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In Limbo

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Mankind knows better

According to the Catholic Church a conceived egg is a human being. According to the same beliefs the soul of a non-baptized child will not go to Heaven.

Let’s, for a moment, accept this as the truth, as it raises a few interesting questions.

If a fetus is a human being – why are there no funeral ceremonies for the miscarriage ones, nor for the ones aborted?

If a fetus is a human being – why are there no post mortem baptizing?

If a fetus is a human being – when does it get its soul, i.e. the soul that is supposed to go to Heaven?

According to the Vatican the soul of the deceased unborn fetus, and therefore not baptized child, will not go to Heaven nor to Hell. According to the Vatican the soul ends up in-between the two. It’s called In Limbo.

So what happens to the soul in limbo?
-Several committees of the Roman Catholic Church, the RCC, has put their minds together on this subject. The RCC therefore suggest that they hope that God will show mercy on these innocent souls and let them enter Heaven anyway. Hope? Don’t they know!? The Pope is God’s vicar on Earth – if anyone, shouldn’t he know!?

There are about 7 billion people on our planet today. 1.2 billion of them are Catholics, 5.8 billion of them are not. If we enlarge the question raised, we soon realize that all and every person who isn’t baptized Catholic will face the same Catholic destiny. Everyone who is not baptized Catholic will go to Hell. Everyone!

This means that Hell should be a much larger place than Heaven as most of us has committed Catholic mortal sins during our lifetime. Many of us have eaten shrimp, worn clothes of mixed materials, slept next to our wife during her period, committed gluttony, touched the skin of a dead pig, worn jewelry, masturbated, have had a divorce, or have a tattoo. These are considered mortal sins and will grant us to Hell in our afterlife. If the RCC is right, the possibility that we meet our loved ones in an overpopulated Hell is far greater than meeting them in Heaven.

And as you understand, the in limbo area between Heaven and Hell must be equally overpopulated of the souls of the non-baptized fetuses from all over the world.

Today mankind knows better than this. You are all smarter than this.
The above clearly shows the inconsistency of religion and that they all are obsolete. It proves that they are manmade. It proves that there is no justification for religion anymore.

It proves that it is time to move on away from religion, into reason, knowledge, and scientific proven facts.

It proves that religion is nothing but an insult to the human intellect.

We are better than this.

The Vatican

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