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What happens…

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There is an explanation to the religious mindset. -It has a very limited access to thought.

What happens in the mind of a person who believes? What happens in the minds of a population who believes?

Several criteria have to be fulfilled by the believer.

  1. Accepting that there is an imaginary power that only has your best in mind, but never tells you in advance what that is. -The same imaginary power that care for you does not give a damn about the hungry, sick, or poor. And that is OK.

Heaven2. Accepting that not understanding is OK and expected of you. -In order to comply to this criteria, you cannot ask questions, nor can you express any critical thinking at all.

3. Accepting that logic and reason, the core of all science, are the enemy of all faiths. –Science has proven religions wrong so many time we have lost count. Religion has never, not once, done the opposite.

4. Accepting that Jesus is the personification of God. -This means that God impregnated Maria, through rape, with himself. God then killed himself on the cross, only to resurrect three days later, went back to Heaven and sat down on his own right side. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

5. Accepting that an unknown uncommunicative and deaf-mute power is in charge of everything in your life. -This power gave you life and will also be the one taking it away from you one day. You don’t, however, know when or how that last moment will occur. This criteria plants fear of death in you and you are obligated to appreciate that fear as a good feat, and praise its existence. The entire idea is morbid.

Mental slavery 2
6. Accepting that other humans will obligate you to follow what they tell and teach. -I.e. accepting that they, as believers in the same imaginary deity as you, are better called to obligate you to comply to the religion than you are. If you neglect to do what they tell you will be severely punished.

7. Accept that there is a better place than Earth, called Heaven. A place so good you will never want to leave. –In Heaven you will live in peace and harmony. Here you are obligated to admire and praise your God, for eternity. However, you cannot leave if you after some time find this life with constant praise boring. Heaven, just as Hell, is a prison. The belief in an afterlife and Heaven is the admiration of a death cult. It is morbid.Hell

8. Accepting the concept of a Heaven or a Hell. If you are good while living Heaven awaits you. If you are bad while living, Hell will be your final destination. –However, if you’re the bad one you can always ask for forgiveness, and Heaven will be you granted.
This means that Hitler, Pol-Pot, rapists, child abusers, murderers, are in Heaven if they asked for forgiveness. But as my loving and friendly grandmother never was a believer she is in Hell together with most scientists who’s ever lived. Heaven or Hell, what bullshit death cult is this?Death cult

9. Accepting that you will be judged after your deity has put you to death. -No matter what you do while living, or say when dead, your forthcoming judgment will occur. No matter the judgment placed on you, you will either be forced to end up praising a God, or live in pain, for the rest of eternity. You have no third option; you cannot leave either of them. Believing in this is the wish to be an intellectual slave.

After death

10. Accepting the power of a whimsical dictatorship of whom you have no influence. -This dictatorship will punish you for your actions, for thinking the wrong thoughts, and for dreaming the wrong dreams while you sleep. This dictatorship demands full worship and control your thoughts, your mind, and your actions, at all times. It is the worship of a tyrant.

11. Accepting the above is the full enslavement of the human mind. It is the full opposite of physical and intellectual freedom. It is the full opposite of the freedom of thought for the human mind. Accepting the above is the worst that can be accomplished for the human intellect.Mental slavery

12. For women it is even worse than so far described. In all religions women are secondary. Men is the norm; men are the favored gender. -All religions have the same bottom line. It is to fully oppress women in order to grant men access to female genitals at all times to masturbate within. Any woman accepting and supporting this oppression is an enemy to her sisters and her own gender.

Accepting the above will, one way or the other, influence everything you do or think. It will create a state of mind that will not think freely, a mind that will accept whatever said, no matter how ridiculous or wrong it is.

It will create a gullible personality that will not form opinions. A mind that can be fooled into accepting and believing in whatever stupidity presented no matter how ridiculous or morally wrong it is.

When implemented on a population it will accomplish a state of full power to the ones in power. It is a great tool for full control of the human being.

In order to be successful with this destructive indoctrination and intellectual pollution religions have to engage in all the above at a very early age of man. Most successful are the religions who starts with infants as infants have not yet reached the age of reason.

Least successful are religions who try to implement their world views on adults. Here the success rate is so low it is almost invincible.

Woody Harelson

Religions are nothing but an insult to the human intelligence. Religion is chloroform in print.

Now, what happens to the person who decides to abandon the indoctrinated religion?

Religion is over

If the religion is Islam s/he might face the death penalty, as it is Islam’s consequence for apostasy. This does not exist in practiced Christianity.

No matter the religion abandoned, the intellectual freedom that follows for the apostate is often breathtakingly surprising. The mental freedom of not having a deaf-mute uncommunicative deity in charge is never more appreciated.

Absurdity of God

Apostasy is the total freedom of the human mind and intellect.


