comment clearly shows what is wrong with religion, because it clearly exposes what a limited mind a religious person can develop.


Sexual abuse is wrong, no matter who the perpetrator is! Period.

– Supporting an organization that actively protects sexual abusers is wrong, no matter what kind of organization it is. This means that arguing in favor of, or participating in the ceremonies of, the Catholic Church is morally wrong! There is no justification for any of it. Period.

If you support and/or participate in the activities of such an organization you are a large part of the problem. You are no better than the perverted abusers. Period.

If you support an organization that protects, and indirectly promotes, perverted child rapists you need to re-evaluate your moral values.

Here are a few links about religiously perverted sexual abusers facing their faith:

How I Learned to be Afraid of Men

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Men are possessive assholes. Period.


It starts with the warnings. I’m told that it’s dangerous at night. Don’t walk alone at night, don’t be on the sketchy side of town at night, don’t wear revealing clothing at night. Don’t talk on your cell phone when you’re walking home from the bus stop in the dark. It’ll distract you from potential attackers. No, wait. Do talk on your cell phone. It’ll make potential attackers think you have a boyfriend.

After the warnings, it’s the stories. Women I love slip frightening, barely disguised hints into stories about their pasts. Stories that happen at night. I never know the details, but I know I’m not allowed to tell anyone.

When I’m nineteen, I move to Vancouver. It seems gigantic and bustling compared to my little home town. My dad buys me a small canister of dog spray, makes me promise to keep it with me in the…

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A woman’s value

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Sexual predators flock within all religions. No religion is better than any other on this subject. Some, like the evangelicals, are obviously worse, though.

It is the evangelicals that throw the Purity Balls for their young girls. This is the event when the young girl promise her father to stay a pure, clean, virgin, until marriage. The purity of her genitals is her value.

This is the ceremony where her father becomes the protector of her vagina. This means that the condition of her private parts are held at the highest importance.

This means that she is taught that sex is filthy, the ceremony cements that sex is a sinful act, and it reduces her value as a human being to only be the bearer of her genitals. This religious custom reduces her to nothing but a pussy.

The purity ceremony is unique for the evangelicals. But its purpose is not.

All religions have the same bottom line. It is to oppress women in order to grant men access to female genitalia to masturbate within whenever a male see fit.

It is religion that teaches men that a woman’s purpose in life is for male pleasure only. That is her value. Religion teaches men that women are nothing but a vagina for male self-pleasure, i.e. a woman is barely a piece of cunt to jerk off within.



This disgusting view on women will not end until women and fellow men stand up and fight this appalling view on women. Only then a change will emerge.

Religion makes people wicked, weird, and outright nuts! It is religion that creates religiots. The linked article below is just one example of many of what religion does to people. It is just one example of predatory men legitimizing access to genitalia of underage girls.

Furthermore, in a wider perspective, the article is a clear example of what the religiot right in USA stand for. This is the same religiot right that is the core of the Republican Party, the GOP. It is the same religiot right that is supported by Fox News. It is the same religiot right that many Catholics confess to. It is the same religiot right that Opus Dei is the core and heart of. It is the same religiot right that supports fascism within their religious faith as well as a fully developed political instrument.

There are no words strong enough for these religiots. They are as disgustingly appalling as any excrements any living body produce.



It exceeds the capacity of my intelligence how any woman can support this disgusting religiot view on her fellow sisters.

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