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Don’t be fooled

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2018 by Boris Ekner

Don’t be fooled by his humble appearance.

This man is the head of a fascist organization hiding inside a religion. He is the world’s main protector of child molesting rapists and pedophiles.

-He represents nothing to worship, nothing to respect, nothing to admire.

Under his devine, gold plated and polished, varnish hides a man who accuses sex abuse victims of responsibility and guilt for being used, abused, and raped. Under his varnish hides a man who give sovereign protection to sexual criminals and crimes. Under his varnish hides a man who pays hush money to victims but neglects assisting in getting his pedophile clergymen convicted in a court of law.

This man is nothing but a despicable human piece of shit – and so are you if you support him or his church.

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