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Human Rights Chapter 5 Sexy, Sex, or Porn – How to understand the world

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Human Rights
How to understand the world

Chapter 5
Sex, sexy, or porn?

For religious reasons nudity is a very sensitive topic in Guatemala. Note that pictures shown in the text below might be offensive. If I hurt anyone’s feelings or if anyone feels offended, insulted, or upset by reading this entry I hereby have no intention to express my apologies beforehand. If you get offended by looking at pictures of people in their birthday suits please do yourself the favor of not reading this entry.

– With that said, continue reading at your own risk –

In Sweden we have a more liberal view of what’s sexy, sex, or porn. 

In Guatemala porn is almost any photographed woman showing more skin than fabric. In Sweden porn is when we see photographs of people having sex, and/or intercourse. This makes my wonder why a photo of a woman dressed for the beach is considered porn in Catholic indulged Guatemala. And how come women accept it.

I’m not that concerned about the first two epithets, sex and sexy. I’m more concerned about the last one; porn.

First some facts.
Porn are performed by adults who get paid for their performance in photos or at film recordings. This makes them no better than prostitutes as they too have intercourse in exchange for money. 

This leads to the next issue. 
What does that mean if a photo of a female fitness athlete is labeled porn? It means that the person labeling the photo as porn consider the woman in the picture a prostitute.

IMG_5334Like this black & white one:
Is it porn? Is it the picture of a prostitute? I have strong belief that she disagrees with you. 

Michelle Lewin Striped dress
The next picture, shows the same woman in a dress. Is it pornographic because she’s showing her abs?

Is it porn too? Do you consider her a porn actor, an prostitute? I think her mother would strongly disagree with you if you argue that Michelle is a porn star.

Her name is Michelle Lewin. She’s 29 years old, born in Venezuela in 1986. She’s married to Jimmy Lewin and they live in Miami. She’s not a porn star. She’s a world famous fitness model that has made herself a name and career in that field. More than 6.3 million people follow her on Facebook.

This is is anotherMassiel Arias GymSelfie fitness athlete. Her name is Massiel Arias.

 Does the fact that she shows more skin than fabric make the picture pornographic? 

I’m pretty sure Massiel disagrees with you.

Here to the right is another picture of Massiel. Is it porn? I think her mother would strongly disagree with you if you argue that Michelle is a porn star.Massy Arias Black Dress

Massiel Arias is 26 years old, she lives in Los Angeles and just as Michelle Lewin she has made it her profession to be a fitness athlete. She found that fitness was her way out of depression. Furthermore she has said several times that fitness saved her life, that her change for fitness has prevented her from committing suicide. 

For Massiel fitness was her medicine.

Massy Arias Handstand

Are these pictures porn because you think they show too much skin, or is it porn because these women look better than you do?

Neither of the pictures are considered porn by anyone with a normal mindset. Both examples shows women who are extremely fit, and they are proud of what they have accomplished. Both made fitness their livelihood and profession. And there are literary hundreds of thousands more like these two in the world.

How about men then? Are they considered pornographic too? 

As they show even more naked skin than the women above, are they prostitutes too?

Let me guess.ManInShower
A woman showing too much skin in a picture is almost always considered pornographic – but a man looking the same, doing the same, is not. That’s not fair, is it? 
Furthermore, it’s mostly other women labeling pictures of fit women as porn. I rarely hear men saying the same. On the contrary. Men seeing other men in better shape then themselves expresses envy and appreciation, admiration. When they see pictures of fit women they express nothing but the same.


How about fat people? Would you consider pictures of fat women in bikini to be porn too?

Or how about a fat man?FatMan1

You don’t, right?

So if your a woman labeling a fellow sister a prostitute because of a picture that shows her to be fit and good looking – is your opinion serious or are you just worried about the attention she gets from your man and other men because she is in better shape than you?

FatMan3 FatInBikini2 FatMen2

HandsomeManPicture this:
You’re a woman who sees a fit very good looking man in a public place. You look at him and like what you see. Your husbands sees a smile on your face and hears a silent Mmmmmm….

Would he be upset as you just expressed a smiling Mmmmmm…. ?
Probably not, right? Unless he’s the typical Guatemalan “machista”… Then he might be in a bad mood for hours, right?

Now take the same situation but turn it around 180 degrees. Your husband sees a good looking fit woman. How would you react if you heard an appreciative Mmmmmm… from him? From my experience, most women would be pretty upset. Some might even cry!FitWomanBikini

Why the difference? Why is it OK for a woman to express her appreciation but it’s not for a man? Or is it only me who has been unlucky…?

Why is it that most women are judgmental when it comes to other women but not when it comes to other men? Is it envy? Is it about women protecting their men as if they are possessions? Or is it that they despise other women looking better than themselves?

First I thought that this issue too had to do with religion here in Guatemala. But when I spent some time thinking about it I realized that it isn’t religion as I’ve seen this in other less countries too. It’s not religion, it’s the women.

Studies shows that heterosexual men are hot wired to appreciate good looks in women.
Men find a woman attractive if her waist is 70% of her hips and/or chest. Men find it attractive if her hips are wider than her waist as it shows that she is capable of carrying his child. Men like to see bigger breasts as they show that she can feed the born child. At least that is what nature has hot wired us men to believe. An attractive face is preferred too.

Heterosexual women prefers a strong man with a V-shaped body that shows strength, as a stronger man is more likely to protect her and her child from dangers. Furthermore women in general prefers a male hip to shoulder ratio of 70/100 as it encourages the V-shaped looks making him look stronger. I.e. women prefer men with small hips! Just as for men, a good looking face is preferred as well.

Men look at women’s hips, breasts, and face. Women look at men’s hips (his butt!), shoulders and his face. 

 FitManB_W1 FitWomanBW FitWomanBW2

We are all hot-wired to be attracted to fit people of the opposite sex for reproduction reasons.
Men and women have the perception that a sexy looking partner will give a better, more healthy, more attractive, offspring – as well as more enjoyable exciting sex while making the child. Women and men are no different, we are all alike. That’s why both like looking at a fit, sexy, person of the opposite gender.

But society teaches us that women have a right to protest if a man expresses his appreciation over another women appearance. If a man protests the same way a his wife might do he is just not entitled to it. I disagree with this because it’s not equal.

When I posted pictures of fit women, and men, in Facebook albums I had several strong negative reactions. The pictures were considered to be pornographic as they often showed fit sexy women. No one ever made any comments about fit strong men in the same series of pictures. Nor did anyone protest when I posted pictures of normal or fat people. That’s hypocrisy.

Here are a few examples, that by some is considered porn. Neither of these pictures show any private parts. Neither show any sexual activity. All are decent. Sexy yes, but nevertheless still decent. 

FitWoman1 FitWoman2


And the following pictures are of men. They are not considered to be porn.

FitMan1 FitMan2 FitMan4
Now, you tell me what the difference is…

This is not considered porn either – because it shows fat people, right?

FatBeach1 FatBeach2 FatBeach3 FatBeach4FatBeach5

And What about the opposite of fat? What about the very skinny ones? Are they attractive enough to be classified as porn?


Not much attractiveness in these either, right? 

SkinnyBeach2 skinnyBeach3SkinnyMan2SkinnyMan1

These pictures are hardly classified by anyone as porn, not even sexy. Why is that? It’s because you don’t find the people in the pictures attractive, right?

Is your judgement fair?
Is it fair that if a fit, strong, sexy, curvy, young woman proudly shows off her physical success, after years of training at the gym, in a number of pictures you label her a prostitute, a hooker? What is it that makes her deserve to be judged and looked down upon by other women who are not in a similar attractive shape?

If you as a woman label strong fit women as prostitutes; are you OK with them calling you an obese fatso because you’re overweight and not in any good shape at all?

Is it fair that many women are judgmental when it come to their fellow sisters? As you might have understood by now I strongly disagree with this judgmental attitude.

All of us would be happy as a dwarf in a limbo contest if we were fit and sexy without the effort.
But most of us aren’t. Most of us are too lazy to learn how to stay fit, especially as we grow older. Most of us are too lazy to learn to understand why we gain a pound or two every year as we get older. We are too lazy to learn, to understand, to make the change.

Many makes excuses. “I can’t get a six pack”, “No matter what I do I’ll gain weight”, “Being overweight runs in my family”, “We have a fatness gene in our family”,”Those fit people have a genetic advantage that normal people like me don’t have”, “I don’t care how I look, my husband/wife has to live with me, accept me, as I am”.

The excuses are as many as there are overweight and fat people. It’s nothing but laziness and a huge lack of interest. The excuses justifies being disrespectful to themselves as well as to their partner and children.

The female attitude of judging other fellow sisters as prostitutes is just an extension of that dis-respectfulness. It is not fair to anyone. I like the male attitude on this issue far more than I appreciate the judgmental female one.

And the judgmental attitude has nothing to do with religion.


I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

Human Rights Chapter 4 Sex – How to understand the world

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Human Rights
How to understand the world

Chapter 4 Sex

After more than 5 years living in Guatemala it’s time to clear the air. It’s time to straighten a few crooked lines.


Parts of this text is deliberately and intentionally offensive, and contains forthright language. If you have emotional troubles reading texts containing straight forward words please don’t read it.

– With that said, continue reading at your own risk –

Religion and sex are sensitive topics in a religious country like Guatemala. Especially women and sex. That’s probably a more sensitive a subject than any other subject in this country.

Women are taught to be princesses.
As the religious country this is women are taught that sex is something they might enjoy if they are lucky to have a husband who’s decent in bed. But it is not something they can express desire of, nor is it something they can confess that they like to enjoy unless to very close friends.

Men on the other hand are taught to be studs.
The more the stud the better. If a woman or a girl have several sexual partners, like if she was a man, she will face judgement and get a reputation of being a prostitute. A man on the other hand get the reputation of being a machista, a Mr. Macho.

Here’s an interesting difference between women and men.
Women share sexual experience among each other. Maybe not the details, but the experience. Men don’t do this. If they “share” anything it’s the stud part, showing off to male friends of how much a macho he is. On this matter I have to say that if sexual experience is shared with friends I’m in favor of the female version as it shows far more respect to her partner than the other one.

These differences all stem from the values taught by the Bible.

