Sexual perversions within religion

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Here is a comment to my recent Facebook and Twitter posts on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church:

-It’s not only Catholics abusing children, other religions do it too!


This comment is pretty interesting, because it actively neglects the fact that no other religion have abused as many children as the catholic one.

This comment justifies sexual abuse because other religions do it too.

This comment prevents pulling the abusers out into the light, and it prevents the abusers from facing criminal charges.

This comment protects the abusers and it’s lack of action permits them to continue raping children.

This comment supports the Vatican’s historical protection of the abusers.

This comment clearly shows that moral values based on religion are absurd and sometimes perverted.

This comment clearly shows what is wrong with religion, because it clearly exposes what a limited mind a religious person can develop.


Sexual abuse is wrong, no matter who the perpetrator is! Period.

– Supporting an organization that actively protects sexual abusers is wrong, no matter what kind of organization it is. This means that arguing in favor of, or participating in the ceremonies of, the Catholic Church is morally wrong! There is no justification for any of it. Period.

If you support and/or participate in the activities of such an organization you are a large part of the problem. You are no better than the perverted abusers. Period.

If you support an organization that protects, and indirectly promotes, perverted child rapists you need to re-evaluate your moral values.

Here are a few links about religiously perverted sexual abusers facing their faith:


How I Learned to be Afraid of Men

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Men are possessive assholes. Period.


It starts with the warnings. I’m told that it’s dangerous at night. Don’t walk alone at night, don’t be on the sketchy side of town at night, don’t wear revealing clothing at night. Don’t talk on your cell phone when you’re walking home from the bus stop in the dark. It’ll distract you from potential attackers. No, wait. Do talk on your cell phone. It’ll make potential attackers think you have a boyfriend.

After the warnings, it’s the stories. Women I love slip frightening, barely disguised hints into stories about their pasts. Stories that happen at night. I never know the details, but I know I’m not allowed to tell anyone.

When I’m nineteen, I move to Vancouver. It seems gigantic and bustling compared to my little home town. My dad buys me a small canister of dog spray, makes me promise to keep it with me in the…

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A woman’s value

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Sexual predators flock within all religions. No religion is better than any other on this subject. Some, like the evangelicals, are obviously worse, though.

It is the evangelicals that throw the Purity Balls for their young girls. This is the event when the young girl promise her father to stay a pure, clean, virgin, until marriage. The purity of her genitals is her value.

This is the ceremony where her father becomes the protector of her vagina. This means that the condition of her private parts are held at the highest importance.

This means that she is taught that sex is filthy, the ceremony cements that sex is a sinful act, and it reduces her value as a human being to only be the bearer of her genitals. This religious custom reduces her to nothing but a pussy.

The purity ceremony is unique for the evangelicals. But its purpose is not.

All religions have the same bottom line. It is to oppress women in order to grant men access to female genitalia to masturbate within whenever a male see fit.

It is religion that teaches men that a woman’s purpose in life is for male pleasure only. That is her value. Religion teaches men that women are nothing but a vagina for male self-pleasure, i.e. a woman is barely a piece of cunt to jerk off within.



This disgusting view on women will not end until women and fellow men stand up and fight this appalling view on women. Only then a change will emerge.

Religion makes people wicked, weird, and outright nuts! It is religion that creates religiots. The linked article below is just one example of many of what religion does to people. It is just one example of predatory men legitimizing access to genitalia of underage girls.

Furthermore, in a wider perspective, the article is a clear example of what the religiot right in USA stand for. This is the same religiot right that is the core of the Republican Party, the GOP. It is the same religiot right that is supported by Fox News. It is the same religiot right that many Catholics confess to. It is the same religiot right that Opus Dei is the core and heart of. It is the same religiot right that supports fascism within their religious faith as well as a fully developed political instrument.

There are no words strong enough for these religiots. They are as disgustingly appalling as any excrements any living body produce.



It exceeds the capacity of my intelligence how any woman can support this disgusting religiot view on her fellow sisters.