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Con algunos padres crecemos aprendiendo a ser y sentirnos aún más débiles que cuando nacimos. Este es el escenario clásico si tenemos padres comprometidos con una religión. Como resultado, aprenderemos a ser inseguros de nosotros mismos, de nuestras habilidades, de nuestras personalidades, como tales, nos volveremos inseguros y fácilmente ofendidos como adultos. Gracias a los padres seremos tan inseguros de nosotros mismos que tomaremos todo lo dicho personalmente, como crítica personal. Como no hemos aprendido a lidiar con la crítica personal, por nuestros padres, obtendremos emocionalmente afectados por ella y nos ofenderemos.

Offended 6

– ¿Cómo se siente eso, emocionalmente herido por palabras simples y sencillas, siendo emocionalmente afectado y herido por las palabras de la opinión o la crítica de otra persona?

– ¿Cómo se siente ser esa persona débil? ¿Cómo se siente ser ridículamente patético?

Con otros padres crecemos para ser una persona fuerte con una personalidad llena de confianza y autoestima. Una persona que se atreve a desafiarse a sí mismo, así como las normas de la sociedad, una persona que es valiente, una persona con una personalidad fuerte y una mente abierta. Una persona que está ansiosa por aprender, ansiosa por saber más y saber que se puede hacer. Esta es una persona que no toma la crítica personalmente, sino como una oportunidad para escuchar, pensar, evaluar y mejorar.

Offended 4 Mere words

No elegimos a nuestros padres. Pero elegimos  quien nos gusta ser.

Si eres el que se ofende – crecer y aprender a ser un adulto.

Siempre es la persona débil que se ofende, y en los ataques de defensa los más fuertes. Una persona fuerte no se ofende porque no tiene esa debilidad dentro.

Si usted se ofendido, usted tiene un problema de la imagen del usted mismo porque usted asume que todos y cada uno de los comentarios son personales y en contra de usted. Usted hace esto porque usted tiene una personalidad auto centrada e inflada que está a punto de dividirse – de meras palabras. Por eso te ofendes tan fácilmente.

Si usted es la persona fácilmente ofendida usted es probablemente, en algún nivel, un narcisista también. Porque sólo el narcisista tiene la auto imagen inflada.

Si piensas que los demás no pueden o no deben decir lo que quieren, en tu presencia, porque te afecta emocionalmente y ofendes, en realidad estás diciéndoles que, como no puedes controlar tus sentimientos, te les impones a ellos para controlar tus sentimientos. Usted les está diciendo que es su tarea mantenerte feliz. Eso está mal.

Offended 2 Stephen Fry

Diciendo a otros que usted se ofende es apenas un lloriqueo ingenuo. Ofenderse no es un argumento válido. Ofenderse no le da los derechos de cerrar a otras personas ya que tienen libertad de expresión. De hecho ofenderse es su consecuencia de su libertad de expresión.

Pero, ¿cuál es el resultado si callas a otros porque te ofendes tan fácil?
– Lo primero es hacer silencio. Tienes gente a tu alrededor que nunca te dirá la verdad, que nunca expresará opiniones, que nunca expresará afectos, sentimientos o pasiones.
– Lo segundo, usted conseguirá que cuando la gente te hablen, te dirá mentiras directamente a la cara sin  parpadear. Usted tendrá a gente alrededor de usted que es hipócrita, solo satisfacen sus sensaciones y el estado de tu mente. Eso es lo que obtienes, mentirosos e hipócritas tranquilos.

Ofenderse no es más que un sentimiento simple e inmaduro. Usarlo como un argumentes anunciar públicamente que usted es emocionalmente débil. Tienes falta de fuerza, falta de autocontrol, falta de autoestima, falta de personalidad y sufres de estupidez absoluta. Diciendo a otros que se ofende, es decirles que eres un idiota emocional.

Si usted se ofende fácilmente, usted no es un adulto. Todavía eres emocionalmente un niño que necesita aprender a lidiar con la edad adulta.

Tratar con él. – Crecer.

Offended 8
La ironía sarcástica es que sólo tarda unos 15 años en sobresalir en esta disciplina de victimización auto infligida. Todo lo que necesita para convertirse en un Maestro, son los padres que, durante su infancia, son reacios a mostrarle afecto, confianza, interés y amor honesto. Todo lo que necesita son padres reacios a demostrar que son importantes para ellos. Y si ellos critican y se burlan de ti en lugar de animarte y respetarte, vas a dominar esta disciplina incluso antes.

Como Maestro de esta disciplina podrás detectar un insulto mucho antes de que sea visto o hablado. Como el Maestro, será capaz de sospechar que todos hablan de usted detrás de su espalda. Con su maestría usted esperará a que todo sea ofensivo y Esperará que todos apunten y que  apunten a sus sentimientos sensibles. Como tal usted estará en alerta completa en todo momento, listo para ofenderse, dañado emocionalmente, y listo para demostrar su cólera, a veces cólera violenta.

Offended 10

Como Maestro de esta disciplina ahora pasarás el resto de tu vida como La Víctima Maestra. Una Víctima Maestra de los Sentimientos Perjudiciales.  Misión cumplida.