According to the Bible women are for male sexual pleasure only. Women are not people. They are the barer of breasts, a womb and a vagina only for the sexual pleasure and reproduction of men. If you are a woman agreeing on this you are a part of your own problem as the disrespected gender by men.

Sex is beautiful.
Sex is enjoyable. Sex is not only for reproduction. As humans we are one of very few on this planet that has the ability to enjoy sex for more reasons than reproduction. Sex is the enjoyable act between to people who love, and/or enjoy, each other. If you think sex is only for the joy of men you are a part of the problem.

Men as well as women have the same right to be shown respect during sex as in any other situation. If you have troubles showing your girlfriend/wife caring respect during your sexual moment you are a part of the problem.

Are you man enough to give your girlfriend/wife an orgasm? Are you woman enough give your boyfriend/husband an orgasm? If not you are a part of the problem.

As humans we have the ability to enjoy sex for more reasons than reproduction. We have the ability to enjoy it for pure joy no matter our gender. Men as well as women should explore it just the same. It’s not fair that men have sexual privileges and women don’t.

Some fathers watch their daughters virginity and pureness like aggressive predators.
It’s ridiculous to see them, to hear them, guarding their daughters virginity as if it was the fathers possession and property. It is not. It belongs to the young woman and you as a father have no judgement over what she decides to do with it.

If you teach her right she will only share it, give herself, with the man she really loves. If you teach her right she will only have sex with the boy or man she loves with all her heart. You should teach your son no different. What your children then decide to do is their choice, not yours. If they chose to explore sex without your consent it’s their business, their choice, their responsibility.

As schools here in Guatemala have troubles teaching students about sex, or don’t do it at all due to religious reasons, it is your task as a parent to teach your daughter to enjoy sex without becoming pregnant. It is your task as a parent to teach your son to enjoy sex without impregnating the young girl. It is your task as a parent to teach your youngsters mutual respect and carefulness.

You teach your child respect for the opposite gender by showing it to your spouse. You teach your child caring love by showing your spouse love and respect. You teach your child how to have conversations on sensitive topics by having those conversations on different topics while they grow up. You teach your child how to be a respectful, loving, caring adult by being one yourself while they grow up.

As humans we have the ability to enjoy sex like no other animal living on this planet.
Furthermore, it is proven that joyful sex does us good. Sex can be beautiful. Sex can be the most wonderful experience we have. But it can easily be the opposite.

It can be full of pain, guilt, disrespect, and reluctance – if you teach your children wrong. As a parent it’s your choice what your children’s experience will be. As a parent it is your job to make your children strong enough to know when and with who they want to explore it. It is your job as a parent to teach them when to say stop and walk away from a bad partner.

Never ever let a partner force you to do anything you don’t want to do! NEVER. If it happens – WALK AWAY! 

Take your clothes and WALK AWAY!

Women have the un-doubtful right to enjoy sex just as any man.
Women are no different from men when it comes to sex. Women enjoy good sex just as men do. But if she is taught that enjoying sex is full of guilt and shame she will become a victim of men’s pleasure. That is wrong. If she is taught that sex is dirty you are doing it wrong. If she is taught that sex is full of guilt you are doing it wrong. If she is taught that sex is full of shame you are doing it wrong.

Sex should be encouraged to explore, alone and/or with a good partner.
But in religious countries like Guatemala women are in general refused that exploration. Women’s sexuality is tabu and taught to be full of shame and guilt. This has it’s origin in the Catholic Church and the Bible. The Bible teaches that sex is only for men to enjoy and women to serve. Frankly, the Bible teaches that women are the bearer of the body, the breasts, the vagina only for the purpose of male enjoyment and for reproduction of the human species.

There’s no shame in masturbating.
Men do it all the time. Women should be recognized and encouraged doing the same. Because masturbation is the time when the youngster learns what is joyful and what to dream of.
Men watch porn out of curiosity and for pure sexual enjoyment. Women should be encouraged to do the same, for the same reason. Now, there is good porn as well as bad porn. What you consider good or bad porn is up to you. What you learn to prefer is your choice and no other should judge what your preference is. But keep it to your self as this is something private and not a topic you should share with your friends or family. It is private, so keep it private.

Keep in mind though that porn is not sexual education. While I worked at a Catholic boys school ran by Opus Dei one teacher once told me that they don’t have sexual education at this school. “These students all have access to internet. There are plenty of porn on internet where they can get all the information they need.” Sometimes ordinary stupidity is far more severe than expected… What an idiot.

When women becomes victims under men’s sexual desires as well as under the Bibles sexual restrictions women learn that sex is soaked in guilt, shame, and filth. If you teach your daughter this she will have troubles in her life as an adult. You are responsible for her future happiness. Teach her right, show her your respect for her mother, for her as a young woman and she will enjoy sex as any man. Don’t neglect her the good experiences, but teach her, show her how to find them. 

Sex with a partner is a mutual experience.
It’s an experience that has the ability to be one of the best experiences in life. For that to happen both have to show the other respect. Respect of what the other one wants and don’t want, as well as respect of time as men and women needs different amount of time to relax and enjoy the moment.

Good sex is a teamwork.
It is a respectful teamwork that needs practice in order to become perfect. In plain English; you need to fuck a lot in order to be good at it. You need to learn how to escalate the feelings in your partner so s/he enjoys you the most. Both of you need an open mind to explore one another. Both of you need patience to let the other one explore you. That’s why you need to fuck a lot in order to learn what you as well as your partner like.

…and you need to talk about it!
Have private talks together about what you like and what you don’t like. You’re a team and as a team you perform better if you talk about it. Tell your partner your sexual dreams. Tell your partner what you liked doing in the past. Tell your partner what you’d like to try in the future.

As a woman, remember that you have the right to enjoy sex just as much as a man. Take the initiative and seduce your partner. Take the initiative and tease your partner during the day, all day long, so when you finally get to be all alone you will be so happy about it that it will be one of the best moments ever.

Talk to you partner about different positions you want to try. There are plenty of literature on the internet where you can find ideas. Talk to you partner about trying new things. The most common reason for losing interest in sex is lack of innovation. When every sexual moment is a rerun of the last one you are fueling boredom in your relationship. Make it a small goal to come up with something new, small or big, every single time.

Change places for sex. The bedroom is just one place of many. In the car, in the kitchen, in the shower, on the living room couch, in the garden on a pitch dark night. Your imagination is the only limit.

Sometimes a quickie is the best one, sometimes a two hour one is the better choice. Work together as a team and you will never have boring sex again!

To the women;
Be a little bit more of a man when it comes to sex and you will enjoy it more. Leave guilt, shame, and shyness out from your sexual life. It has no place there. Be active and make sure you enjoy the moment.

To the men;
Be more of a sensitive woman when it comes to sex and you will enjoy it more. Being the machista
is not the way to do it. If you’re good at satisfying her she will return to you to get more of what you gave her the last time. The better you are the more she will return to you for more. The better you are the more sex you will have.

– It is your task as a man to make sure she does not become pregnant! –

To both genders;

-Don’t give yourself to just anyone. Good sex is the best and most beautiful precious gift you can give to your partner. Don’t give it to anyone not worth it. Chose your partner, or partners, carefully and wisely!

-Don’t have sex when drunk. It always turn out as a bad experience. And it multiplies the risk of pregnancy as your judgement decreases with the level of alcohol! Everyone takes higher risks when drunk. Don’t drink and drive some say. I say Don’t drink and fuck. For the same reasons.

-Use condoms as they are the only method to stay away from STD’s, Sexually Transmitted Deceases. As a woman, learn how to apply it on your boyfriends privates. He will love you doing it. Some women can apply it with their mouth…

-Use contraceptives (preferably condoms) so you don’t become parents by mistake. If you don’t have a condom at hand there are several ways of having very good sex without penetration. Let your hands and mouth do the exploring. Listen to what your partner likes and wants you to do.

-If you are pretty new to sex keep in mind that there are no such thing as a safe period when a woman can not become pregnant. To consider no period safe from pregnancy is the only safe period there is.

-The male sperm survives inside a woman’s body for up to five days.

-A woman only needs one single sperm to become pregnant. A man ejaculates about 180-400 million sperms in one shot! Up to 400 MILLIONS of them! One single sperm is enough for a pregnancy to take place. If you don’t have a condom at hand DO NOT penetrate. Use your hands and mouth all over your partner instead.


Here’s a link to Swedish RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexual Education). It’s a very good website on sexual education no matter your gender or sexual orientation.


Here’s a USA link to some sexual facts:
To my religious readers;
Leave religion out of your sexuality. It is the wrong place with its guilt, shame, and oppressive ideas. Religion have no place in a persons sexual life.

Fuck more – so you learn how to be good at it!

I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

Human Rights Chapter 3 Abortion – How to understand the world.

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Human Rights
How to understand the world

Chapter 3

After more than 5 years living in Guatemala it’s time to clear the air. It’s time to straighten a few crooked lines.

For religious reasons abortion is a very sensitive topic here. It’s so sensitive that when talking to people about it many get upset, angry, hostile, and personally offended if one doesn’t agree with them.

Statistics reveal that more than 95% of women having an abortion never regrets it.

As a vast majority of women having an abortion never regrets it. The rest of us should not place judgement on them for having one done. Every woman has her private reasons. It might be a broken condom, a pregnancy where the father shows up not being committed to start a family, a rape, a misunderstanding, a broken condom, an accident. Whatever the reason we are not to judge, but to show support and understanding in a difficult situation. That’s the only reasonable and decent thing to do. Everything else is wrong.

During my time as an English teacher one teenage student once said in frustration that all western countries has a higher murder rate than Guatemala where 17-20 people are shot dead every day. As I asked why that is he stated that there are so many abortions made daily in these countries that they are far worse than Guatemala! I was speechless. At that moment I realized what a religious Catholic school ran by Opus Dei could do to a young man… I felt nothing but sorrow and sadness for him and his level of religiously educated utter ignorance.

Furthermore, people having these opinions are placing a massive guilt on any woman who decides to have an abortion. As if the abortion wasn’t enough they make it even harder for her in an already difficult situation. They don’t realize or understand the disrespect they show. They don’t realize that they are showing women that men has supervision and superiority over women as if women couldn’t make decisions themselves. It’s a gender inequality on a massive scale.