Narcissism, religion, and food

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Is there a connection between narcissism, religion, and food?

I’m about to argue there is…

The full grown narcissist always manages to turn any topic to be about themselves. They always refer to themselves when an opinion is expressed. They rely more on feelings, than on facts. They are experts making themselves the victim of the actions of others. They never see, nor understand, how their own actions affects others. They never apologize, never show remorse or regret. They stick to their lies even though facts are presented.

The full grown narcissist show no empathy, no compassion, no sympathy. In the view of the narcissist people are to be used. When people are no longer if any use to them people are thrown out.

Narcissists are notoriously unfaithful because to them a relationship is only useful as long as the sex is good. Narcissists consider a partner a trophy of good accomplishments. Adult narcissists have an emotional life of a toddler, but in the body of an adult. Adult full grown narcissists are relationship tyrants.

It’s all about Me, I, and Myself – all the time.

The wet dream of a narcissist is a group of people that are totally obedient, non-questioning, non-thinking, non-criticizing. Religion demands all of this and is therefore the perfect tool for the narcissist to reach that total control.

Here we might find the answer to why Donald Trump suddenly express religious beliefs…

Narcissism isn’t inherited. It is taught – by parents. It is taught by parents neglecting their child. It is taught by parents not teaching their children how to handle emotions. Some parents teach their children that food is a good medicine when the feelings are too strong, too present. These children often grow up as overweight, and ultimately become obese adults. This means that being overweight is also a learned behavior. Because curing strong feelings with food is.

We all have narcissism within us, to some extent. It’s a natural trait for survival. But as we grow older we learn that this selfish behavior isn’t acceptable. We learn that from parents, or should learn that from parents, I might say.

Being aware of our own personal level of narcissism is good as the knowledge can help and assist us to become better people.

How much a narcissist are you?

More on narcissism here:

The end of bullshit, lies, and conformity

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Public announcement

Unlike many religious people I’ve read large parts of the Bible. It wasn’t told to me.

– I fucking READ IT! –

The Bible taught me that God is a sexual predator, a male chauvinist, a rapist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a narcissist, a psychopath, a liar, an anti-intellectual, an oppressor, a dictator, a tyrant – just to mention a few.

Religion 1

The Bible taught me that God is nothing but an ignorant intolerant asshole and a punk. In the Bible God proves himself to be a detestable moronic idiot.

As many of his worshippers, over time, adopt to a lot of Gods traits they become as detestable and obnoxious as God himself. That’s why they own the definition Religiot.

Religion 7

These discoveries from reading the Bible naturally made me an anti-theist. Because I’m better than this evil and hostile character that the Bible presents.

Furthermore, religion changes people’s minds from open & curious at birth to closed & viciously suspicious when adult. It changes people’s minds from nice & friendly at birth to evil & hostile when adults. It changes people’s minds from tolerant, empathic, and magnanimous at birth to intolerant, hostile, and selfish as adults.

Religion 5

There is nothing good coming from religion, nothing good that cannot be accomplished without religious beliefs.

Of all the seriously religious people I’ve met, no one, not a single one of them, has benefitted from their beliefs. Many has managed to avoid becoming as bad and evil as the God they believe in, but some has turned out worse than their God. However, no one has turned out a better person thanks to their religious beliefs. None!

Religion 4

As a self inflicted therapy I’ve written several articles on the appalling absurdities of any and all religions. Most of them are published here:

I’m sick and tired of it.
I’ve had it with this religiot bullshit.
– I’m done with it.
I’m moving on to another topic that makes more sense in this sick and wicked world of ours. I’m moving away from arguing with worshippers of hate, death, destruction, and mental oppression of the freethinking mind.

Religion 2

I’m moving on to a topic, to an art form, that looks for love, life, nature, and its stunning beauty. I’m moving on to photography.

However, if anyone dares to expose me to this religiot junk again they better put on a verbally bullet proof vest or they won’t survive the 50 caliber bullets of words fired in their direction.

