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Our dear Phillip is born

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 by Boris Ekner

Today Phillip was born. Due to medical issues the doc’s decided it’s better to be safe than sorry. At 10:30 he saw the light for the first time.

It’s amazing to experience all those warm parenthood feelings that have been lurking under the surface for so many years since the last time. I left my wife alone in the operating theater and followed Phillip into the ICU. Standing there, seeing the little life taking his first breaths in life was priceless.

During the pregnancy he reacted to my voice and I sometimes talked to him in the belly. Today when he heard my voice I saw his reaction for the first time. He actually tried to focus on where the familiar voice came from but the light was to strong and I think his eyes need to develop some more before he will see the holder of the voice clearly. But seeing how he tried was priceless.

Marcia was nervous before the surgery. Seeing her tired happy smiling face afterwards when she knew everything was alright was priceless.

Receiving the calls from my older sons wishing us the best touched me into tears.
Seeing the happy smiling faces of my family members and all the visiting friends was just as priceless as all the rest on this immense day.

During the day I received more than a hundred greeting messages and mails from all over the world. You all have made this day one of the greatest. From the bottom of my heart – thanks to you all. Yes, this has been a great day for me and my new family.

Thank you all for sharing Phillips birthday with us.

In the news

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2011 by Boris Ekner

The catholic church is strong in this country. Strong enough to hold their own questioning to the presidential candidates.
Reading the answers are stunning.

Having the schools to give sexual education is not preferred. One says it something the families should provide.

One says abortion should only be permitted if the mother’s health is at stake. – Note here that in this country hundreds, if not thousands, of young girls and women gets raped every day. They get raped by “friends” of the family, brothers, fathers, and relatives – if not gang raped by several unknown boys or men… – and they get pregnant from the assault. But having an abortion? Nope. These politicians prefer that a raped poor girl of 12 give birth rather than helping her out of the terrifying trauma she just had.

Homosexuality is another big issue for the Catholic Church. One politician answers that gay people are an abomination before God, and that we should help them. Another answers that there have to be a balance between social and spiritual relations.

And when it comes to contraceptives the answers are that the youngsters need more education, another says there are natural methods to be used, a third says that it’s a family business to address.

So families should give their youngsters sexual education?
Interesting topic … How do they do that when they didn’t get it themselves? Or is the answer an encouragement to the fathers and brothers to have sex with the daughters and sisters? Of course not! But how do illiterates educate illiterates?

No abortion – not even after a rape? Is that really living following the Bible? Is that really being a good human and fellow man? I think not.

Contraceptives … Here some said that education is needed. By who!? They just said that no sexual education should be permitted!

Last but not least – Homosexuals needs help or should live in celibacy the politicians say. But how about to accept that all humans are born different? Good makes us different and it’s our task to accept that fully in order to live what the Bible tells us. It’s NOT our mission to permit or ban what adults do in the bedroom.

We are all born different. In every way. The only way to cure stupidity and ignorance like in the examples above is more education. The stunning fact of it all is that they all apply for the highest official post in the country.

The Catholic Church is the biggest obstacle from educating the population. The answers above shows yet again that the church thinks that they are the best suited to control the sexuality of the women. Not the women themselves. I feel sorry for the women that live in a society where others control their whereabouts.

All of this proves that the ignorance of this country is in desperate need of education in every level.

Var finns intelligensen Mr President?

Posted in Uncategorized on July 9, 2011 by Boris Ekner

I morse sköts Facundo Cabral ihjäl i Guatemala City när han var på väg till flygplatsen efter två föreställningar i landet. Facundo Cabral var en berömd vissångare och trubadur i den spansktalande delen av världen. Att mörda honom är som att mörda Evert Taube eller Cornelis Vreeswijk i Sverige.

Min fråga går till Guatemalas president är;
Var är den intelligens som du sa att du skulle använda för att bekämpa brottslighet en i landet? När du tillträdde landets högsta ämbete hade ni i genomsnitt 17 mord per dag. Nu är det långt mer än 20. Var är intelligensen Mr President? Eller ljög du till ditt folk om den detaljen…?