If you are a woman supporting the anti-abortion view you’re nothing but a collaborator suppressing other sisters. You are supporting the men who think they are better suited to decide how you should live your life. You are just as much a machista as any Latin American man you know, that machista most of you women dislike and disgust from the bottom of your heart. Is that what you want, to be a supporter of a mans world of rules? You as a woman should know better. You should, better than any man, be able to understand your sister’s view and difficult decision. You as a woman should show your sister support, not judgement.

World statistics shows that in every country where sexual education and contraceptives are allowed abortion rates plummet. But here in Guatemala the Catholic Church are against both of them. The Catholic Church argues that sexual abstinence is the answer. Everywhere where this advice is executed it shows that it doesn’t work. We humans are not copulating only in order to conceive. We have sex because we enjoy it. We are one of the few on the planet who do this, having sex out of pure joy. So why not accept the fact and enjoy it without the pregnancy consequence now that we can?

The Catholic Church, as well as many other religious congregations, are terrified of women with a free thinking mind. And if she on top of that has her own will when it comes to sex…! No, no, no! That can not be permitted!! That would lead to women thinking they are as good as men! Oh, heavenly good Lord, forbid!

The Catholic Church’s stand point leads to teenage pregnancies, it encourages incest, and it dangers the life of young girls, many not even 15 years old yet. I have never ever met a 10-15 year old girl who says that she wants to become a mother. Have you?

So who is the father of her child? Well, he’s not that far away from her… It’s the girls own father, her brother/brothers, a male relative, or a male friend of the family. That are facts that can not be overlooked. A 10-15 year old pregnant girl that has been raped, sometimes many times, over and over again, by one or several men in her family or living close to her. There are literally thousands of these girls living under these conditions in Guatemala. And some tells them that they can not have an abortion because an imaginary friend with a 2000 year old book says it’s wrong!?

The Catholic Church influence is devastating for these young girls. With the worst kind of machistas their lives are nothing but the second class citizens, they are nothing but servants and fuck-toys for men! They are reduced to be a genital, a cunt with breasts. And the Catholic Church supports it as they do little to nothing to change it. This is not right. This church is not protecting lives. It’s suppressing them, victimizing them, for the rest of their lives. It’s the worst kind of humiliation.

As abortions are illegal in Guatemala, abortions are therefore made illegally without supervision of medical staff. This puts the young girl at high fatal risk. If she’s giving birth to her child she will not finish school. As she then isn’t educated enough she will never have a better life than her poor parents. The Catholic Church stand point is preserving poverty, misery, and sexual molestation. The Catholic Church’s view on abortion and contraceptives keeps poor people poor and the ones suffering the most are all these young raped pregnant girls.

The key to limit abortions is the same all over the world. It’s school education, sexual education, contraceptives, and legal abortions. This is without any doubt the only way to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies. On this issue Guatemala is no different from any other poor country in the world.

One person once stated on Facebook that abortion is murder and asked if his followers and friends agreed with his view. As the question was asked I made the mistake of answering that I did not consider abortion to be murder. At that moment all hell broke lose…

During the discussion that followed several questions and answers were shared. During this exchange I soon came to understand that my antagonist would never understand my point of view. He would never consider my arguments, nor change his mind, that life starts at conception, and therefore all abortions no matter at what time performed, or how the girl/woman became pregnant, is murder of a human being and should render capital punishment, i.e. the death penalty. That’s a pretty interesting statement…

If it’s murder to abort a fetus how can it be right to kill the murderer, i.e the mother?

One question I asked him hasn’t left my mind, though.
I asked him “What about fertility clinics where laboratory staff fertilize up to 100 eggs at the same time, then inserting the best 3-5 into the mothers uterus, hoping that one or two might get stuck? What about all the rest of the eggs that are destroyed? Should destroying these fertilized eggs render death penalty too, I asked. His answer was “Yes, it should!”. In order to establish his answer I asked if he was of the opinion that the laboratory assistants should suffer the death penalty for mass murder. “Yes, they should!” he answered. That is a pretty amazing statement, I have to say.

His answer clearly shows that he wants the Bible to be the guide when making new laws. There is a place in the world where this is a part of the daily life. It’s ISIS controlled areas in Syria and Iraq. This is the place where young christian girls are sold as sex slaves to ISIS soldiers for their sexual pleasure. They are forced to parade naked in front of men who makes sexually insulting comments about the young nude girls in front of them. These girls are later raped up to several times a day by her owner. The rapists argues that by raping them they get closer to Allah in their prayers. Prayers that are conducted before as well as after raping the 12-15 year old girl that is tied to the his bed so she can’t fight or flee.

My antagonists arguments are no different from ISIS as they literary live what their Quran tells them. The Christian Bible isn’t much different from the Quran. That’s what you get when you have religious concerns affecting a country’s laws.

ISIS throws alleged homosexuals from tall buildings. If they don’t die on impact they are stoned to death by the gathered crowed. ISIS are the ones that stoned 19 young Christian girls to death as they all refused to be gang raped by several men. ISIS are the ones that has burned a prisoner of war to death locked up in a cage while filming his pain. ISIS are the ones who drowned a group of men locked in a cage then slowly sinking the cage into a swimming pool while divers were filming the drowning men. ISIS are the ones that had 10-15 blindfolded men sitting down on the ground in an open field. They sat on top of explosives hidden in the ground under them. ISIS literarily blew them up! That’s what happens when you get religious people using the Bible as a guide for laws. And my antagonist wants just the same for destroying fertilized eggs…

Raping young girls is pretty common in Guatemala.
What about the young girl getting pregnant from being raped by her father, brother, relative, or friend of the family? The body of a ten fifteen year old pregnant girl can not give birth to a child without risking dying during labor as her body is far from ready, far from developed enough. Who’s life is it that should be protected, the unborn child’s or the mother’s?   

The unborn child can be adopted, the anti-abortionists argues. There are far more children up for adoptions world wide than there are parents willing to adopt. And a majority of the adopted children are cute girls. Baby boys are far from as popular as baby girls. That’s facts from statistics.

Many people arguing against abortions never think any further than being against abortion. Make no mistake, I too have concerns about abortions. I think that they should be avoided as much as possible. In order to accomplish that I am in favor of contraceptives, condoms, copper IUD’s, or pills, and I think they should be free of charge for teenagers. But here in Guatemala the Catholic Church are against contraceptives as well as abortions, and abortions are illegal.

Now, as a hypothesis, let’s look into what the Catholic Church’s point of view leads to;
1st. Let’s keep the first argument in mind, that life starts at conception.
2nd. Keep my antagonist friend in mind too, he who wants the death penalty for the laboratory staff destroying fertilized eggs.

If fertilized eggs equals human beings;
How about a miscarriage? Picture that a one or two week pregnant woman has a miscarriage. At this time a miscarriage shows up as a small menstrual blood stain in her underpants or on the paper she wipes herself with when reliving herself in the bathroom. Shouldn’t she have a funeral for her lost child too, now that her body has aborted the pregnancy? And how is such a funeral performed, now that the embryo is so tiny it can not be seen by the naked eye?

If fertilized eggs equals human beings, who will perform these funerals? Because if they are human beings shouldn’t they have a funeral ceremony? So far I have never heard of one, never seen one, never attended one. Imagine attending a funeral for an embryo that is no bigger than a blood stain on a toilet paper. That’s going to be a tiny coffin…

I’m looking forward to when is my antagonist and his friends are executing the first funeral services for the embryos and fetuses that are either aborted by the pregnant woman’s own body or the fertilized eggs destroyed in the fertility laboratory. But I doubt that ever will happen as it would be contradictory to their hypocrisy…   

What about the ones conducting a later abortion? If abortion is the murder of an unborn child that some argues, just like my antagonist does, it should be punished by death. But the Bible tells us that taking another persons life is wrong! How can a killing suddenly be justified as it was wrong a few moments ago? Taking the life of a fetus is wrong but killing the mother who has the abortion isn’t? It doesn’t make sense…

Most abortion opponents consider them selves to be pro-life.
As such, why is it that they have very little interest in the child after it’s born? If they were pro-life they would provide free school education and free medical care for the child as well as for its parents. All in order to see that the born child gets the best way of life society can provide. But most of these anti-abortionists are against free schools and free health care. They are not pro-life. They are pro-birth! Most of them are pro-death penalty, pro-torture, pro-violence – but against abortion…? What the fuck is wrong with them?

It’s all a hypocritical view taught by the Bible they believe in. A Bible that teaches them that men has the right to supervise  women, and women’s sexuality, as well as of how a pregnant woman should live her life. These men, these machistas, see women as commodities and possessions, as things. The worst ones see women as their subject to enjoy, e.g. have sex with, to fuck, whenever they please. As if a woman only is a vagina to penetrate and breasts to squeeze and cuddle. It’s appalling as they are no better than Islam’s ISIS or any other religious fundamentalist organization of choice.  

No, I don’t agree with the anti-abortionists. When they start performing funeral services for the aborted embryos and fetuses I might consider respecting their views. But for now, you’d better forget about me respecting or supporting their hypocrisy.

Abortion is a complicated question. I as a man are not to judge, nor interfere, not to stop, a woman’s decision to have one. Whatever her choice I as a man have to respect it under the circumstances and conditions she has it made.

Abortion is not murder.
Arguing that you have the right to judge her for a decision that you have no involvement in is judgmental, narrow-minded, ignorant, and disrespectful to her as a human being, a woman. It’s bigotry.

Is that really what you want others to think of you, that you’re a stupidly foolish bigot?

I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

Human Rights Chapter 2 Religion – How to understand the world

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Human Rights
How to understand the world

Chapter 2

After 5 years in Guatemala I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot more than I expected and it’s with no regret I moved here. 

It’s time to make a summary and to start telling my view, my story.

Among the things that I have learned is that people fear anger and hostility from authority. Religion is one of those authorities. As religion is so widely spread here and seen as such an authority I decided to question it for a while.