La solución de la realidad.
– Usted no es importante para todos y todos los demás. ¡El sol, o el mundo, no está evolucionando alrededor de usted!
– No todo lo que se dice es sobre ti. Francamente, usted no es en absoluto tan interesante para otras personas como usted cree que es.
– No tome todo lo que escucha de forma personal. Estás lejos de ser tan importante o interesante para otras personas.

Offended 1

Cuando te ofendes por las palabras de una persona, ¿quién está en control de tus sentimientos en ese momento?

– Sin duda no eres tu quien los está controlando. Y se pondrá peor para ti, si el infractor entiende esto y decide tomar ventaja de su debilidad. Al no permitir que las palabras ofensivas te hagan daño, las palabras ofensivas no pueden herirte, y no te ofenderás. En cambio, permanecerás en control de tus sentimientos

I don't have your feelings

Elige no ser herido. Elije no ser afectado, tranquilo y feliz. ¡Sonríele a tu ofensor y que él/ella sepan que él/ella es un tonto, un idiota, un fracasado negligente, y aléjate. Es decir. No dejes que las palabras hirientes entrar en la piel y defender por sí mismo.

No dejes que las palabras dolorosas entren en tu piel. No permitas que las palabras duras te afecten. Es tan fácil como eso.

– Pruébalo, prueba que estoy equivocado.
… y mientras lo haces, crece.

Este es el comediante Steve Hughes sobre el tema.


Ahora, para mi público religioso, vamos a hacer una prueba de cuatro etapas, un ejercicio …

La religión es como tener un pene.
-Está bien tener uno.
-Está bien estar orgulloso de tener uno.
-Está bien disfrutar de tener uno.
Pero no está bien sacarlo de sus pantalones en público, darle la vuelta o meterlo en la garganta de otro sin preguntar primero.

La Iglesia Católica es la asociación legal más grande del mundo para los pedófilos.

La Madre Teresa adoraba más el dolor que la fe. Esto significa que no ayudó a sus pacientes enfermos. Porque cuanto más era el dolor, más cercano a Dios vinieron. Eso hace a madre Teresa una perra, un culo religioso.

Todas las religiones tienen el mismo trasfondo. Subyugar a la mujer con fin de que los hombres tengan acceso sexual y poder. Masturbarse dentro de ellas cada vez que lo consideren conveniente.
– Las religiones son para los hombres obsesionados sexualmente.

Si esto no te ofendió, bien echo!!!
Si, si te ofende – léelo despacio otro par de veces esta vez con tu mente y tu cuerpo en el mismo lugar, idiota!!

Offended 9

Getting offended

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With some parents we grow up learning to be and feel even weaker than when we where born. This is the classic scenario if we have parents committed to a religion. As a result, we will learn to be insecure of ourselves, our abilities, our personalities, as such we will become insecure and easily offended as adults. Thanks to parents we will be so insecure of ourselves we will take everything said personally, as personal critique. As we have not learned to deal with personal criticism, by our parents, we will get emotionally effected by it and get offended.

Offended 6

– How does that feel, getting emotionally hurt by plain and simple words, getting emotionally affected and hurt by the words of another person’s opinion or criticism?

– How does it feel to be that weak a person? How does it feel to be that ridiculously pathetic?

With other parents we grow up to be a strong person with a personality full of confidence and self esteem. A person who dares to challenge him/her self as well as the norms of society, a person who is brave, a person with a strong personality and an open reflective mind. A person who is eager to learn, eager to know more, and know it can be done. This is a person who doesn’t take criticism personally but rather as an opportunity to listen, think, evaluate, and improve.

Offended 4 Mere words

We don’t choose our parents. But we do choose who we like to be.

If you’re the one who gets offended – grow up and learn to be an adult.

It is always the weak person who gets offended, and in defense attacks the stronger. A strong person doesn’t get offended because s/he doesn’t have that weakness within.

If you get offended, you have a self image problem because you assume any and all comments are personal and said to hurt you. You do this because you have an inflated self centered personality that is about to break apart – from mere words. That is why you get offended so easily.

If you are the easily offended person you are probably, at some level, a narcissist as well. Because only the narcissist has the bloated self image.

If you think others cannot/should not say what they want, in your presence, because you get emotionally hurt and offended, you are actually telling them that, as you cannot control your feelings, you impose, outsource, the control to them. You are telling them it is their task to keep you happy. That is wrong.

Offended 2 Stephen Fry

Telling others that you get offended is just naive whining.

-Getting offended is not a valid argument.

-Getting offended does not give you the rights to shut other people up as they have freedom of speech.

-Getting offended is your consequence of others right to freedom of speech.

But what is the result IF you silence others because you get offended so easy?
– First, you get silence. You get people around you that never will tell you the truth, that never will express opinions, that never will express affections, feelings, or passions.
– Second, you will get people that, when they speak up, will tell you lies straight to your face without blinking. You will get people around you who are hypocrites to please your feelings and state of mind. That’s what you get, quiet liars and hypocrites.