Efter mordet på Facundo Cabral höjs nu röster av protester. Men att protestera mot våldet är lika verkningsfullt som en protest över att regnet faller.

Det finns bara ett lösning på problemet;
Det här landet behöver avväpna sin befolkning. Guatemalas 14 miljoner invånare har uppskattningsvis 48 miljoner vapen. Den sista officiella antalet mord är 20 per dag. Det var i fjol … Idag är det i långt fler. Det är valår och redan har 46 politiker mördats. För att inte nämna alla de som står inför den kula som dräper folk och fä varje dag.

Den nuvarande regeringen kan inte hantera situationen. Landet är i desperat behov av hjälp. NOTERA: Guatemala behöver inte pengar för att lösa problemet. Guatemala behöver utbildade personer som kan visa landets obildade ledare hur man regerar. Fram till den dagen kommer morden fortsätta…

Vem blir nästa person att mördas? -Du?

Where is that intelligence of yours Mr President?

Posted in Uncategorized on July 9, 2011 by Boris Ekner

This morning Facundo Cabral was shot dead in Guatemala when going to the airport after two shows in the country. Facundo Cabral was very a famous folk singer in the Spanish-speaking world.

My question goes to the president of Guatemala;
Where is that intelligence of yours that you said you would use to fight crime? When you entered office Guatemala had an average of 17 killings per day. Now it by far exceeds 20. Where is the intelligence Mr President? Or did you lie to your people about it…?

After this killing of Facundo Cabral voices of protests are now heard in the city. But protesting against the violence is as effectual as a protest over the rain falling.

There is only one solution to the problem;
This country needs to disarm its population. In Guatemala 14 million people possess an estimated 48 million guns. The last official number of killings is 20 per day. That was last year… Today it’s by far more. It’s election year and 46 politicians has been shoot dead so far. Not to mention all the others that faces a bullet ending their life every day.

The current government can’t handle the situation. This country is in desperate need of assistance. NOTE: Guatemala does NOT need money to solve the problem. Guatemala needs educated people to show the uneducated leaders of this country how to govern. Up until that day comes the killings will continue…

Who will be the next to die? -You?

Crazy days

Posted in Uncategorized on July 8, 2011 by Boris Ekner

The last few days a lot of things has happened. I’m sorry to say it’s not good things…

Sandra Torres presidential candidacy is not over yet. After two courts had said ‘No’ to her the last appeal was in her favor. But it ain’t over yet. At least one more court has to set a verdict. All the ones I know hope she’s banned.

Yesterday an unarmed traffic police officer was shot in the stomach at the Pilar Hospital. It was one of the bodyguards of presidential candidate Otto Perez Molina’s daughter who opened fire after a traffic dispute. As far as I know the poor policeman got surgery and will be ok.

And two of my colleagues was walking Avenida La Reforma when a Dodge Ram stopped and a guy shouted strong insults to the two guys walking. So they walked up to the car only to get a gun up their faces. Two Blackberrys’ and some more insults later the truck took of.

This morning a shootout took place at the McDonalds restaurant on Avenidas Las Americas. The owner of a car that just was getting stolen rushed out opening fire towards the car. One purp got out of the car shooting back. A colleague of mine who just bought a coffee and a donut tried to hide behind(!) his motorcycle. Everyone inside as well as outside of the restaurant laid flat to the floor dodging bullets – the “security guards” too. No one got injured but the car drove of. The police cars that passed by in the following minutes after the shooting never stopped. They where busy guarding some VIPs. And 30 minutes after the shooting there was still no site of any cops interested in doing what they are payed for…

This afternoon my brother in-law got his brand new iPhone 4 stolen by a guy on a motorcycle waving a gun up his face. Since one don’t argue with a gun the purp got the iPhone. The thing is that this iPhone had Find My iPhone installed. So by entering my brother in-law first sent the purp a message then blocked the phone and deleted all its content. All can be done using Find My iPhone – and its all for free.

Coping with the security situation in GT is not at all easy. My colleagues makes jokes and laughs about it. I got to learn to do the same, I think.

So, what good has happened then…?
-Well, I got a very happy pregnant wife. It’s stunning to feel Phillip in the palm of my hand moving around in that tummy of hers. 🙂

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