If the religiots could read my mind they would know to stay the hell away from me.

Religion 3

– THIS IS A WARNING – If you dare to challenge me with your religiot bullshit again I will verbally shoot you into smithereens.

If your heaven is better than your life on Earth – please do us the favor and go kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit!

Religion 6

– Meanwhile, I’ll stay here looking for the loving beauty of life, taking beautiful pictures of what the religiot cannot comprehend, nor appreciate. Pictures of our planet, our one and only Home that we call Earth. It is far more beautiful, far more fragile, far more admirable, than most understand.

I’m going to take some of those astounding pictures of our planets amazing beauty, and for the ones who cares I’ll share them with you!

Hummingbird on a balcony-8

Act of God

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God is omnipotent – He is the all powerful creator of everything.
Omniscient – He is all knowing.
Omnipresent – He is present everywhere at the same time.
Omnibenevolent – He is all loving and all good.
…if he is not one, or any of this, he cannot, by definition be a God.


Most insurance companies, as well as in corporate and government documents, in USA use a clause called Act of God. What does that mean?
– It is obviously used as a synonym to natural disasters. But if we dismiss that, what does it actually mean


If a natural disaster happens, like a hurricane, an earthquake, a volcano erupting, and it is considered an Act of God, what does that tell us about God himself?
– It means that, from all reasonable points of view, he should be considered an asshole. 
Because God, The Omnipotent, created the mayhem and suffering in the first place. And now, as The Omnipresent, he’s looking at his fans suffering from the chaos he just created. What kind of dick does that?


What else is an Act of God? As God is The Omnipotent he is responsible for creating everything. A broken elevator, a TV remote out of battery, a car accident, or a lost house key, they must be Acts of God as well.
– Does that mean that I can call my employer claiming that I cannot come to work because I am suffering from an Act of God when my car wont start? What if I have a fatal car accident and, in court, claim that the person died as an Act of God? Would that even be considered as a sane argument?


As God is The Omnipotent, he is responsible for the bad stuff happening to us just as an Act of God advocates. Doesn’t that mean that God is a damn nasty and malevolent mother fucker?


– What does the clergymen have to say about this, when God constantly is displayed as the bad guy? Because it strongly contradicts the churches views of The Omnibenevolent God. Why aren’t the churches obstructing this picture, this cruel description of their greatly admired deity? Could it, ironically, be because God actually is a malevolent bastard…?



Why is it only the bad stuff that is labeled an Act of God, but never the good junk? Nice stuff like a good whiskey or beer, a laughing child, a sprouting flower, a beautiful sun rise, or how about when my wife has a delightfully pleasant orgasm? Why aren’t those Acts of God as well?


An Act of God?
The claim is bullshit. Anyone using the expression must first prove the existence of a God in order to validate and justify the condition of the claim. So far no one has succeeded with that task…


Until proven otherwise, God only exists as a ghost in gullible people’s minds – and that cannot, must not, be used as a condition in any law abiding document.


As an atheist I don’t believe in any God. Therefore, I cannot be included in this specific clause and claim no matter where, or how, it is used. The Act of God clause has no validity for me or any other atheist, and shouldn’t have for anyone else either.


The delusional life

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There is no proof that any God exist. None.

Friedrick Nietzsche

Nevertheless there are countless people that argue God is real, and many spend their days trying to convince the rest of us that they are right, that God in fact, does exist.

Every scientific study on the existence of Gods has come up with the same negative result. There is no proof of any God. But there is proof of nature, and nature’s power of – and ability to, create life.


So what is it the religious tell us when they argue that God is real?

They tell us that God is real to them.

– OK, that’s pretty harmless. We can live with that, right?

Equally important is what the religious do not tell us, which is, that they believe in a power that cannot be seen, heard, or touched, like a ghost. There is a word for this, it is called being delusional.




  • characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

This means that having a belief in a God is no more relevant than believing in ghosts. The only place, the only location, where these ghosts are real, is in the minds of the believers.