Getting offended is nothing but a simple, immature, feeling. Using it as an argument is to publicly announce you are emotionally weak and out of control. You have lack of strength, lack of self control, lack of self esteem, lack of personality, and you suffer from utter stupidity. Telling others you get offended is telling them you are an emotional idiot.

If you are the easily offended one, you’re not an adult. You are, emotionally, still a child who needs to learn to deal with adulthood.

Deal with it. – Grow up.

Offended 8

The sarcastic irony is that it merely takes about 15 years to excel in this discipline of self inflicted victimization. All you need to become a Master, are parents who, during your childhood, are reluctant to show you affection, trust, interest, and honest love. All you need are parents reluctant to show that you are important to them. And if they criticize and make fun of you rather than encourage and respect you, you will master this discipline even sooner.

As a Master of this discipline you will be able to detect an insult long before it is seen or spoken. As a Master you will be able to suspect everyone to talk about you behind your back. With your Master expertise you will suspect, and expect, everyone to be offensive. You will suspect and expect everyone to aim and target your pathetic sensitive feelings. As such you will be on full alert at all times, ready to get offended, emotionally hurt, and ready to show your anger, sometimes violent anger.

Offended 10

As Master of the discipline you will spend the rest of your life as The Master Victim. A life long Master Victim of Hurt Feelings. Mission accomplished.

The reality solution
– You are NOT important to all and everyone else. The sun, or the world, is not evolving around you!
– Not everything said is about you. Frankly, you are not at all as interesting to other people as you think you are.
– Don’t take everything you hear personally. You are far from that important or interesting to other people.

Offended 1

When you get offended by a persons words – who is in control of your feelings at that moment?
– Well, you are not. The offender is. And it will get worse for you, if the offender understands to take advantage of your weakness. By not allowing the offensive words to hurt you, the offensive words cannot hurt you, and you will not get offended. Instead you will remain in control of your feelings.

I don't have your feelings

Choose not to be hurt. Choose to be unaffected, calm, and happy. Smile! at your offender and let him/her know he/she is a jerk, an idiot, a neglectable moron, and walk away. I.e. don’t let the hurtful words get in under your skin and stand up for yourself.

Don’t allow the hard words effect you. It is just as easy as that.

-Give it a try, prove me wrong.
… and while you do it – you grow up.

This is comedian Steve Hughes on the subject.


Now, for my easily offended religious audience, lets make a four stage test, an exercise…

1. Religion is like having a penis.
-It is OK to have one.
-It is OK to be proud to have one.
-It is OK to enjoy having one.
But it is not OK to take it out of your pants in public, slam it to the table, wave it around, or shove it down someone else’s throat without asking first!

2. The Catholic Church is the world largest legal association of pedophiles.

3. Mother Therese worshipped pain more than faith. This means that she did not help her sick dying patients in pain. Because the more in pain they felt the closer to God they where. That makes Mother Therese a bitch, a cunt, a religiot asshole.

4. All religions have the same bottom line. To oppress women in order to grant men access to pussy at all times for men to masturbate within whenever they see fit. Religions are for the sexually obsessed men.


If you didn’t get offended
-Well done!
If you got offended
-Start over, read again – from the beginning. This time with you brain connected to you body, you idiot.

Offended 9


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Cuanto más religioso es un país, más fuerte es la oposición a las relaciones del mismo sexo. Como siempre, es la iglesia la que impide que las sociedades avancen.

Sex MattersSexo es importa, y su opinion también!

Es la religión y las creencias religiosas lo que hace que la gente juzgue y condene lo que se ve como anormal. Es la ignorancia religiosa la que limita las mentes de sus compañeros para conducir y ejecutar el pensamiento crítico.

La una población menos religiosa es mejor para la gente, mejor para el país, mejor para los que son un poco diferentes del resto, la corriente principal.

La homosexualidad es una elección.
-¿Cuándo eligió su sexualidad y su preferencia sexual? La orientación sexual no es una opción. Se nos da, tal como se nos dio. Si usted todavía piensa que la orientación sexual es una opción, haga un experimento personal – elija ser homosexual por un día, o solamente por una hora. Si la orientación sexual es una opción, puede hacerlo. Pero no puede, ¿verdad? Porque no es una elección.

Happy men
La homosexualidad no es normal.
-Defina Normal. ¿Cómo sabe lo que es normal? ¿Cómo sabe que tu amor y tu sexo son normales? ¿Has tenido a alguien revise o juzgue  tu amor y tu actividad sexual? ¿Ha tenido un amigo, un hermano, una hermana, una madre, un padre, un sacerdote que le viera cuando tiene relaciones sexuales y que esa persona le juzga y defina su versión del sexo y relaciones sexuales como normal? Nunca lo echo, verdad? Su normal no es lo mismo para todos los demás.

No pueden tener hijos.
-Sí pueden. El óvulo de cualquier mujer puede ser fertilizado por cualquier esperma humano. Los óvulos humanos y los espermatozoides no tienen orientación sexual.