I decided to use Facebook as my platform. Every posting started out with a quote from the Bible. I then deliberately formed my questions with sarcasm as sarcasm has the ability to make people answer by reflex and what is closest to their heart. It worked just as expected. Like this one:

According to the Bible and Leviticus 15:19-24 “If a woman has a discharge, and the discharge from her body is blood, she shall be set apart seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. Everything that she lies on during her impurity shall be unclean; also everything that she sits on shall be unclean. Whoever touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. And whoever touches anything that she sat on shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. If anything is on her bed or on anything on which she sits, when he touches it, he shall be unclean until evening. And if any man lies with her at all, so that her impurity is on him, he shall be unclean seven days; and every bed on which he lies shall be unclean.”

So, wherever she lays down or sit will become “unclean” and so will I if I touch the same surfaces. So I can not sleep in her bed, nor sit on her chair.

Is it OK if I have my wife sleeping on the balcony during these weeks? Another solution might be that she sleeps on the floor as suggested in the Quran, or should I have her sleeping in the street instead?

The reactions that emerged were just as expected. Hostile, offended, and angry. Others were honest recommendations to me personally. I was told to be careful as I might make people angry. I was told to be careful as if what I did was dangerous.

The anger showed up pretty quick. I was told that I was disrespectful, that I was a bully, that I made people sad. Furthermore, I was told that I now live in a religious country and that I must show my family and fellow countrymen respect.

What my antagonists didn’t realize was that they were mixing two topics into one. One topic in their mix was religion the other belief.

As I never questioned anyone’s personal faith, I did show the respect they asked for. Everyone is entitled to have faith. What my antagonists didn’t understand was that I questioned the religion they confess to believe in, I did not question their faith.

They didn’t understand that it’s two different subjects and due to the lack of understanding they thought that they had the right to criticize my questions and sarcasm from a personal perspective. They were all far too wrong.

As my critics replied with anger, frustration, disrespect, and personal accusations I grew stronger in my conviction that I was doing the right thing by questioning their religion. I don’t get scared by threats, violence, or insults. It’s the opposite of what people here are used to.

I see their anger as a defense mechanism that works well when confronting an uneducated audience that don’t know the difference between an argument and a discussion. (FYI; an argument is when you prove that you’re right. A discussion is an open ended exchange of ideas in order to gather and learn new knowledge.)

The thing is that I’m open to change my mind, no matter the topic. In this case what’s needed was to show me solid proof that God exist. That’s the very opposite from the believers point of view. They are reluctant to change their minds even when scientific proof is present. The believers are happy believing. I am not, I want to know.

I have an open mind, open for new ideas, new influences, new knowledge. The believers never took the chance of proving Gods existence with solid evidence. Instead I have faced anger, aggravation, and personal insults.

A religion that teaches it’s peers to react and respond in anger when questioned rather than with humbleness should get questioned often as the hostility shows a weakness of faith and profound conviction.

As I said, some took personal offense from my questions. They took my questions personally as if they are responsible for what the Bible says, as if they had written the book themselves. That shows lack of maturity in their faith and for that reason their religion should be questioned again and again.

I will never question anyone’s choice of parents, choice of country to be born in, choice of sexual orientation and preferences, or choice of gender. Because no one ever made those choices.

Nor will I, out of pure honest respect, ever question anyone’s religious beliefs. But I might question the religion just as I might question any other choice you make in life. It could be your clothes, your new car, your haircut, your political view, your food, your shoes, your work, as well as your religion.

Confessing to a religion is a choice just as any other. And I expect you, as my friend, to do the same for me. I expect you to question my choices too no matter what they are. That’s a part of being a true friend.

People who fear and oppose being questioned for their decisions and choices develops very closed minds over time. Closed minds fear change and improvements as well as they fear having their decisions questioned. In order to put a halt to the questioning many respond with hostility, anger and sometimes violence.

When that happens in an entire country the nation becomes an easy target for those who lack respect for law and order, and the citizens of the country live in fear of being hurt, getting robbed or injured. It becomes a never ending negative spiral. Asking questions is one way to break that negative spiral and to start a positive change and development.

Guatemala is in need of questions. The massive lack of questioning in the past has made this country suffer from corruption, killing and all other crimes one can think of.

When I have questioned other issues some have asked me why I live here, some have told me to move back to Sweden as I don’t seem to like this new country of mine. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Religion is a very good topic for questions, as it is close to many Guatemalans hearts. By forming the questions in a specific way, first a Biblical quote and then a sarcastic question, I managed to reach some peoples hearts and they responded without much of thought. That was exactly what I wanted.

As I said at the beginning; I have learned a lot from living here.

When I came to Guatemala I had a tiny religious belief. That belief has slowly vanished as I have seen first hand what religious fundamentalism does to people. The last religious crumbles I had was swiped from my heart by the hostile answers I got from my religious posts on Facebook.

Despite what what’s told by my Christian Bible –
I will continue sleeping in the same bed as my wife when she has her period. I will continue shaving my face every morning. I will continue cutting my hair short three times a week. I will continue to wear clothes of different fabrics. I will continue to wear gold and jewelry. I will not stone my wife to death if she works on a Sunday. I will not stone my child to death if he fails to be obedient. I will not stone unmarried pregnant women. I will not stone children of other religions. I will not stone homosexuals. I will not stone uncircumcised men. I will not stone anyone who curses his or her parents. I will not stone anyone who commits adultery. I will not excommunicate those who ignores the Old Testament. I will not assist in gang rapes of young women. I don’t think the Earth is flat. I don’t think the Earth isn’t moving. I don’t think the Earth is on pillars. I don’t think the Sun goes around the Earth. I don’t think that the stars are holes in the blanket of night showing the heavenly lights.

These are a few examples of what your Holy Bible tells you to do as a true Christian. If this is what you want as a true Christian, I’m OK with it. Just don’t get me or my family involved in this ignorant stupidity, OK?

Furthermore your Bible is written from a male perspective. It was written by man for men. This shows best when it talks about sex, and your Bible is full of it.

Among the worst Biblical examples is the one talking about a virgin getting raped.
If the rape is discovered the rapist has to pay 50 shekels the girls father and then he has to marry her, if the father agrees. Nothing is said about what the poor girl wants. This example and several more clearly shows that your Bible teaches women that they only exist for the pleasure of men. It’s an appalling discrimination of half of our population that I can’t support with a clear conscience.

If you decide to be a believer in the Bible and a God it’s all OK. However, keep in mind that this decision of yours can be questioned and criticized just like any other decision you make in life.

If you buy a bad car for too much money someone might question it. If you vote for a stupid corrupt politician someone might question it. If you decide to do your weekly shopping wearing nothing more than you do on the beach someone might question it. If you decide to eat nothing but fruit and vegetables someone might question it. Just as if you decide to believe in a God someone might question that too. Being religious is a choice just like any other.

Whatever you decide to do in life you have to live with the fact that someone might question it, no matter what it is.

Just because it’s a religion doesn’t grant you to stand above questioning and criticism. Getting offended does not give you the privilege of being right.

If you have problems being questioned you have two options. Keep your mouth shut about what you have decided upon, or learn to deal with the fact that others might not agree with you sometimes.

Being religious does not give you the privilege of judging others. It does not give you the privilege of judging who others marry. It does not give you the privilege of judging what other do when having sex. It does not give you the privilege of judging how others live their lives. It does not give you the privilege of not being criticized. It does not give you the privilege of not facing others opinion. It does not give you the privilege of not getting offended. It does not give you the privilege of telling others what to believe in or not to believe in. It does not give you the privilege of having people tiptoeing around you so you don’t get offended from what people like me say.

If you think that your religious beliefs does give you any of the privileges listed above you are utterly wrong.

No matter your religion, it’s wrong – as all religions are proven wrong by science. Thinking that there is a God that has created everything is pure ignorance as God’s existence have never been scientifically proven over the time of man.

If God made everything why did He chose to create anger, envy, and violence when He could have made kindness, happiness, and peace the leading star for us? Why did He create illnesses when He easily could have omitted all of them? Why did He create a world full of bad shit when He easily could have done the opposite? What kind of shit head asshole does that?

But Boris, God has a plan for all of us, including you!
-He does? Well, why are you praying then, as your prayer actually is asking him to change his mind? He who has created everything will not change his mind as he has better knowledge than you do.

By the way, the Pope-mobile is bullet proof… I doubt it is protecting him from an atheists bullets as I doubt that any atheist would ever consider killing him. So who might be the shooter? Probably another religious believer, right?

But Boris, your sarcastic questions all refers to the Old Testament! That part is only in the Bible as a reference. We don’t literately commit that part of the Bible.
-Well, the 10 Commandments are in the Old Testament too, my friend… If you chose to believe in a religion you accept and live by all of it. Cherry picking isn’t an option.

If cherry picking is acceptable; how about if I start cherry picking too? What if I picked the parts encouraging me stoning people to death working on Sundays? Or the part that makes it legal to have slaves which I can rape when and where I see fit? Or the part that tells me to stone my disobedient son? Would you be OK with that as you tell me to be OK with your cherry picking parts? I guess you wouldn’t, right? So why do I have to be OK with yours?

Boris, are you an atheist?
-I´m just as much an atheist as you are. I have only omitted one more religion. Yours.

I’m more than 50 years old by now. I don’t believe in fairy tales. I don’t believe that something is true just because someone tells me it is. I gather more knowledge and information in order to form my own opinion. If I find that I am wrong I am all open to change my opinion, always. If you are a religious believer I take it that this is something you don’t have the habit to do.

If you are one of those who had troubles reading my religious posts on Facebook I’m sorry for you as it proves that you are not a person who forms your own opinions and believes. If you doubt that, change religion for a day or two. There are about 5000 more religions to chose from, make your pick. Be a Buddhist or a Muslim for only a day. Can’t do that, can you?

Most likely you were taught to believe in a God by your parents. Most likely you were indoctrinated by parents, school, friends, and society. If you got upset of what I posted you are just another ignorant indoctrinated sheep who follow others instructions without ever questioning the path. Is that really the person you want to be?

Having a religion is like having a penis. It’s perfectly fine to have one. It’s perfectly fine to be proud of having it. But it’s not OK to take it out of your pants, wave it around, or shove it down anyone’s throat without asking first.

I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

Here are my notes for the Facebook posts:

According to the Bible

Stoning people working on the Sabbath /Exodus 31:14
Stoning unruly children /Deuteronomy 21:18-21
Stoning unfaithful wife

Is religion a moral compass?

