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Narcissism, religion, and food

Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2017 by Boris Ekner

Is there a connection between narcissism, religion, and food?

I’m about to argue there is…

The full grown narcissist always manages to turn any topic to be about themselves. They always refer to themselves when an opinion is expressed. They rely more on feelings, than on facts. They are experts making themselves the victim of the actions of others. They never see, nor understand, how their own actions affects others. They never apologize, never show remorse or regret. They stick to their lies even though facts are presented.

The full grown narcissist show no empathy, no compassion, no sympathy. In the view of the narcissist people are to be used. When people are no longer if any use to them people are thrown out.

Narcissists are notoriously unfaithful because to them a relationship is only useful as long as the sex is good. Narcissists consider a partner a trophy of good accomplishments. Adult narcissists have an emotional life of a toddler, but in the body of an adult. Adult full grown narcissists are relationship tyrants.

It’s all about Me, I, and Myself – all the time.

The wet dream of a narcissist is a group of people that are totally obedient, non-questioning, non-thinking, non-criticizing. Religion demands all of this and is therefore the perfect tool for the narcissist to reach that total control.

Here we might find the answer to why Donald Trump suddenly express religious beliefs…

Narcissism isn’t inherited. It is taught – by parents. It is taught by parents neglecting their child. It is taught by parents not teaching their children how to handle emotions. Some parents teach their children that food is a good medicine when the feelings are too strong, too present. These children often grow up as overweight, and ultimately become obese adults. This means that being overweight is also a learned behavior. Because curing strong feelings with food is.

We all have narcissism within us, to some extent. It’s a natural trait for survival. But as we grow older we learn that this selfish behavior isn’t acceptable. We learn that from parents, or should learn that from parents, I might say.

Being aware of our own personal level of narcissism is good as the knowledge can help and assist us to become better people.

How much a narcissist are you?

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