Church sex statue 1
La homosexualidad es contra la voluntad de Dios.
-Para que este argumento sea válido tiene que probar que Dios existe, porque sólo entonces se puede saber que es contra o a favor de su voluntad. Hasta el momento, no hay prueba de que Dios existe, por lo tanto, no puede estar en contra de la voluntad de Dios.

-De acuerdo con la Biblia, Dios es omnipotente y omnisciente. Además, Dios creó a la humanidad a Su imagen. Esto significa que Dios creó a los homosexuales también – a Su imagen. Y significa que si usted está en contra de los homosexuales usted está en contra de la voluntad de Dios.

A Jesús no le gustan los homosexuales.
-Lea su Biblia. Jesús nunca dijo nada acerca de los homosexuales.

La homosexualidad es un pecado.
-Sólo es un pecado si puede probar la existencia de Dios. Además, el pecado no puede ser realizado por un no creyente.

Los homosexuales irán al infierno.
– Sólo puede ir al Infierno si creen que hay tal lugar.

Dos hombres, o dos mujeres, que tienen sexo entre ellos es algo asqueroso.
-Entonces está interesado en lo que otras personas hacen cuando tienen relaciones sexuales, ¿verdad? Si es así, USTED es el pervertido, no los homosexuales.

Confíe en mí, si usted demuestra interés en la vida sexual de mi esposa y mía, es mejor que esté listo para la realidad porque usted es un maldito pervertido!

Homo+s goes to hell
Los hombres homosexuales no son hombres reales.
-Se joder a otros hombres! Es lo suficientemente hombre para acostarse con otros hombres? No, no es así, ¿lo es?

La homosexualidad es una amenaza para los valores familiares tradicionales.
-Si este argumento es correcto y válido, por favor dígame de qué manera las relaciones heterosexuales están promoviendo los valores tradicionales. ¿Es la manera en que los heterosexuales tienen relaciones sexuales?

-De ser así;  ya que no tiene idea de cómo es mi vida privada con mi esposa, ¿cómo sería nuestra vida sexual la promoción de sus valores familiares tradicionales?

¿Qué es lo que mi esposa y yo hacemos EN PRIVADO (!) que promueve sus valores familiares tradicionales? ¿Es la posición durante el coito completo, o son las actividades sexuales antes del coito? Sea específico en su respuesta …

La actividad homosexual o heterosexual de otros pueblos no tiene ningún efecto en su vida, ni en la mía. Así como su heterosexualidad, o la mía, no tiene ningún efecto sobre la vida de los homosexuales.

No tienes gusto, ni aprobar, lo que otros hacen en privado. Pero no tiene derecho a juzgarla.

Wedding rings 2
Si usted es contra de la homosexualidad usted es uno de dos grupos:
-Tiene miedo de que las partes íntimas de tu propio género sean deliciosas o tiene miedo de lo que desconoce y no entiende. En ambos casos es un imbécil e ignorante idiota.

Porque usted no tiene derecho a tener, juzgar o expresar, una opinión sobre la sexualidad de otras personas, preferencias sexuales u orientación sexual, siempre y cuando el acto sexual esté dentro de la ley. Lo que otras personas hacen cuando tienen relaciones sexuales no es de su incumbencia. ¡Las relaciones sexuales son privadas! Así que cierre la boca y haz que actúes juntos y actué con sensatez, porque eres un imbécil sexualmente pervertido, un homófobo irrespetuoso.

Thumbs up

La homosexualidad no tiene que ver con el sexo. Se trata de amor. Sí, es un amor diferente – pero todavía es amor. Por lo tanto, los homosexuales deben tener los mismos derechos con respecto al matrimonio que cualquier otra persona.

 Porque el matrimonio es sobre el amor – no sus fantasías sexuales personales o perversiones.
El amor y el matrimonio son un derecho humano, como se afirma claramente en la Declaración de los Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas. Léalo. Aprenda de él  ¡Respételo!

I am...
La gente se enamora. Las personas tienen relaciones sexuales y tienen mucho sexo todo el tiempo. ¡Consiga un poco! ¡No es de tu incumbencia! El sexo hace que la gente sea amable, cariñosa, cuidando unos de otros. Cuanto más tenga, mejor será. Tener más sexo, es bueno para usted! Le hace una mejor persona.



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The more religious a country is the stronger the opposition to same sex relationships. As always it is the church that prevents societies from moving forward. It is religion and religious beliefs that makes people judgmental and condemning what they see as abnormal. It is religious ignorance that limits the minds of their peers to conduct and execute critical thinking.

Catholic sex statue 1
The less religious a population is the better for the people, the better for the country, the better for the ones who are a little different from the rest, the mainstream.

Sex Matters
Homosexuality is a choice.
-When did you chose your sexuality and sexual preference? If sexual preference is a choice so must the choice of parents, country of birth, or gender, be too. But you didn’t make those choices, did you?

