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The Freethinker

Posted in Religion with tags , , , , , on November 22, 2015 by Boris Ekner

A freethinker cannot be religious. The religious can not be freethinkers.

The Catholic religion is similar to the totalitarian cult of DPRK, i.e. North Korea. Both worship a human being as if he is a God. They follow him as if his words is law, not questioning a single syllable of what they are told. In DPRK it’s Kim Jung Eun. In the Vatican it’s The Roman Catholic Pope. Their peers are so similar it’s terrifying to observe.

In DPRK as well as within the Catholic Church the indoctrination is done from the early ages of childhood. Within the Taliban’s of the Catholic Church, i.e. Opus Dei, it’s even worse.

The goal for DPRK as well as for the Roman Catholic Church is to control peoples minds, and both are very successful. DPRK within its borders, The Roman Catholic Church within Latin America. It’s literary horrifying for an outsider to observe!

A person who has been politically or religiously indoctrinated from childhood will never be a freethinker without a strong effort of becoming one. The freethinker needs to break free from the rest of society and its values, and most can’t. It’s so frightening they rather stay the way they are. Change is scary…

Religion should be considered xxx-rated, just like porn movies, for anyone under the age of 18 as it creates closed prejudiced narrow minded people who can not produce a free liberal thought.

Religion Poisons Everything – by Christopher Hitchens. Read it! Free your mind from political or religious indoctrination! Free your mind!

Religion Is A Lie

Posted in Religion with tags , , on November 18, 2015 by Boris Ekner

It is man made

– Religious indoctrination is one of the worst forms of child abuse.

– As a religious person you can feel anyway you like. You have no right imposing your feelings on the rest of us.

– No God ever wiped out a disease. Science did.

– Religions start wars. Religious views and values in combination with politics creates terrorists. Atheists don’t.

– Are you not clever enough to understand science? Try religion instead.

– If God created everything he created me as an atheist.

– Throw logic, reason, common sense, science, curiosity, intelligence, and knowledge overboard and say: God did it, it was God’s will.

– I’m as much an atheist as you are. I have just omitted one more religion than you. Yours.


– God is said to have created everything. Why did he create more than 5000 religions? Why not just one?

– There are more than 5000 religions and you probably just believe in one of them. Why is it that your religion is the best one, the right one, the true one, and why not any of the others?

– A toddler doesn’t believe in God because it doesn’t need one. A toddler believes in mom!

– Everyone is born an atheist. Religion is taught during childhood through indoctrination. That is severe child abuse.

– Some say God can do anything.
– Ask him to say Hello.

– Political leaders that believe in God are as ignorant as a stupid person in a mental institution.

– If the Devil is the opposite of God he must hate slavery, murder, child abuse, sexism, and rape and that makes him pretty decent in my point of view.

– Faith is believing without evidence, throwing reason and logic overboard.

– If you don’t question your beliefs you will never know if you believe in the truth or if you believe in a lie.

– If you want good people to do wicked things you have to turn to religion.

– Lighthouses are more useful than churches.
– Some religions tells you that AIDS is bad – but not as bad as condoms!
– “I have read the Bible. That gives me a distinct advantage over the ones who believe in it.”
Edwin Kegan.

⁃ If religion is doing so tremendously good for everyone why is it the religious who are prone to violence and not the atheists?

– Prostitution is far more common in religious countries than in less religious ones. It makes me wonder what good religion really is… Religion teaches men that it’s acceptable to use another person for personal pleasure. It. Is. Not.

Men who visits prostitutes are cunts. Cunts!

– It takes faith to believe in bullshit.

⁃ Why is it that religious countries has more prostitutes than less religious ones?

⁃ You are not better than anyone else because you think you have a God on your side. You are actually worse.

– Proving that God exists by the use of the Bible is like proving that Spiderman exists using a comic magazine.

⁃ I am a human being. I am not a sheep. Therefore God cannot be my shepherd.

⁃ The Bible teaches us that God created the Universe. So he now has a whole massive universe to attend to – but he focuses his attention to what humans do, especially when they are naked!

⁃ If you tell me there is a God and I question your claim, it is your task to scientifically prove to me that you’re right and I’m wrong. The burden of proof is yours, not mine.

⁃ God, who created universe, wrote nothing about it in the Bible. Why?

⁃ Religious people believe in fairy tales, as children believe in Santa Claus, the Little Red Riding Hood, or the Tooth Fairy. I have grown passed that stage of life.

⁃ The fact that a human being has to tell you about the existence of God proves that there is no God.

⁃ More people have probably died from religious wars than from cancer. Yet we are only looking for the cure of cancer. Isn’t it about time we start looking for the cure of religion too?

⁃ I have read enough of the Bible to understand it’s a man made, fake, story.

⁃ All religions are the same. It’s guilt with different holidays.
-Richard Dawkins.

