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The origin of Easter

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It’s Easter. A religious event celebrated like no one else here in GT. There are processions where people dress up in purple carrying huge floats to show their commitment and suffering to Jesus.

“Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Her symbols (like the egg and bunny) were and still are fertility and sex symbols (or did you actually think eggs and bunnies had anything to do with the resurrection?) After Constantine decided to Christianize the Empire, Easter was changed to represent Jesus. But at its roots, Easter (which is how you pronounce Ishtar) is all about celebrating fertility and sex.”
Christianity is a man made product by the Roman Emperor Constantine. The Bible was not written by God, nor was it narrated by Him.
Christianity was invented by a Roman Emperor as he understood that it would be a great instrument to strengthen his power and control over his people. This makes it no different than North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun of today.
Christianity has borrowed a lot from the Assyrian and Babylonian religions and it is all about worshipping its Roman emperor and as such it is a cult of fear and painful death.
Religion makes you fear authorities. Religion makes you create a limited mind.
Religion makes you stupid and scared.
On an philosophical level religion is an outright insult to the human intellect.
Life itself, the fact that you and I are among the few living here, is far more amazing and worth wore shipping than any religion ever can be. Keep in mind that most people are never born at all but you and I was. That’s far more worth worshipping than any death cult of pain.

Big egos and Machos

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In general Guatemalans are selfish as no-one else you have ever met. For years this has interested me. Why is this? Where does it come from? Why is it accepted?

During the last months I think I have found the answers…

Driving a car is the only moment when you interact with your fellow citizens. It’s a good indicator of what kind of people you have around you.

Driving in Guatemala is a rare and scary experience. Rare in the sense that you better watch out so you don’t get hit by another car. They hardly respect when you turn on your indicators. Many actually speed up in order to block your effort, block you from changing lane!

It’s all about ego and passive aggressiveness.

In general Guatemalans have such big egos they hardly fit in their cars. That’s why they get offended with such ease. Egos bigger than the person are nothing but fucking cunts.

I had one of those dicks only centimeters from crashing into my car today as I was going straight across an intersection and he had the idea he was going to pass I front of me. That’s just one example of how big egos these cunts have. I see them everyday. Cunts.

These small people with egos bigger than their dicks show their ugly faces everyday. That’s why they drive like assholes. That’s why they are so easily “offended”. That’s why they are extremely abusive when they have the smallest opportunity. That’s why they find such interest in guns and firearms. That’s why they are selfish bastards never caring for anyone else. That’s why they drop the door they just passed through in your face.

It’s selfish people with egos bigger than the Eifeltower within people who in reality are as small as they are short and tiny.

They should be made fun of, they should be bullied, they should be laughed at at such an extent that they learn to appreciate humbleness, kindness, and a friendly gesture.

So where does this bad attitude come from?

In my opinion it comes from a macho culture strongly influenced by the catholic religion.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that man was made in Gods image and that woman was created in the image of man. Furthermore it teaches that men and women always can ask for forgiveness whenever doing wrong. This means that they are given the opportunity of not being responsible of their own actions. On top of that it teaches that men supersede women and children just out of gender!

It teaches that men are always right – just because they are men. It teaches that men are better than women. It teaches that men have greater value than men. It teaches that men are better than women just because they have a penis.

If you are a woman who supports this macho penis endorsement culture you are a part of the problem.

These men are taught from childhood by their parents that they are better than girls. They have been petronized and bullied as children by their fathers who thinks that is what is required to become a strong man. These fathers could not be more wrong.

These fathers teachings creates an insecure child who learns that in order to appear strong they have to inflate their personality by being a dick, an asshole, a bigot, a bully, i.e. a macho.

If you as a father teach your son that it is all OK to cry, it is all OK to like girls toys and dolls, it is all OK to be loving, caring, and compassionate, you will tech your son what a strong man really is. A strong man stands up for what he knows is right. He stands up against violence, bullies, and bigotry.

if you are a father reading this – read your son good bedtime stories every evening. (No Disney crap bull shit stories. Read your child the ones you would have liked to have heard as a child.) Get him close to you as you read. Hug him while reading. Let your son fall asleep in your arms. Kiss him good night when you leave.

Show you child that you respect his/her mom’s opinions. Show your child that you are not the only one in charge of your family. Show your child that as parents you are mutually responsible and are working together as a team. Show your child that you respect your child’s mother, show your child that it is very important to you that you express your love to his/her mother as well as you show it to your child.

Men, women, and  children are equals. We are all humans. That makes us equals and no one is better than the other. We are equals.

Show your child love and s/he will learn compassion, understanding, love, and forgiveness. A boy who learns this will grow up to be a man.

A boy who doesn’t learn this will grow up to be a macho cunt.

It is all about showing your child how to show love and respect.

The choice is yours…

This is what You Are What You Eat look like

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If you eat this

This is what you are going to look like when you get old

If you eat this

This is what you are going to look like when you get old

If you eat this

This is what you are going to look like when you get old

It is never too late to change. It is never too late to do what’s best for your body and its genes. 

Do you want to be attractive when old or do you want to be so bat shit ugly your sexlife only takes place in memories from your youth? The choice is all yours. 

One last thing…

Fat men have extremely low levels of testosterone as a consequence of their overweight. So low that they can’t get an erection. Fat people develops diabetes, which is another reason for severe erectile dysfunctions. 

In conclusion; fat people can’t/don’t fuck. 

Isn’t eating animals just great…? *irony*

As said, your choice…

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