Sexual orientation is not a choice. It is given to us, just as it was given to you. If you still think sexual orientation is a choice, make a personal experiment – chose to be homosexual for a day, or only for an hour. If sexual orientation is a choice you can do it. But you can’t, can you? Because it isn’t a choice.

Homosexuality is not normal.
-Define Normal. How do you know what is normal? How do you know that your love and your sex is normal? Have you had anyone review your love and your sexual activity? Have you had a friend, brother, sister, mother, father, priest, looking at you when you have had sex and did that person judge and define your version of sex and intercourse as normal? You never did, did you? Your normal isn’t the same normal for everyone else.

Happy men

Homosexuality cannot produce an offspring!

-Yes they can. Any female’s egg can be fertilized by any human sperm. Human eggs and sperms have no sexual orientation.

Homosexuality is an abomination, it is against the will of God.

-For this argument to be valid you first have to prove that God exist, because only then can it be against his will. So far, there is no proof that God exist, therefore it cannot be against Gods will.

-According to the Bible, God is omnipotent and omniscient. Furthermore, God created mankind in His image. This means that God created the homosexuals as well – in His image. And it means that if you are against homosexuals you are against the will of God.

Wedding rings 2

-Read your Bible. Jesus never said anything about homosexuals.

Church sex statue 1
Homosexuality is a sin. 
-It is only a sin if you can prove Gods existence. Furthermore, sin can not be performed by a non-believer.

Homosexuals will go to Hell. 
-You can only go to Hell if you believe there is such a place.

Homo+s goes to hell
Two men, or two women, having sex is disgusting. 
-So you are interested in what other people do when they have sex, are you? If yes, YOU are the pervert, not the homosexuals. Trust me, if you show interest in the sex life of my wife and me you better prepare for a slap in your face! Damn pervert!

Homosexual men are not real men.
-They fuck other men! Are you man enough to fuck other men? No, you aren’t, are you?

Homosexuality is a threat to traditional family values.
-If this argument is right and valid, please tell me in what way the heterosexual relationships are promoting traditional values. Is it the way the heterosexuals have sex?
-If yes; as you have no idea of my private life with my wife, how is my sex life promoting traditional family values?

What is it that my wife and I do IN PRIVATE(!) that promotes your traditional family values? Is it the position during full intercourse, or is it the sexual activities before the intercourse? Please be specific in your response…

Other peoples homo- or heterosexual activity has no effect on your life. Just as your heterosexuality has no effect on the life of the homosexuals.

You don’t have to like, nor approve, what others do in private. But you have no right to judge it.

If you are against homosexuality you are one of these two:

-You are either afraid that dicks are delicious or you are afraid of what you don’t know, nor understand. In both cases you are an imbecile ignorant asshole.

Thumbs up
Because you are in no right to have, judge or express, any opinion on other people’s sexuality, sexual preferences, or sexual orientation, as long as the sexual act is within the law. What other people do when having sex is non of your business, because it is private! So shut the fuck up and get your act together, you sexually perverted imbecile and disrespectful homophobe.

Homosexuality is not about sex. It is about love. Yes, it is a different kind of love – but it is still love. Therefore, homosexuals should have the same rights regarding marriage as any other person. Because marriage is about love – not your sexual fantasies or religiot perversions. 

Love and marriage is a human right as it is clearly stated in United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights. Read it. Learn it. Respect it!

I am...
People fall in love. People have sex, and they have a lot of sex all the time. Get over it. It is non of your business! Sex makes people friendly, loving, caring, for one another. The more sex you have the better person you will be.

Fuck more, not less, it’s good for you! It makes you a better person.

This scares the shit out of me

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In a special interest forum that I’m a member of, a husband lets us know that his wife just got diagnosed with cancer. (FYI, cancer is light years from the special interest of the forums normal conversation.)

The husband then continues his post by asking for prayers for his wife’s recovery. And the positive responses to his request are massive! 

-I’ll pray for you.
-We will pray for your wife. 
-Prayers sent.
-God bless your family!
…and it just goes on and on in the same manner!

Except from two replies, there is not a single one offering the husband help and assistance. (I offered him knowledge on the effect of sugar on cancer cells, another offered him knowledge of alternative medicine for curing cancer.)

This scares the shit out of me!

Prayers 4
Now let us, for a second, agree that prayers work…

As God is omnipotent, i.e. all powerful, God is the one who gave her cancer in the very first place. And asking, in prayers, for Gods assistance for her healthy recovery is the same as asking the omniscient, all knowing, God to change his mind. 

Prayer 6
This leads to the conclusion that IF God do change his mind regarding the wife’s cancer he would not be omniscient, which means that he, by definition, cannot be a God. 

Studies shows that prayers are effective around 50% of the time. This means that the chance that the prayers for the wife’s positive recovery – due to prayers sent – is around 50%. Furthermore, it means that the husbands requested prayers only will give him false hope!  

There is no proof what so ever that prayers work. On the contrary, strong proof exist that prayers are counterproductive.

