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One year

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2011 by Boris Ekner

By this day a year ago I got married. The year passed has been full of joy, excitement and love.

I got the best wife ever, a great family, a Phillip the kiddo coming in late August. I’m enjoying this different country in every way possible. Sometimes it’s been hard. Sometimes it’s been impossible. But all in all I like this very different place. The friends and the weather are unbeatable. I’m still learning Spanish, I’ve quit smoking, I finally got the time to exercise and I’m getting into the shape I have wanted for so long. I got a job and I have plans for the future.

A year of good memories has passed. My lovely little wife and I have promise each other to make the next one just as good as the first one. With her at my side it wont be hard… 😉

Tú eres de amor de mi vida, mi amor.


Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2011 by Boris Ekner

I’ve never really reflected over the foundations of law. For me it’s always been the natural thing to respect that everyone is innocent till proven guilty.

But the other day I discovered that this is not the fact in Guatemala. Here you are guilty until proven innocent!

This means that if you are accused of a crime in Guatemala you will be arrested by the police and, no matter how long time it takes, you will stay in jail until you’re proven innocent.

An example: A house owner woke up at night hearing noises. Looking out the window he realized two burglars where about to enter his house. So with the gun in his hand he tells them to leave. They replied with gun fire. When one burglar were shot dead and the other wounded he went into the house calling the police.

By the time the police arrived the wounded burglar had crawled from the house out into the street. The trace of blood after him showed his path. Here he claimed that he and his friend was fired upon by the house owner when they were walking by the house.

The police had the house owner arrested for six months. The investigation finally found him innocent due to self-defense. But it took the house owner six months in jail to get that ‘verdict’.

A police officer once said; If you shoot someone – Get rid of the body. Don’t call us, it’s just trouble. And finally we might have the reason to all these dead body’s in plastic bags that the police find now and then.

Another example: Picture you are in a traffic accident. Unfortunately you and the other driver can’t agree upon whose fault it was. Since this dispute has to be solved the police will take both vehicles into custody until the question has found its answer.

A guy I know just had this happening to him. Two months later he got the pickup truck back from the police compound. All the lights were missing, as well as the steering wheel, the hub caps, the door trims and more. On top of all that some one had walked on roof of the car. The pickup he got back is a wreck. Who’s responsible? No one knows.

So in a country where crime is a huge problem one might end up in jail innocent. As every sensible human understands this teaches the habitants of Guatemala that if one doesn’t want to spend time in jail, guilty or innocent, make sure no police gets to know what just happened.

It’s not rocket science to understand why the crime rate isn’t going down in this country.

John F Kennedy once said; ‘A country is governed by law.’

It’s pretty obvious that Guatemala is not…

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