⁃ If you believe in eternity, then life is irrelevant.
-Dr. House

⁃ Christianity is the biggest religion on earth. It is presented in about 41’000 variations. If that isn’t proof enough for you to understand that religion is a man made fiction and fake I don’t know what is.

⁃ If you’re a woman against a sisters choice to have an abortion your not a sister.
⁃ If you’re a man against a woman’s choice of having an abortion you’re not a man.

In both cases you’re a fucking cunt.

⁃ If I knew what bad was going to happen I would do anything in my power to stop it. That’s the difference between your God and me.

– Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.
— Isaac Asimov

– If heaven exists as a glorious place after we die – why is it that so few are in a hurry to get there?

– If your religion is worth dying for – please start with yourself.

– If your God has a plan for everyone – why are so many religious people against abortion? Isn’t abortion too a part of Gods Divine plan?

– Religion is based on faith. Faith is gullibility. Without gullibility there’s no religion.

– If God was real faith would be replaced by fact – which contradicts the factual essence of faith.

This means that if God was real there would be no religion as one can not have faith in facts.

– Religion has the ability to give you an excuse for not thinking.

– If God exists and prayers work – why do religious people visit a doctor when sick?

– If you’re a person who believes sexual orientation is a choice you’re stupid, an imbecile, a fool, an idiot, uneducated, this makes you – a moron.

– To have faith in a religion is to admit that you are an ignorant fool. In its essence, it’s stupidity.

– The fact that a human being tells you about life after death proves that there is no such thing as s/he has no personal experience of it.

– I prefer people with minds open by wonder than people with minds closed by belief.

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”
― Christopher Hitchens

Religious child abuse
– What if your neighbor told you; There’s a diamond in my backyard at the size of a fridge and me and my family are out there digging for it every Sunday! It’s so much fun digging together and it really bonds us together as a family. Please come and join us! Would you join him in his digging?

⁃ According to Christianity if Adolf Hitler would have asked for forgiveness he would now be in Heaven and his Jewish victims would be in Hell. What kind of fucked up retard religion is that!?

– A doctor who believes in a religion and in a God doesn’t understand his own subject, his own profession, as s/he doesn’t understand biology. On an intellectual level that’s a disgrace. In plain English – such a doctor is nothing but utterly stupid.
⁃ People questioning your religion doesn’t make you feel stupid. You do it yourself when you add religion to the human mind. The critics only shows you. So there’s no reason to get angry with the questioner when they tell you what they see in you.

– According to the Christian Bible the ones who are not Christians will not go to heaven when they die. They will go to Hell to burn in pain forever. They were born into the wrong religion and for that they will burn in Hell…! But a serial killer, or a serial rapist, can ask for forgiveness and will be granted a ticket to Heaven! This is what the Bible teaches you to believe in.

– Going to church is a waste of time. Instead of going to church praying for a better world – start making a difference in the world you live in! Make your kids better people than you are! Make your environment cleaner so your kids have a place to live in, and not become the last generation on the planet. Make your country better than it is now, for the future of your children. Prayers don’t work. Religion is useless. Make a fucking difference – for your kids to be proud of. So they become proud of you!

⁃ Crime rates are higher in religious countries than in less religious ones – because religion teaches you to be a selfish, non-respectful dick. Don’t believe me? Look at the number of religious convicts incarcerated in the US. A vast majority are Christians and Catholics. The number of convicted atheists are less than 1%.

Religion is a good way to learn how to be a hefty thief according to statistical facts.



⁃ If your God has a plan for everyone and sees everything but doesn’t stop a rapist, or a man that beats his wife and children, or a murderer, or a disaster that hurts and kills innocent people, or refuses to feed the hungry, it’s not a good God.

⁃ Children explore the world they live in out of pure innocent curiosity.
A majority of religious people have stopped being curious as they believe they have found the answers to everything in a book written thousand of years ago. A book that doesn’t mention electricity, airplanes, or computers. Isn’t that strange?

– Some adults believe in religion and says they have faith. That’s no different than a child believing in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. It’s ok when you’re a child. But if you still confess to believe in tales when you’re an adult it’s about time you grow up.

⁃ If heaven is such a paradise then why are people of faith never in a hurry too go there? “If you believe that death leads to eternal bliss then why are you wearing a seat belt? Cause you just don’t know!!” -Doug Stanhope

⁃ Telling me that I have to accept and respect the religion and religious influence now that I live in a religious country is like telling a black person s/he has to accept Klu Klux Klan or a Jew to accept Nazis.
– Fucking hell no, I won’t do it!

– Recipe on how to remain a stupid fool:
Keep religion close to your heart.
Refuse and neglect all scientific discoveries.
Refuse, ignore, and discard, everything that might prove your God and Bible is fake and false.

– Sometimes when I hear criticism to my posts on religion I realize why there are shoes with Velcro straps for adults… It reminds me to never underestimate stupid people in large groups.


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