Ghost 1

Anyone telling us that s/he considers God to be real, from a reasonable and logical point of view, has a mentally impaired mind. Similarly, a person that has been indoctrinated from childhood, has a damaged mind too! This is psychological child abuse.

Believing in Godly ghosts creates uncertainty as the believer never really knows what will happen to them. This is a constant burden of fear that might never fully leave their mind. They don’t know if they, at any given moment, are violating the will of God… and therefore will get punished for it.

Fear 1

This uncertainty creates anxiety. As it does, the concept of God creates a vicious cycle of belief, anxiety, and prayers, which cannot be broken unless the faith is abandoned. Abandoning religion is the most petrifying of all for most believers, as it is a journey into the unknown for them. This fear of the unknown is the cause of religiously based prejudices many believers hold close. They believe, better to keep what is known, even if it is bad…

But the consequences don’t stop there: when children are taught to ask a ghost for trusted assistance to solve their problems, they learn to become irresponsible adults who fails to find solutions!

They are taught, that whatever the problem is, a ghost will find the answer for them; this is a form of psychological child abuse.

Religion is child abuse

When children are taught that a God created them, and that a God can take them to Heaven – or Hell (i.e. kill them) they are taught to fear death as well as life itself. This, again, is psychological child abuse.

Believing in Godly ghosts creates a mind that accepts absence of understanding as normal. It creates a mind that becomes gullible and superstitious, a mind that accepts not knowing and not looking for educated answers. Over time this develops into a mind that is not used to its full potential, but is rather limited in its ability to think, draw conclusions, and form individual thoughts and opinions. This puts the mind at a very high risk of becoming so mentally damaged it’s close to the mind of a mentally deranged person.

Ghost 2

This mindset might create a person who is easily offended, which in turn creates liars; these liars are the ones who don’t want to be offensive, therefore they lie in order to keep the sensitive person’s mind calm and at ease.


1st Conclusion
Believing in a God is the intellectual surrender to believe in ghosts.
Believing in ghosts is akin to having a delusional mind and thought process.
This divine ghost is affecting everything they do in a negative, impaired, manner.

When it comes to logical, reasonable, and intellectual, thinking, this leads to the conclusion that people of faith are intellectually compromised, and therefore cannot be considered fully reliable, trusted, or mentally stable.

The reason for this is quite simple, their ability to draw logical and reasonable conclusions is heavily compromised by irrational feelings… produced by the ghost they believe in.

The strangest thing of all the above is that this mental state of mind is, in most places, accepted as normal!

Look at yourself

If people of faith would turn up in what was a godless society, I am fully convinced they would immediately be incarcerated in mental institutions.


2nd Conclusion
Nothing good comes out of religion.
In all cases it creates the following, at one level or the other:

– It creates a weak mind.
– It creates a closed mind.
– It creates a violent mind.
– It creates a gullible mind.
– It creates the mind of a liar.
– It creates an illogical mind.
– It creates an ignorant mind.
– It creates an arrogant mind.
– It creates a mind of anxiety.
– It creates a judgmental mind.
– It creates the mind of hypocrisy.
– It creates an irresponsible mind.
– It creates a mind of a narcissist.
– It creates a mind of personal shame.
– It creates a mind saturated with guilt.
– It creates a mind fearing the unknown.
It creates a mind lacking personal confidence.
– It creates a mind that neglects facts and knowledge.
– It creates a person with an intimate relationship with his/her fragile ego.

3rd Conclusion
God only exists in the believers mind. There is no proof that any God exists at any other place other than IN their mind. This Godly ghost might feel as reality to them. But for all others their perception is no more a reality than Santa Claus, or any other man-made character.

God is a ghost that only exists in their mind. He is nowhere else to be found. And the damage their beliefs do to them will not be understood until the day they throw Him out the window, or flush Him down the toilet…

Mankind doesn’t need religion. But religion needs mankind.

I didn’t lose my faith – I got rid of it, and I don’t want to find it again!

Break free from it!

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