Why is it that many countries that nationally confess to a religion have such a low respect the of law and order? Why is it that religious countries in general has a higher crime rate? All of Latin America as well as the middle eastern countries are very religious. Nevertheless they suffer immensely from crime, killings, and corruption.

Isn’t religion supposed to be a moral compass leading to less crimes, less bad people?

Is religion really the moral compass some argue it is? To me it looks like religion is not the moral compass humanity needs. Looking into countries less religious one soon finds that those countries have less crime than the opposite ones. Some are even closing down prisons as they don’t have prisoners enough to put behind bars!

Religion as a moral compass? I doubt that…

If you have emotional troubles reading what I write please don’t read it. If you think it’s personal accusations and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning you of having faith. But I am questioning the religion you might confess to.

I have to believe in God because he loves me, the Bible says. If I don’t believe in him he will kill me having me burning in Hell for eternity.

From where I come we call that extortion, which by the way is illegal. The statement that I will get killed if I don’t confess to His religion clearly shows that God is in favor of illegalities. Can He be punished for that?

According to the Bible and Leviticus 15:19-24 “If a woman has a discharge, and the discharge from her body is blood, she shall be set apart seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. Everything that she lies on during her impurity shall be unclean; also everything that she sits on shall be unclean. Whoever touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. And whoever touches anything that she sat on shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. If anything is on her bed or on anything on which she sits, when he touches it, he shall be unclean until evening. And if any man lies with her at all, so that her impurity is on him, he shall be unclean seven days; and every bed on which he lies shall be unclean.”
So, wherever she lays down or sit will become “unclean” and so will I if I touch the same surfaces. So I can not sleep in her bed, nor sit on her chair.
Is it ok if I have my wife sleeping on the balcony during these weeks? Another solution might be that she sleeps on the floor as suggested in the Quran, or should I have her sleeping in the street instead?
If any of my friends have experience from this issue you’re more than welcome to share it as I’m in obvious need of advice on this topic.

According to the Bible a man can not sleep next to his wife when she has her cycle. Nor can he be in the same house as she. Is it ok if my wife sleeps in the balcony during that week? I asked my wife and she clearly stated that she was not ok with the arrangement. Is it ok if she sleeps in the street?

Yesterday I asked a question that had its origins in Leviticus in the Old Testament. As the few answers provided where not satisfying I have to assume that the Old Testament is as important to commit to as the New Testament.

According to the Bible man can not have a tattoo. Leviticus 19:28 reads, “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord.”

What should I do with my tattoo? Is it ok if I cover it in duct tape or do I need to cut my arm off?

According to Leviticus 11 in the Bible I can not eat sea food with a shell. So in order to comply I have to stop eating shrimp, crab fish, lobster, and clams. Nor can I eat pig, camel, rabbit, and a vast number of other animals and insects. Well, isn’t that a good reason to go vegan? Finally something I’m doing right!

According to Deuteronomy 25:11-12 in the Bible: “If two men, a man and his countryman, are struggling together, and the wife of one comes near to deliver her husband from the hand of the one who is striking him, and puts out her hand and seizes his genitals, then you shall cut off her hand; you shall not show pity.”

So if my wife grabs my attackers genitals in an attempt to defend me I, as her husband, must cut her hand off! I think I’d better show her how to give him a good knock out kick in the crotch!

According to Leviticus 19:27 in the Bible “You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard.” So from now on I have to stop cutting the hair of the top of my head a millimeter short three times a week as well as stop shaving every morning. Damn! I’m going to have troubles with this one, I can tell you that!

According to the Bible and in Leviticus 11:8, which is discussing pigs, it reads “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.”

This means that a Christian football/soccer player has to make sure the ball is not made of pigs skin! Lucky me I don’t play football, right?

According to the Bible and Leviticus 19:31 reads “Do not turn to mediums or spiritists; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” The penalty for that? Check Leviticus 20:6: “As for the person who turns to mediums and to spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.”

So I have to stop reading my daily horoscope in the news paper then or I get stoned to death, I guess.

According to the Bible and Genesis 38:9-10: “Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so when he went in to his brother’s wife, he wasted his seed on the ground in order not to give offspring to his brother. But what he did was displeasing in the sight of the Lord; so He took his life also.”

So Onan had an affair with his brothers wife, and in order not to make her pregnant he pulled out and “wasted his seed on the ground”. Punishment: Death! No forgiveness, no “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, oh no. No mercy what so ever. He got the death penalty right away! But don’t forget, God loves you! That’s a strange way of showing love, isn’t it?

Does this mean that masturbation is a sin too since the act is not going to conceive a woman not her egg? Furthermore, how about female masturbation?

According to the Bible and Leviticus 19:19 reads, “You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”

Well as I’m not a farmer cross breeding cattle or sowing two kinds of seeds this is pretty easy, right? But not mixing garments makes me a sinner of rang! Is it ok if I stop mixing garments from now on or will I be punished for have done it in the past?

Marriage; According to the Bible and Mark 10:8, you “are no longer two, but one flesh.” And, Mark 10:9 reads, “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

Mark gets even more hardcore about it a few verses later, in Mark 10:11-12, “And He said to them, ‘Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her; and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery.’”

So no matter who’s the divorcee adultery is committed if either one is having intercourse with a new parter. As I am divorced I’m committing adultery every time I have a private moment with my wife then, I guess? Is it ok if I go to church and ask for forgiveness for committing this sin? It would make me a regular visitor, and that’s pretty good, isn’t it?

According to the Bible and Deuteronomy 23:1 states that “A man whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off may never join the assembly of the Lord.”

If you’ve been castrated or lost one or two balls to cancer isn’t important. The Bible doesn’t get that specific. It just says you can’t pray.

So if you defend yourself by kicking and crushing the antagonists balls he’s not only going to be hurt as hell – he can’t visit church either as his balls are gone! That’s good news, right?

According to the Bible and Deuteronomy 23:2
says that if you’re a bastard (i.e. born outside of marriage), the child of a bastard… or even have a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild of a bastard, you can’t come to church or synagogue. Deuteronomy 23:2 reads, “No one of illegitimate birth shall enter the assembly of the Lord; none of his descendants, even to the tenth generation, shall enter the assembly of the Lord.”

Let me tell you, I’m screwed big time on this one. My grandfather from my fathers side was born a bastard. As I’m the third generation and my children are the fourth I guess we have to wait six more generations before any of us can visit church again, right?

According to the Bible and Timothy 2:9 that states
“Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

This might be an issue for my wife as she uses jewelry as well as makeup, and she has her hair done every now and then too! Furthermore I think she’s going to have an issue with me if I tell her to take the wedding band off.

According to the Bible and Leviticus 3:17 states that “It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that you eat neither fat nor blood.”

This is the second time I find the Bible stating that going vegan is the right thing to do. That’s just great for me as a vegan! But at the same time it makes me concerned of how it is for my religious friends who are not? As I understand it they, as the omnivores or carnivores they are, are sinners 7 days a week. No wonder they have such an urge to ask God for forgiveness all the time…

If you have emotional troubles reading what I write please don’t read it. If you think it’s personal accusations and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning you of having faith. But I am questioning the religion you might confess to.

According to the Bible and Deuteronomy 22:28-29 “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay her father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.”

So, first the poor girl is raped and then forced into marriage with her rapist because he paid her father 50 shekels of silver with no option of divorce no matter how bad he is in the future?

On the other hand; if the rape is never discovered the rapist will go without punishment from God or any other? WTF is that?

This is disrespectful to women in every way possible. What kind of view does this God have on the gender who gives us our children? Are they nothing more than a vigina to breed and two breasts to feed them? That God is an asshole and it’s clear to me that His views differs too much from mine as I see a woman as my equal. His views on women makes Him, divine or not, nothing but a pure asshole.

There’s a lot about sex in the Bible. According to Leviticus 18:7-23 you can not have sex with your mother, your father’s wife, your sister, your granddaughter, your half-sister, your biological aunt, your uncle’s wife, your daughter-in-law, your sister-in-law, or having sex with a woman and also having sex with her daughter or granddaughter.
Furthermore you can not have sex with a woman during her period or have sex with your neighbour’s wife. Nor can you have sex with a man “as one does with a woman” and you can not have sex with an animal.
All these examples talks about men having sex. Not a word of women having sex! Not a word of women wanting to have sex. Are the women in the Bible only to give birth to an offspring and to feed the child? Women in the Bible appears to be commodities, possessions, things, for the pleasure of men.
In 1 Kings 11:3 it says “He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.” So polygamy is all ok then, I guess. I think I have to talk to my wife about that too…
And in Genesis 20:12 it says that “Besides, she really is my sister, the daughter of my father though not of my mother; and she became my wife.” I guess that I can marry my half sister too, adding her to the 1000 I already are allowed to marry or have as my mistresses for my sexual pleasure.

According to the Bible and Leviticus 15:19-24 “If a woman has a discharge, and the discharge from her body is blood, she shall be set apart seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. Everything that she lies on during her impurity shall be unclean; also everything that she sits on shall be unclean. Whoever touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. And whoever touches anything that she sat on shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. If anything is on her bed or on anything on which she sits, when he touches it, he shall be unclean until evening. And if any man lies with her at all, so that her impurity is on him, he shall be unclean seven days; and every bed on which he lies shall be unclean.”
This clearly states that it’s safer to keep the woman in cycle outside the house, don’t you think? But on the other hand, as soon as she’s out of the cycle she’s welcome back in again, right? Or as a temporary solution maybe she could sleep on the floor for a week as suggested in the Quran?
I think I have to talk to my wife about this…
According to the Bible and Leviticus 19:11 it says that “You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.”
Looking into politics and businesses in religious Guatemala this is a part of the Bible politicians and businessmen in Guatemala must have omitted and then forgotten. How convenient… but many of them still visits church several times a week!

According to the Bible and Timothy 1:12 “But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
This clearly states that a woman can not be allowed to teach a man anything, nor can she be his manager or superior. Instead she must stay silent.
Can I tell my manager at work about this or do you think she might get me in trouble if I do?

