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Probably the most evil of all

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The Pennsylvania Attorney General Report on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church took two years finalize and tells, in great detail, about how more than 300 clergymen raped abused more than 1000 children over a time of more than 70 years. The investigating team are certain there are thousands more victims of this organized sexual abuse of innocent children.

Not once have I read that the Roman Catholic Church has turned a suspected pedophile over to the judicial authorities. Let that sink in … Take as much time as you need.

The Washington Post

The New York Times

The full, 1356 page, report:


Office of Pennsylvania AG
In the wake of the 884 pages long report I have searched, found, and collected, sustainable evidence supporting the following statement:

The Roman Catholic Church, the RCC, is a criminal organization saturated of sexual child abuse never before known to, nor seen by, mankind. 

The crimes against the youngsters of mankind, that the leaders of the RCC organization is responsible of, is now proven to go back more than 70 years if not far longer. These crimes are NOT isolated incidents. They are proven to have been systematic and, as such, are the core of this religious organization.

Child of Christ

Just as Islam is a fascist political movement hiding inside a religion, the Roman Catholic Church is a pedophile organization hiding inside another religion. It is the religion of pedophilia where members, clergymen, and high officials, have preyed on the youngest of mankind for sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

These men raped, sexually tortured, the most innocent mankind has to offer. These men abused the most vulnerable of mankind for their own perverted sexual pleasures. These men tortured children using their genitals as weapons and tools of physical and irreparable emotional pain.

– Hurting children is the pinnacle of how evil man can be, and this perverted religion is now proven to have done it systematically for more than 70 years in Pennsylvania.

Fear 1

Where was God while innocent children were sexually tortured, raped? Where was the Almighty Deity who is said to care for our children while His divine clergymen were grooming and fondling genitals and/or intimate body parts, as well as penetrated them of the vagina, mouth, or anus? Where was God when these children were crying, praying to Him for help, while sexually tortured by his clergymen? Why didn’t the omnipotent God stop it?
– Could it be because God doesn’t exist at any other location than as a ghost in the minds of the believer?

Pope Resign

Other states within USA, as well as other countries like France, Britain, and countries in Asia, are know following suit to the Pennsylvania Report and their discoveries will not be any better, as shown in a recently leaked report from Germany.

“If you think Pennsylvania was bad, wait until you get to New York and New Jersey.” Pennsylvania is not an anomaly. It is the norm.

Everywhere the Catholic Church have representation, sexual abuse occurs. Everywhere.

The Roman Catholic Church, and the Vatican state, is not a sovereign country with a religion but a religion with a country. It is a fascist perverted and corrupt organization that protects and encourages criminals using every means available. they systematically have avoided public exposure on the subject, they have obstructed law and order, they have paid more than 4 billion dollars in hush payments, they have systematically reassigned alleged sexual perpetrators to other parishes. They have, systematically, and still is, providing protection for higher officials utilizing the diplomatic status the Vatican offers as a protective armor against prosecution and trial.


Sexual abuse, and offering protection to other pedophiles, is the reason Pope Ratzenberger resigned. He is now protected against international prosecution by the current Pope Francis. Meaning that as long as Ratzenberger doesn’t leave the Vatican, where he lives, he will stay safe from facing responsibility for his crimes. By granting Ratzenberger this protection the Pope Francis is just as bad, just as evil, as any of his clergy pedophiles as well as his predecessors.

These men, who supposedly are appointed by God, have molested, raped, and sexually tortured young innocent children for decades and no one has, due to their power, dared to stop them. The Roman Catholic Church is no different than any other evil religion we know. They are only better at hiding it from the public because, in general, sexual activities are conducted in private. -This immoral behavior and violation of law is now over and I sincerely hope that we soon will see the end of this religion of sexual perverts as well as the state that protects them.

Sexual abuse is a crime, rape is a crime, sexual torture is a crime, no matter the age of the victim. Sexual abuse, rape, and sexual torture, of children is an even worse crime. No matter who or what the criminal is, criminals belongs in jail.

Preist in chackles

Know that if you visit the sermons of this criminal organization, you support their crimes and criminal activities. You are an accomplice, a partner in crime. You are just as evil as the raping pedophiles.

-Without exaggeration, the Roman Catholic Church is the most long lived evil organization ever known to mankind.

– Why are there still Catholics? –

-¿por qué todavía hay católicos?



Download the Pennsylvania Attorney General Report here:




Here are links to news articles on sexual abuse within the RCC from around the world.

More states now follow suit on the Pennsylvania Attorney General Report

Brooklyn Diocese Pays $27.5 Million to Settle 4 Sex Abuse Cases

“Cuando contamos los abusos las represalias fueron terroríficas”

From Germany: A leaked new study showed that 1,670 clergymen in Germany committed some form of sexual attack against 3,677 minors between 1946 and 2014. In Spanish.

Archbishop claims he didn’t know it is a crime:

The pope claims it was the devil who made adult men rape children:

From June, 2017: Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police.

“Priest allegedly said ‘Please God forgive me’ as he was raping 13-year-old girl.” -As God didn’t stop it from happening, I assume God forgave him, right?

Chile Church scandal: ‘How I escaped the priest who abused me for decades’. This is about how the victim escaped the sexual abuse of Fernando Karadima, El Bosque, Chile.Netflix has a movie made from his story.

More than a hundred, not 42.

A full investigation and handing over criminals to justice is the only way forward.

New Jersey sexual abuse hotline overwhelmed by callers.

BBC Mundo en Español

From Chile, en Español

From The Netherlands; 20 of 39 clergymen were abusers or protected them.

Bishop blames gays for the rape of children.

The Pope now says he sides with the victims of sexual abuse. That is a change of interest from him.


From OCTOBER 3, 2014
Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 child porn files. He later died from a heart attack.

Catholic Bishops In Australia Reject Mandatory Reporting Of Child Sex Abuse

Catholic Cardinal Says Sexual Abuse Victims Should Be “Ashamed”

He actually said he didn’t know it was a crime!


Why are there still Catholics?
-¿por qué todavía hay católicos?



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