APDE/Opus Dei & Solalto


…is a Catholic school organization under the supervision of Opus Dei, which is the fascist religious right, the fundamentalists, of the Roman Catholic Church active in Guatemala.

As an employee of this organization, I learned a lot. During two years I was an English teacher at the boy’s school called Solalto, in Guatemala City. It was a very educational experience. I learned a lot.

I learned what the moral values of my tiny religious belief were worth. And I can tell you that the moral values the Catholic’s provided contradicted everything I stand for regarding human decency. Meaning that the moral values of the Catholic teachings the school provided me were contradicting the core of everything I hold decent and sacred.

  • An amusing moment was when we as teachers were obligated to attend moral lessons on marriage. Amusing, because our teacher was a Catholic priest, i.e. a person living in celibacy. The irony of the situation was a laughing matter…

Mayor lessons learned was that the students of the school were prone to become arrogant, religiously indoctrinated, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, and outright fascist. Furthermore, they became intellectually violent, rude, and extremely judgmental regarding anything contradicting what the school had taught them. All this was the result of years of religious and moral indoctrination provided by the school and its religion.



But even more serious is that I am utterly convinced that schools like the ones APDE supervise provide future victims for sexual predators within the Roman Catholic Church to pray on. Many of these children become so indoctrinated by the school and its clergymen that they evolve into perfect victims for the sexual molesters within the Roman Catholic Church.

-This means that if you are a parent who considers having your child attending an APDE school, I suggest you continue reading. Because I do not dare to phantom that you want your child to be molested or raped by anyone, right?

Now, it must be said that I saw nothing that confirms my suspicions. However, looking back at the students I had, I would not be surprised if some of them later became victims of sexual assaults by the clergymen the school provided. The reasons for my suspicions are presented extensively below.


Facts on hand
The Roman Catholic Church has had a worldwide and centuries-long issue with child molesters and pedophiles. These are not isolated events, not at all. It is a worldwide internal problem wherever the Catholic Church has representation. It is proven to occur in India, Myanmar, Indonesia, across Asia, all over Europe, Africa, as well as in North- Central-, and South America. No matter where the Catholic Church has representation – sexual assaults of children occur to an extent no other religious organization have ever experienced.

You have access to the internet. Google for it – and prove me wrong.

APDE and their schools in Guatemala are not safe from suspicions, and should therefore not be expected any better than any other Catholic institution.
From my point of view, Catholic schools educate their students to become victims of sexual assault later in life. If that is what you want for your child, please stop reading now.

APDE and Opus Dei is the Christian version of Islam’s Wahhabism, which is the fascist, fundamentalist, branch of Islam. This is the branch the Taliban’s, Al Qaida, and ISIS, commit to. There’s no difference between Opus Dei and Wahhabism. They are the same, as both indoctrinate children to become vicious evil religious warriors. Sexual assaults of children is a consequence of the indoctrination in both religions.

However, if you want your child to be raised to become a good, caring, loving, appreciative, human being, APDE & Opus Dei is not the place for your child.

You are the parent – you choose what you want for your child…

The Pennsylvania Report is the result of a two-year long investigation revealing more than 300 priests long time sexual misconducts, assaults, rapes of more than 1000 children within the Catholic Church of Pennsylvania for more than 50 years.


It is a devastating document spanning across 877 pages.

Despite all the facts in the report, despite all the worldwide news outlets telling about it, none of my friends have uttered a single syllable about it.

Either they haven’t because they haven’t heard about it, or they have decided to do what their church has done for centuries – remain quiet in order to protect the church and the perpetrators instead of the victims.


The report cements the fact that the Roman Catholic Church, RCC, is the worlds largest pedophile ring providing sexual perpetrators a haven for their sexual perversions. And it is done with the memory and granted protection of the RCC in the Vatican, i.e. the Pope himself.

The Roman Catholic Church is as bad as the worst of religions, i.e. Islam and the Saudi Arabian version of it, which is called the Wahhabism. FYI; Wahhabism is the branch of Islam practiced by the Taliban’s and ISIS.

The RCC Pope has acted on the Pennsylvania Report saying that the church has to act upon it. Time will tell if their actions are good enough. Looking into the past, I doubt it.


Anyone supporting the RCC is an accomplice in the crimes of these clergymen. Anyone visiting the sermons, the churches, the services – is an accomplice.

The sexual atrocities of RCC clergymen have been known for decades. Yet the RCC peers are not acting upon the known information.

– Are you not acting on the subject because you’re a sexual pervert too?

  • Are you not acting on the subject because you want to protect the organization?
  • Are you not acting on the subject because you find sexual assault and rape embarrassing?

Why are you still Catholic?


The Report can be downloaded here:


Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is not isolated events.


Quit, you’re complicit!


A church in denial.


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