A woman’s value

Sexual predators flock within all religions. No religion is better than any other on this subject. Some, like the evangelicals, are obviously worse, though.

It is the evangelicals that throw the Purity Balls for their young girls. This is the event when the young girl promise her father to stay a pure, clean, virgin, until marriage. The purity of her genitals is her value.

This is the ceremony where her father becomes the protector of her vagina. This means that the condition of her private parts are held at the highest importance.

This means that she is taught that sex is filthy, the ceremony cements that sex is a sinful act, and it reduces her value as a human being to only be the bearer of her genitals. This religious custom reduces her to nothing but a pussy.

The purity ceremony is unique for the evangelicals. But its purpose is not.

All religions have the same bottom line. It is to oppress women in order to grant men access to female genitalia to masturbate within whenever a male see fit.

It is religion that teaches men that a woman’s purpose in life is for male pleasure only. That is her value. Religion teaches men that women are nothing but a vagina for male self-pleasure, i.e. a woman is barely a piece of cunt to jerk off within.



This disgusting view on women will not end until women and fellow men stand up and fight this appalling view on women. Only then a change will emerge.

Religion makes people wicked, weird, and outright nuts! It is religion that creates religiots. The linked article below is just one example of many of what religion does to people. It is just one example of predatory men legitimizing access to genitalia of underage girls.


Furthermore, in a wider perspective, the article is a clear example of what the religiot right in USA stand for. This is the same religiot right that is the core of the Republican Party, the GOP. It is the same religiot right that is supported by Fox News. It is the same religiot right that many Catholics confess to. It is the same religiot right that Opus Dei is the core and heart of. It is the same religiot right that supports fascism within their religious faith as well as a fully developed political instrument.

There are no words strong enough for these religiots. They are as disgustingly appalling as any excrements any living body produce.



It exceeds the capacity of my intelligence how any woman can support this disgusting religiot view on her fellow sisters.

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