Prayers 9
A study on the effects of prayers contained three groups of sick people in a hospital.
-One group knew they had people praying for their healthy recovery.
-One group didn’t know people prayed for their healthy recovery, but people did.
-One group did not have people praying for their healthy recovery and had no knowledge about it.

Statistics showed that the group NOT prayed for did the best.

The group that did the worst was the one that knew people prayed for them. Probable cause; psychological stress from knowing that people prayed for them.

Prayers are useless. Prayers can add stress to a person’s troubled situation and make it even worse. Prayers are statistically proven not to be answered.

Prayers are proven to be self inflicted indoctrination of hope.

– God doesn’t give a shit about the one prayed for, nor the pleas included, because the man made God is non-existent. –

Prayers 13
Praying is the psychological placebo for people who will do absolutely nothing to help you.

We are hungry!
Prayers 11
Why isn’t your God listening to your prayers?
Why isn’t your God saving our precious lives?
-Could it be that your God is man made, fake, false, phony, and doesn’t exist?

If your God listen your prayers, why are children like we starving to death?

Religious people scare the shit out of me!

Prayers 14

This is what you got and why

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Regarding United States First Village Idiot that goes by the name of Trump, this is what you got and why.

I like Donald Trump because …
Donald Trump is the stupid man’s idea of a smart man. He is the poor man’s idea of a rich man. He is the ignorant man’s idea of an educated man. He is the weak man’s idea of a strong man. 


However, facts show that he has made 4 bankruptcies. He’s one of the rare, if not the only, casino owner who has gone bust. So did Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump University, Trump Game, and many other of his business venues. He didn’t write his book The Art Of The Deal, he hired a ghost writer to do it for him. His name is Tony Schwartz.

Trumps business model is to scam and sue every contractor he can. He is well known for not paying his bills on time. When he finally does pay he is equally known for not paying according to contract. Some have gone bankrupt because of dealing with Trump. Successful? Not in a million years.

If Donald Trump had invested his father’s inheritance in an average hedge fund on the NYSE, he would have had more than 12 times the money today than he is estimated to actually have. Successful and smart? Not in a million years.

But facts are not of Trumps interests. As the narcissist he is, facts doesn’t matter to him. His narcissistic personality disorder feeds and strives of the attention from others. He can’t survive without it.

Whatever “facts” Trump present they all have the same intent, to get as much attention as possible, because attention is his drug. If he’s telling the truth or is telling a lie doesn’t matter to him. Because as long as he gets the attention he so desperately feeds from he will say anything. Anything.


He is addicted to constant praise and confirmation from others. It’s his drug. This is why he uses Twitter so much, because Twitter provides instant gratifications. (Twitter has published a review on Trumps followers. Twitter estimates that >50% of his registered followers are ghost accounts, i.e. fake accounts.)

Furthermore, this is the reason he continues blaming main stream media, MSM, for providing “fake news”.

1st. This gives him the attention he so desperately look for. He is constantly in the news. Sadly he makes a fool of himself time and time again. He doesn’t understand how to use this attention to his benefit.

2nd. His constant fake-news-blaming of MSM is an attempt to control what journalists write and say about him. Trump is not a friend of a free press. He doesn’t realize that the free press is the #1 controlling entity in a democracy. A free press is the third power in any democratic country. Attacks on the free press is an attack on the core of a country. But as so many times before, he is unable to comprehend what a democracy literary is.

Trump is a simple minded person and that’s why he prefers Fox News, Breitbart, as well as listening/watching Alex Jones Infowars radio/TV shows a lot. Trump just isn’t smart enough to understand complicated topics. His simple mind cannot digest the information that goes with complicated topics.

His White House staff confirms he favors simplicity. He doesn’t like to read memos longer than one page, and on that single page he prefers pictures and simple charts to text. 
He has a well confirmed short attention span of 10-15 minutes per topic … but if his name appears frequently in the text his attention span expands…!

Trump supporters
Facts are not to be understood by Trump supporters because they think of facts as something they can believe in. (Belief is to be convinced something is true without evidence thereof.) Trump supporters don’t understand the concept, nor the definition, of facts. This is why his supporters find excuses to every outrageous statement and action by Trump. They just don’t understand.

Trumps press secretary Kellyann Conway came up with the idea of “alternative facts”. From her perspective alternative facts means that the Earth can be flat, the moon landing never happened, that the sun rotates around the Earth, and climate change is a Chinese hoax. As long as she believes it is true – it is true.


If Trumpsters don’t believe that 1+1=2 but 3, 3 is their truth because they believe it is. This is, too, the reason uneducated people believe in a God. They believe God exists, therefore God must exist. And it was among these fools Trump found the lion part of his supporters. The same people are also the ones that got hit the hardest in recent years, when US manufacturing moved abroad. No job, no income, not enough education to get a new job, no future but poverty to look forward to. This is the foundation of Trumps supporters. It is a large group of people that regard beliefs to be facts.