According to the Bible and Matthew 19:24 Jesus said “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”
So a rich person will not enter heaven? Hmmm, I wonder if anyone told Bill Gates about that part…?
On the other hand … What is considered “rich”? Am I rich even though I don’t have the money Bill Gates has but I have a lot of love and affection from my family and friends? I consider that being rich. Does God agree with me or does He not?

If you have emotional troubles reading what I write please don’t read it. If you think it’s personal accusations and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning you of having faith. But I am questioning the religion you might confess to.
According to the Bible we all descend from Adam and Eve – so why are there different races?

If you have emotional troubles reading what I write please don’t read it. If you think it’s personal accusations and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning you of having faith. But I am questioning the religion you might confess to.

According to the Bible God is the creator of everything. As the creator of everything that He is, why did He create so many religions? Why didn’t He just create one?

If you have emotional troubles reading what I write please don’t read it. If you think it’s personal accusations and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning you of having faith. But I am questioning the religion you might confess to.

According to the Bible there’s a life after death. Some lets us know that they know that this life is either lived in Heaven or in Hell. Now, let’s say that this is all true. Can it be worse than life before we were born?

What if there is no God? What if the Bible is all fake? What if there is no life in Heaven or Hell after death?

Would it really make your life here on Earth that much different?

The Bible doesn’t say much on contraceptions as they weren’t invented yet. But it does say that mans purpose is to reproduce and that the joy we feel while doing it is a gift from God. The only known way of contraception was for the man to pull out and ejaculate outside his woman. As Onan did this to his brothers widow God got so pissed He killed him.

“In 1968, Pope Paul VI issued his landmark encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (Latin, “Human Life”), which reemphasized the Church’s constant teaching that it is always intrinsically wrong to use contraception to prevent new human beings from coming into existence.
Contraception is “any action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act [sexual intercourse], or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible” (Humanae Vitae 14). This includes sterilization, condoms and other barrier methods, spermicides, coitus interruptus (withdrawal method), the Pill, and all other such methods.”
One religious person once told me that using contraceptives is an abomination as it rejects God from bringing us the children He has planned for us.

This teaches us that it’s all ok to have sex as long as you do it in order to make a baby, and it’s all ok to enjoy the manufacturing too! But it’s an evil act to have sex if the purpose is only to enjoy it.

To me this proves yet again that the Bible was written by sexually frustrated men who was in great need of more frequent sexual interaction. And it shows that women are of a secondary, a lower, class than men as the topic is focused more on male sexual joy than on the female enjoyment.

You Can’t See Air, But You Know It’s There, Just Like God
This one is actually taught in Islamic elementary schools. Sorry kids, but when you grow up and you’re still using the same arguments from elementary, that means you haven’t progressed any. We can detect and measure air. We can detect and measure the contents of air. If not seeing something is evidence it exists, there’s a bridge from Seattle to Tokyo I’d like to sell you.

Human Rights Chapter 1 Working as a teacher – How to understand the world

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Human Rights
How to understand the world
Chapter 1


Part of this text is deliberately and intentionally abusive, offensive, accusing, and contains excessive, lavish, foul-mouthed, raw, rude, rough, brutal, and crude language. If you have emotional troubles reading texts containing words like those please don’t read it.

This open letter is written to a person I call Mr. Bigot.
If you think it’s a personal accusation and personally offensive please note that I’m not accusing not questioning anyone of having a faith. But I am questioning the religion and, even more, the values and the consequences religion brings.

I have nothing personal against any student, former, present, or past attending the school I here below use as an example. But I have great concerns what kind of parents are having their children to attend a school which teaches them ignorance, intolerance, how to become disrespectful and abusive to our fellow man.

To the dear lady who once hired me I want to address my greatest gratitude. During my time as your employee I learned far more than I ever expected. I have the deepest respect for your person, as a professional, as a fellow human. There is no shadow what so ever falling on you or your personality due to what happened to me. I accommodate the greatest respect for you as a person and professional. This letter has nothing to do with you. Let there be no doubt about that.

– With that said, continue reading at your own risk –

After more than five years living in Guatemala it’s time to start telling my story. It’s time to clear the air. First on the list is some of my work experience and what it has taught me so far.

 As I worked as an English teacher for a Catholic elementary boys school ran by Opus Dei during two years I learned a lot.

It was a time full of new experiences, and as such it was very educational. These two years spent at this school was very interesting. I thank the school and my former colleagues and management for the lessons learned, the experiences given, and the fantastic students I had the fortune to learn to know, and for what I’m about to tell you, as well.

The school’s and the personal names at this educational institution that harbors these seven schools are left out as names are of no importance. Both the schools and the educational institution governing them have very close ties to the Catholic stock conservative organization which bears the name Opus Dei. As such, the schools teach children its values. As the children they are, they lack understanding of values and critical thinking. These children will believe almost whatever they are taught and told. They are no different from any other child in the world, as they, due to age and experience, lack the ability to be objective. It’s part of being a child.

While working there, I soon learned that the religious indoctrination of the children at this school is massive. But it didn’t stop with the children. Parents, as well as teachers, are severely indoctrinated as well. Parents are involved in the schools work, which has the possibility to be a good thing if it’s done right, but sadly it isn’t.

In addition, this is a school who has very little focus on teaching the students what’s needed for the future. As the religiously governed school it is, they teach what was right and true in the past. But the school have very little knowledge, or interest, in what the future will bring or be. The consequence is that the students will have little to no knowledge useful for their professional adult lives. If the parents fails to compensate for what the schools fails to teach, the students will become narrow minded and will not embrace a world where change and development is essential in an ever evolving environment.

Furthermore students learn that corruption is an acceptable way of solving an issue. This shows best when students who haven’t passed the annual evaluations will pass anyway given that the parents makes extra payments to the school. This means that these schools teaches children that corruption is an acceptable solution to a problem. Note that this is done in a country severely suffering from corruption at every level.

It’s obvious that it is taught in school and it starts at a very early age. The corruption shows when students who hasn’t passed one single annual exam in years still are advancing up the next year, year after year. All to the thanks of parents paying bribes to a corrupt school management and educational institution, e.g. Opus Dei and at the end the Catholic Church. It’s appalling.

But it doesn’t stop there. 
Exams are made by the teachers, not by the school. So there’s no standard of knowledge that needs to be accomplished in order to get the grades needed to fulfill graduation, to get the final diploma. When I expressed my concerns on the issue the management didn’t show any interest in improving the topic.

Teachers making their own exams is a concern as it doesn’t improve the level of knowledge. On the contrary, students learn just about enough to pass the exam. They don’t learn for life. They only learn to pass the exam, the test.

If a teacher comes in conflict with a student the parents of the same student can have the teacher fired on the spot. This happens on a regular basis and the students learns to know that the power lies within them and their families. This makes teachers become sycophantic and tip-toeing around the students in order to keep their jobs and, off course, it effects the grades given as teachers who don’t want to get in trouble inflate grades to keep students and parents in a good mood.

The values enhanced are that as a student at this school you are better than others.
As a student at Opus Dei you are pure and others are not. As a student at this school you are superior. As a student at this school you learn to look down on others, as you have been taught you are better.

Most of the students I had during my years are good kids. The following does not concern them.

As most of the students comes from the richer part of the population some of them are already inflated with arrogance and selfishness from home. The school environment enhances these traits even more, creating even more selfishness and arrogance within these spoiled students and later adults. As a teacher I saw this firsthand.

It’s appalling, disgusting, to see how a small number of youngsters already have developed a personality that to its closest can be described as a sickening disgusting arrogance. Never before in my life have I ever met such an amount of pure assholes as at this place. What worries me the most is that these kids will be a part of Guatemala’s future leadership. A school that inflates and encourages arrogance to this extent is not a good school, it’s not a good role model.

Most of my students were humble, caring and very nice. These students had learned good values from home – not by the school. But some others were extremely selfish and arrogant – which is the opposite of what the school says and argues it teaches. What these parents, and the school management, don’t realize is that these students are a reflection of their families appalling values.

Teachers receive lectures by priests from Opus Dei.
These lectures are very often about how a man should handle and manage his family as he alone is the head of the family. As I said, these lectures are held by male priests from Opus Dei.

These priests live their lives in celibate and have no experience what so ever of leading nor managing a family or raising children. It’s like receiving sexual education from a virgin.

The teachers are obligated to attend, even if they, as I, don’t speak Spanish. Attending these lectures was mandatory even if nothing was understood. Most teachers are coping with the mandatory “educational” lectures, but the majority of them have no intention what so ever to listen, learn or follow the advises given for the same reasons as just mentioned. It’s a ridiculous farce of pure hypocrisy in order to keep a job that brings food to the teacher’s family dinner table.

Backstabbing teachers is another common issue.
Once I heard a story of a teacher fired for keeping a pornographic videotape in his office desk drawer. The videotape in question was most likely put into the office by another teacher in order to get the colleague fired. The intent was successful.
Other teachers are fired for minor reasons. As the school is struggling with its finances, firing teachers is a way to balance the economy. So the school fires anyone, using whatever lie or reason they can come up with. After two years at the school it was my turn, I got fired too.

The official reason to fire me was that I could never become something called a “Preceptor”. A preceptor is a personal religious guide for students. As I’m not Catholic, I could never be a preceptor and due to that I got fired. So why did I get hired in the first place, one might wonder?

As I’ve never been fired from a position before this was another, new, learning experience.

At the meeting with the principal, I sat calm and quiet listening to what he had to tell me. First I was informed that the school wanted me to quit on my own initiative. As I had learned the employment laws of Guatemala I quickly decided not to, since it would be more financially beneficial for me to get fired. So I told him that if he wanted me to leave he would have to fire me. He didn’t hesitate doing on the spot.

I listened quietly when he presented his arguments and motives surrounding the schools decision of letting me go. It was all based on the fact that I’m not a Catholic, but a protestant, a Lutheran. Therefore I could not fulfill the requirements of becoming a preceptor. Note; becoming a preceptor was never a topic when I got hired in the first place and it wasn’t in my job description. But I never mentioned that part during the meeting as it wouldn’t have made any difference.

When he was done,
I carefully asked if my view on same sex relationships had anything to do with the decision taken. The massively emotional response he gave me clearly showed that this was the real reason for firing me. The preceptor motive was just a fake smoke screen, a Potemkin backdrop, to cover it all up. It was all a lie.

As this is a school with strict Catholic values, keep in mind that lying is a sin. But I guess it was ok for him to lie, to sin, as long as he asked the church for forgiveness afterwards, right? In the free and developed world, we have a word for this. Hypocrisy.

Furthermore, I was offered to leave the school on the spot or to stay for four more weeks. As I wanted to tell my students myself, and as I saw an opportunity to be a grain of sand in the eyes of the management, I chose to stay the weeks I was offered. I saw four weeks of fun ahead of me. I was going to enjoy this to all its extent. In front of me I saw four weeks of joy and fun facing the hypocritical management every day.

Keep in mind that the management at this school are small minded men who lack appreciation and due to that see every opportunity to climb the latter of hierarchy as a higher position opens opportunity to be in power over the others.

During my last four weeks I saw more false smiling faces then ever before. And whatever I did I knew that they could not touch me as I already was fired. I did not take advantage of my situation even though it was tempting from time to time. As I said I wanted to tell my students myself. The four weeks passed and on the last day I told them. Some got happy, some got disappointed, some got angry.

Many times students asked me if we could be friends on Facebook. I always answered with the same No. But I told them that when I no longer work at the school I’d accept. As no rumor evolved about me leaving the school during the last weeks I started to give them small hints. I started accepting their friendship on Facebook. They never got to understand the clue… 🙂  

Prior to this event, me getting fired, there were several occasions when I had difficulties staying quiet. One of those moments was when the CEO of the educational institution, I call him Mr. Bigot as his real name is not important, held a lecture on homosexuality at a mandatory annual teachers reunion at an Opus Dei resort called Alta Vista.

Despite the fact it was all in Spanish I did understand some of his message. During the lecture he compared homosexuals to pedophiles (people having sex with underage children), to necrophilia (people having sex with deceased people), bestiality (people having sex with animals), to transsexuals (people dressed as the opposite gender), and some more. He continued arguing that homosexuals are mentally disoriented and close to psychic maniacs and lunatics. As I hoped I didn’t understand correctly I approached him afterwards to ask a few questions.

He fully confirmed my interpretation. What I had understood was just about right. Furthermore he made it very clear that he belonged to a very powerful organization in Guatemala that “Will win this war!”.

I was stunned into silence as I quickly understood that this level of stupidity and ignorance wouldn’t understand logic, science, psychology, or plain simple common sense. I remained quiet for the rest of the short conversation.

Now, keep in mind that in order to win a war you must have a conflict. But there is no war to win since there is no conflict at hand. Mr. Bigot’s approach is nothing but stupidly utterly ignorant and all wrong in every possible aspect.

When looking deeper into this homophobic issue of his, and the school, the Catholic Church, and Opus Dei, one soon discover that one of the worlds worst homosexual pedophiles are the hundreds of Catholic priests within his own very church. Male priests of the Catholic Church have sexually molested thousands of children, mainly young boys. As we today are aware of, the Catholic Church has covered this issue up for decades. The church has protected its own pedophiles to an extent never before seen. By the way, protecting criminals is a crime as well.

On June 26th, 2015 USA granted a law making marriage equal for all no matter the gender. I immediately came to think of poor ignorant Mr. Bigot, wondering how he felt when reading the news. I immediately hoped that June 26, 2015 would be remembered by him as a day of frustration.

I honestly hope he had the decency to shed a few tears in disappointment and frustration over losing the United States in his battle against homosexuality. I honestly hope he got furious when he read the news, as he deserves the frustration and anger more than anyone I’ve ever met so far.

The first time I met him was during a conference at a fancy hotel in Guatemala City. He came up to me and introduced himself and soon stated that he’d like to start an IKEA store in Guatemala. I agreed and as he showed me a very nice personality I immediately saw a potential CEO for that store.

But as I looked into the topic, I soon found that in order to encounter such an enterprise one have to sign the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Getting to know Mr. Bigot a little bit more I soon understood that he starting an IKEA store would never become true as he cannot sign the UN Declaration of Human Rights without lying. And as the Catholic he is lying is a sin, e.g. he can’t sign the declaration without Divine religious consequences. And as I learned about his severe homophobia I ditched the idea completely.

According to the Bible, that Mr. Bigot says he believes in, we are all created as the image of God. No matter our gender, our values, our sexual orientation, our country of origin, our race – we are all God’s image. But according to Mr. Bigot we can not be Gods image as he despise people who he dislikes. Doesn’t this put Mr. Bigot and his peers above God…?

When thinking like Mr. Bigot does, some people must have less value than others. I simplify it by saying that if you’re on the Opus Dei list of approved people or personalities you’re all ok, you’re safe. But if you’re not on that list of theirs they despise you, they hate you. This is the essence of Opus Dei. Conflict. Conflict of approved and not approved people. Good versus bad. Black or white. Divine versus Evil. This is what they live by and it’s a necessity for the survival of the organization. They see the world as “us against them”.

On March 10, 2015 I wrote this piece:
“I admit, I confess, I have been proven to be dead wrong! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I have to face the consequences. This is one of those rare moments.

The thing is that I thought that there are a few things in life that we can not choose. I thought that we can’t choose our parents, we can’t choose where to be born, our height, the color of our eyes, skin or hair, we can’t choose to write with the left or the right hand, and I thought that we never were given the option to choose our sexual orientation. But as it looks, I was dead wrong.

Therefore I have big news for you, my friends. I just recently learned that a school in Guatemala tells students that homosexuality is a highly contagious mental disease and/or disorder that everyone needs to stay away from. I’ll repeat that; homosexuality is a highly contagious mental disease.

This must, by far, be one of the most stunning medical/psychological discoveries made in the last centuries!! And it was made by a leading staff member in a school. Isn’t that amazing!? Who could ever have imagined that such an amazing discovery would be made in a school!? I think it’s great news!

This discovery will make Guatemala and these schools world famous. It will benefit everyone here. I’m so happy for them! Because when this astonishing incredible discovery gets to the public knowledge students from all over the world will stand in line to attend in order to take part in future discoveries of a similar nature. It’s going to be a great time for everyone involved!

And can you imagine what impact this new discovery will have on the work of the medical and psychological professions, which up until now only are based on ignorant science? These new facts are truly groundbreaking and of a Nobel Prize caliber! I’m so happy for them!

From the bottom of my heart I want to express my deepest most sincere congratulations to the forthcoming fame that awaits you and your schools for your detection in solving the homosexual mystery. I salute you for a work well done! And now that you have found out that homosexuality is highly contagious, I wish you the best in your expected and continued work finding out how it infects its victims as well as to finding a cure. If you’re fortunate and lucky in your efforts you might even stumble upon a cure for ignorance and stupidity at the same time…! Wouldn’t that be great!?

Disclaimer: Parts of this entry might contain logical conclusions based on scientific evidence, common sense, examples of ignorance and stupidity, as well as sarcasm and irony. If I have hurt anyone’s feelings or if anyone feels offended, insulted, or upset by reading this entry I hereby have no intention to express my apologies beforehand.”

The teachers are now told to observe homosexual behavior among the students. If a teacher notices any behavior that might be of homosexual nature and character they are obligated to report it to the management. The management will then contact the parents telling them that their son have an abnormal behavior. The schools recommendation to the parents will then be to have a psychologist to evaluate the child.

The hidden, secret, agenda is that the psychologist will determine if the child is homosexual or not.

If the child is found to be homosexual, the parents will be recommended having the child participating in a sexual correctional program. The correctional program is said to convert the child into heterosexuality. These correctional programs origins from the U.S. and they have two main topics in common. 
 1. They are 100% unsuccessful in their efforts to sexually convert anyone. 
 2. They are very successful creating depressed suicidal teenagers that are proven to be very good in ending their own lives.

These schools does not provide any kind of sexual education as it is following the recommendations from the Catholic Church who says that sexual education could be en incentive for young teenagers to explore it. As if they don’t have sex without this “sexual incentive”…?

One teacher once told me that there’s no need for sexual education in schools as “the students have access to internet they will find whatever they need to know at porn websites.” That statement alone proves that some people are beyond imagination stupid…

This school creates religiously fanatic homophobics.
It creates students who learn to be afraid of being different. It creates teenagers who are afraid of being sexually divergent. This is proven devastating for a young teenagers who are struggling to find a personal identity. It leads to depressions, and in some cases suicide.

Some argue that homosexuality is a choice, so let’s say that it’s true.
This means that you as well as I did chose our sexuality too. Because if a gay person can choose we must be able to do the same, right?

And as we can make a decision of sexuality we should be able to choose other things too. Like choosing our parents, choose a country to be born in, choose the color of our eyes, choose to be left or right handed, choose to be born as a boy or a girl, right?

So what choices did you make, Mr. Bigot? Did you choose your parents? Did you choose to be born in Guatemala? Did you choose the color of your eyes? Did you choose to be heterosexual? Did you choose to be left or right handed? Did you choose to be male and not a female? It turns out to be a pretty hefty list of choices to make for a fetus, doesn’t it?

So, I guess you didn’t choose, right? However, you undoubtedly made the choice of becoming a massively ignorant adult – and for that choice I will continue my criticism of your educational institution.

But we can’t make those choices, can we? It’s the same with sexual preference – no one chooses his or her sexual orientation. You and I, as well as everyone else, never made that choice. The fact is that everyone is born with it. It’s not a choice to make. The choice is given to us, to all of us. Just as all the other traits we are given, our sexuality is one in a long row of traits.

As many non-thinkers still believes that sexuality is a choice I ask them when they chose to be straight? The answer is always the same; none of them did.

Now, let’s continue saying that homosexuality is a choice. If it’s true, every straight person should be able to choose to be homosexual too, for let’s say just one day or just one simple short hour, right? But for some odd and bizarre reason this choice of sexual orientation only applies to people who already identify themselves as homosexuals. I have never heard that it applies to straight people. Have you?

Let’s continue saying that some choose to be homosexuals.
Thanks to a job well done by the Catholic Church, it is a fact that Guatemala is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. So, why would anyone choose to be homosexual in a country where nearly no one would accept them? Why would anyone chose to be exposed to harassment and bigotry from the rest of society, for a lifetime, by choosing to become homosexual in a country that will not accept them?