When beliefs conquer facts any country is on a definite decline in all and every aspect. USA is no different. What I fear is happening now is the beginning of the end of USA as the greatest nation on Earth. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, time will tell if I am.

When you have a population like this to extract your political leaders from, Donald Trump is what you get. All countries politicians are a reflection of its population. USA is no different. We get what we pay for…

In plain and frank English – 1 out of 3 Trump supporters are just as dumb as the other two. 

But it’s not their fault.

It’s lack of education, as well as lack of understanding the benefits of higher education and applied critical thinking on every topic.

Trump is what a country gets when education has to be paid for individually from a ridiculously low minimum wage. In this case we got garbage. You got what you paid for…

All countries with a tax supported educational system for everyone has a higher educational level than the general US students and adults. You all get what you pay for…

This is the solitary reason Trump didn’t make it to the Forbes Top 50 List of the worlds most influential people.
-He’s just too plain dumb. He’s educationally dumb at an unprecedented level for a person holding his position. You get what you pay for…

If a deal looks too good to be true – it always is too good to be true. Trump is no different.

On a personal level Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and compulsory liar, without any moral guidelines, and he is severely suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

2017-06-15 11.19.28

Here DPRK serves as a good example. He has no plan. None! He has no idea what to do in order to stabilize the situation. He has no clue what to expect from China, nor what to tell South Korea, Taiwan or Japan on the subject. Because as long as it doesn’t affect his ratings (!) he’s not interested, nor does he understand enough, to give a rat’s crap about it. He doesn’t even understand that he doesn’t understand.

Because if he did understand, at least he would Google for it. But he doesn’t Google for more information and knowledge, because he suffers severely from the Dunning-Kruger syndrome; he already knows everything there is to know, and he knows the topic/-s better than anyone else.
He confirmed this when he talked about the Bible, and ISIS. He said he knows the Bible better than any one else. This means that he knows the Bible better than the theologians – but he couldn’t remember a single passage from the Bible when asked.

He said he knows more about ISIS than the generals. But his military experience is none. He lied about a foot injury to dodge draft during the Vietnam war – but he couldn’t remember what is was about the foot when asked about it.
He couldn’t rate his priorities regarding the nuclear triad when asked about it. Instead he turned his answer into a Sarah Palin word salad of nonsense about his hotels.

2017-06-15 05.50.36

When Trump doesn’t know the answer to a question his recipe is to confidently change the subject answering something that wasn’t even asked about. As long as journalists let him do this he will continue doing it, because what better way to avoid being revealed as an ignorant fool than to circumvent the heart of the topic? 

Attention seeker
Attention is the reason he tweets every morning from ~3-5. He doesn’t understand, nor does he care about, the effects and consequences his tweets have. Countless are the times his tweets have contradicted statements made by his staff or government policies. He doesn’t understand that his tweets have consequences because he’s a victim of the Dunning-Kruger disorder. He is truly convinced he is the best – and what else should we expect from a man who’s lived his entire life in a golden bubble of yay-sayers?


More on Trump and the Dunning-Kruger effect here:

He is a product of his stupidly ignorant environment. He’s no better than the local village idiot. However, Trumps village is vertical and bares his name over the entrance. And his wife Melania, his children, Donald J:r, Erick, and Ivanka, are no different. They too are products of the same bubble of ignorance, self proclaimed success, and artificially inflated higher level of intelligence. Ivanka might be a grain smarter than her male relatives, but on the other hand, they outperform her with miles if not light years…

Donald Trump is by far the stupidest president the US has ever elected. He is the #1 village idiot of NYC and USA. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace to his entire country, its history and its proud legacy.

After Donald Trump took office the US reputation ratings among all major countries has fallen drastically. Only one country shows the opposite – Russia. Western allies and close friends of USA have very little trust and faith in Donald Trump. And for very good reasons. Donald Trump has shown time and time again he cannot be trusted. He says whatever comes to his mind, whatever pleases the ones listening to him. He’s a proven compulsory liar.

2017-06-13 21.20.41

What I’ve said here is just the tip of the iceberg. Donald Trump is a sad personality and from the bottom of my heart I wish I am all wrong about him. Sadly, so far, I’ve been right on every assumption I’ve had regarding Trump, his government, and his supporters.

We now have to learn to cope with his stupidity for as long as he’s in office. All we can do, while waiting for his last day, is enjoying the numerous comedy shows on him and keep our fingers crossed he doesn’t start World War III.

2017-06-15 05.58.43

As I have some interest in behavioral psychology I have to say, to Trumps defense, that I have rarely found such an interesting personality in any one single person as I find his.

He is
A Dunning-Kruger victim

As a consequence of the above he has developed into a bloated attention seeker as well as
Self centered

That’s pretty much in one single person…! If anything you have to admit it is impressive. 😂

But, as said at the top of this article, I have to admit I like the despicable little piece of shit called Donald Trump, because he makes me feel like I’m intelligent – even though I know I am not. 

Boris Ekner

To Trump

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