No one would, right? By understanding simple logic, no one would make that choice as they are well aware of the severely negative consequences that comes with it.

Furthermore, many homophobics fear that a boy playing with dolls, having pink as a favorite color, and wearing moms high heels while singing along with Elsa from the movie Frozen will turn the young boy into a homosexual.

But what about the girl playing with toy cars, toy guns, and watching The Avengers or Transformers – will she become lesbian? You didn’t think about that, did you?

All this boils down to the core of a patriarchal society where the man is the norm, the “macho” of normal. As such it reduces the female part of the population to puppets, to a body with breasts and a vagina for male pleasure, unless women and good men stand up for what women are – humans.

The norm will remain as long as women and men accepts women and girls to be valued less than men. Men who are homophobics in this society are just afraid of receiving the same, lower, reduced value as they themselves address to and see in women.

I bet Mr. Bigot never made a choice of his sexual preferences, nor did I. I fell in love with my wife because she is a wonderful person – not because she’s a woman with breasts, a vagina, and a uterus. Just as she didn’t fall in love with me because I don’t have breasts or a uterus, but a penis. I guarantee that Mr. Bigot did just the same when it comes to his love for his wife, and that his wife did just the same as mine.

But being homosexual isn’t natural, some tells us, while bouncing fingertips together. Then forming a circle with the thumb and index finger by one hand and inserting the other hands index finger into it saying, “This is natural!”. But Catholic priests fucking young choirboys that’s natural, right? Or walking on water, dividing oceans, being born by a virgin, or making wine out of water, that’s all natural, isn’t it? Being homosexual is natural to the ones who are, and you are not to question them for who or what they are.

Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.

Some at this school told me that it´s OK to be homosexual – as long as they don’t practice.
That’s a pretty interesting idea. If this is what the homophobes believes is the right approach I suggest that the homophobes starts by not practicing their heterosexuality for a while.

Bear in mind that Catholic priests and preachers are the one’s living in celibate but fucks boys of minor age as they get too horny and sexually frustrated over time… Not to mention the latest findings of child pornography in a number of Vatican computers. But if this is your argument, I’m all OK with it. I suggest you start!

Are gays a threat to traditional family constellations?
–No, gays are not a threat to traditional family constellations, as they form nontraditional constellations and have no interest in the traditional family of a husband and wife.

Are gays a threat to family values because they judge what a normal, or abnormal, sexual activity is?
–No, gays are not a threat to family values, as they don’t lower themselves to that level of immature ignorance.

Are gays a threat to traditional family values as they are teaching children to condemn heterosexuality as the norm of normal?
–No, gays are not a threat to family values, as they know that there is no such thing as “normal”.

Are gays a threat to traditional family values due to the fact that they might not enjoy the same kind of sex as you do?
–No, gays are not a threat to family values, as they find no interest what so ever in what you do during your private moment with your partner.

Are gays a threat to traditional family values due to what they do during their sexual acts?
–No, gays are not a threat to family values, unless you show interest in peaking in on them judging what they do – which might make them more than just a little bit upset, just as it would you…

But if homosexuals are a threat to traditional family values … What is it that the heterosexuals does that promotes the same traditional values?

Is it that they like the missionary position during intercourse or is it that most men prefer doggy style when penetrating his spouse? Or could it be that a lot of heterosexual men like watching their girlfriend or wife, performing oral sex on him, e.g. sucking his cock? I wonder if that is what it is to promote traditional heterosexual values…?

Being homosexual is disgusting, some say, arguing that it’s not normal. Then asking if I understand and/ or have seen what they do to each other?
-Hold it right there, wait a minute now.

Hold. It. Right. There.

Who are you to determine what’s normal and what’s not? What makes you the judge of normal or abnormal? Who are you, what are you, having interest in what others do with their partner when they enjoy a private moment together? What kind of odd weird perverted moron are you who think that you have the right to judge what others do while having sex?

It’s none of your business what others do during their private moments. If you think you have the right to judge what others do in their privacy you are the pervert, not them.

But as you now show interest in what gays do in their bedroom, maybe you would find it interesting to see what my wife and I do too, you fool (You depraved fucking idiot).

Furthermore, how do you know that what you do in your bedroom is normal? Have you had someone from Opus Dei or the Catholic Church overlooking you and your spouse during your sexual act? Did you have someone checking up on the two of you while having intercourse (fucking) in order to establish if your intercourse is normal or not?

Did you have an exam intercourse session (an exam-fuck-your-wife-session) in order to get approved by a (perverted gay) priest, who likes (to rape) young boys while watching them playing doctor (child porn) on internet? Did you do that to pass as a normal heterosexual? I guess you didn’t, right…?

As I guess you consider your private moment with your wife just as private as any gay person consider his or hers, what kind of condemnatory fucking retard are you thinking you can judge what others do in their privacy? If you think you have the right to judge others you´re nothing but a simple sexually perverted moron and an asshole.

Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.
-Why not? Love has no gender. Love has no race. Love has no country of origin. Love has no age. We all marry out of love. I know I did. I didn’t marry my wife because she’s a woman. I married her because I love her. I take for granted that Mr. Bigot did the same, due his love for his wife. Marriage isn’t between a man and a woman. Marriage is between love and love.

The Bible states that marriage is between one man and one woman.
-Does it? You haven’t read your Bible thoroughly enough. Go back to school.

But homosexuality is a sin!
– So is eating shell fish and shrimps, sleeping in your wife’s bed when she has her period, wearing clothes of mixed fabrics, working on the Sabbath, wearing gold and jewelry, cutting your hair, shaving your face, eating pork or fat or blood, stealing and lying, or playing soccer with a ball made from a pigs skin. Your argument is invalid.

Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children nor have children of their own as the children will suffer and become homosexuals themselves.
-Oh, they will? Well, that is news to every mother giving birth to a homosexual child. The hard facts is that almost all homosexuals are born in heterosexual families. I think it’s a good idea for you to check up on the heterosexual families first as they are proven to give birth to far more homosexuals than any other family constellation ever will.

Because as far as statistics and common sense shows, homosexuals are born by heterosexual mothers conceived by heterosexual fathers. Homosexuals are born by heterosexuals. It is a fact that traditional families are the ones making homosexuals.

A child growing up in a same sex marriage will be bullied at school!
-Yes, that’s true – if you teach your child to be abusive to them these children from same sex families will get bullied – by your children! But if you teach your children tolerance, respect, and acceptance, the children you say you care about will have a much easier childhood growing up. So it’s up to you what childhood these children will face. As they, just as you, didn’t choose their parents, did they?

If Mr. Bigot was true to his faith, if he was true to his Bible, if he was true to his words, he wouldn’t accept anything else but what the Bible tells and teaches. That, no matter who you are, no matter what you are, no matter where you’re from, no matter the color of your skin, no matter your gender, no matter your sexual orientation, he would show you love, respect and acceptance. But Mr. Bigot has chosen not to.

He carefully selects who to show respect and acceptance. Doing so he is just another homophobic narrow minded Catholic bigot who shows tremendous arrogance, massive stupidity, and beliefs, as he must consider himself superior and of better breed than the rest of us.

As the head of an educational institution, he has the major responsibility for creating children, and later adults, who are taught the opposite of what the modern developed world learns and lives by. The mature and educated part of the world now evolves into a world where respect, tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion are strong values lived by.

This is what the world will offer our children in the future. As the CEO of an educational institution, he should be well aware of this. He should adopt his schools education to these facts in order to prepare his students for a future where these values are accepted, respected, and honored. But Mr. Bigot and Opus Dei has chosen not to.

As a believer in a book written almost 2000 years ago and believing in its religion, he has chosen to stay in the ignorance age of time. This is the same time and age as when the Catholic Church he belongs to argued that the Earth was flat, that the stars seen at night were holes in the blanket of night showing glimpses of the heavenly lights. It was the time when women where burned alive for witchcraft and exorcism was considered a science.

This is the time Mr. Bigot belongs to. He belongs to The Middle Ages when religious ignorance was the leading star. Sadly, his students are the ones that will suffer from his choices later in life as they will meet a modern world that severely differ from the one his schools have taught them. Mr. Bigot is the manager of a school of the past, but his students will live their lives in the future. It just doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense.

There is no war to win, Mr. Bigot.
The conflict that you see doesn’t exist. It’s not there. Gay people have no interest in making others gay since they are well aware of the ridiculousness of the task you propose upon them. The only interest they have is for you and the rest of us to accept and respect them for what they are. Humans.
They are as human as the rest of us with the same human rights as the ones you and I take for granted. The human rights you so intensively want to take away from them, as if they were not human.

All they want is for us to respect them as the men and women, as the humans, they are. We don’t have to like what homosexuals do when they are alone with their partner. Just as they don’t have to like what you or I do in the same situation with our wives. All you and I need to do is to accept them without judgment. That’s all.

As I said in the beginning of this open letter; I learned a lot during my two years at your school. For that I thank you. I learned that you represent the Christian version of Islam. I learned that there is very little difference between your values and ISIS of Islam. I learned that you and Opus Dei are the Taliban’s of Christianity.

And I learned other good things too. I learned what I am not. I learned what I don’t want to be or become. I learned what I refuse to accept. Thank you for the lessons given, sir. During my time as your employee I enjoyed learning for life and I honestly appreciate the lessons given. For that I thank you, for that I salute you.

I strongly disagree with you and your values, but nevertheless I salute you for giving me the opportunity to learn for life. The lessons given were great and I will carry them close to me heart for as long as I live.

Furthermore, I want you to know that I fully support your decision letting me go, of firing me. It was, without a doubt, the right decision for your school. It was not the right decision for you students, but it was the right decision for your school in order to sustain ignorance, bigotry, and the belief that there is such a thing as a God.

Last but not least, the obvious conclusion of this letter is that homosexuals have no interest in what you do in your bedroom with your wife, Mr. Bigot. But as you have shown interest in what they do during their private sexual acts and activities, that, undoubtedly, makes YOU the pervert – not them.

You and your peers are simple stupidly small minded homophobic bigots. As the homophobes you are, you are either dumb – or secretly scared that dicks are delicious. And I think that the latter is closer to the truth than the prior. You are just scared that cocks are delightful, appetizing and delicious.

Some are born homosexuals. Get over it.

I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

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