The Roman Catholic Church is a criminal organization

Here follows a list of links to international news articles regarding the sexual abuse crimes within the Roman Catholic Church. The links have been collected since the Pennsylvania Report was published.

It is beyond doubt evident that the Roman Catholic Church is a criminal organization of sexual abuse of an unprecedented scale. It is equally evident that the Pope has provided pedophiles protection from legal prosecution, and this makes him an accomplice, which is a crime. Pope Francis is a criminal. 

“If you think Pennsylvania was bad, wait until you get to New York and New Jersey.”

Pennsylvania is not an anomaly. It’s the norm.

More states follow suit on the Pennsylvania Attorney General Report:

Download the Pennsylvania Attorney General Report here:

Pedophiles given shelter

Pope Francis knew but did nothing.

Buffalo is no different.

Mother Theresa – The angel from Hell.

Next in line – Catholic perverts in Poland. 

Polish abuse scandal: Victims take on the Catholic Church

You can’t treat pedophiles. 

NY Times – Institute Of Living

Yet another pervert charged.

Do not report sexual abuse

When the mental illness gone beyond repair

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys raped by priests at ‘satanic parties’

Pope Francis Issues Church Law For Sex Abuse to Be Reported—But Not to Police

The Roman Catholic Church is an insult to mankind.

The Pope forgives

Nuns too.

Benedict blames the sexual revolution

Not much have changed. The Catholic Church is still a fascist organization.

Poland’s Catholic Church: 382 priests abused 625 minors

‘Take him away, please’

George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia

Listen to the victims, not the church.

The RCC should turn every suspect over to law enforcement for investigation and let law enforcement decide wether or not to prosecute. As the pope himself has actively participated in the cover up and protection of these criminals he should volunteer as the first in line. 

Pope Francis compares child sex abuse to human sacrifice

Pope Francis vows action on clergy sex abuse but US prosecutors say church can’t be trusted to police itself

Bishops should have to answer for botched sex abuses cases: Senior church officials

Two Catholic cardinals say ‘homosexuality’ is to blame for sexual abuse committed by priests – not the clerics themselves

This religion has outlived itself. Its leaders are acting like the one trying to duct tape a leaking, now sinking, ship. 

– It’s beyond salvation, let it sink.

RCC’s secret guidelines when gathering a child

‘This is the next big thing for the church’: Women claim they were sexually abused by evil, rapist NUNS who they say outnumber pedophile priests

Catholic Clergymen live in celibacy. Some argue that this is the reason for the massive sexual abuse. Others, even less educated, argue it’s all the gays within the RCC that rape, as if homosexuality is the cause. According to this article, both are wrong.

‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out  

Evangelicals and it’s purity…

More Than 100 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse Are Named by Brooklyn Catholic Diocese

Investigation identifies 500 Catholic priests and clergy accused of sex abuse in Illinois

Nearly 300 priests and clergy in Texas accused of sex abuse over decades

The Roman Catholic Curch is an institution of sexual abuse.

The abortion hypocrisy when clergymen has nuns as sex slaves.

Pope Acknowledges Nuns Were Sexually Abused by Priests and Bishops

“Many spoke of an unspoken code of the “closet”, with one rule of thumb being that the more homophobic a cleric was, the more likely he was to be gay.”

The religion of hypocrisy…

The pontiff protects clergymen rapists but is arrogant enough to judge who others are or fall in love with. This man is a natural born asshole.

From 2014: Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 child porn files

RCC UK denies victims payments

Pope acknowledge sexual abuse

Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery

Pope Francis confirms priests’ abuse of nuns included “sexual slavery”

@Pontifex Protecting criminals from justice is a felony. This makes you a criminal, just as your fellow clergymen. Criminals belong in jail, just as you do. 

Illinois Diocese Didn’t Investigate 500 Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse.

Top Vatican Official Investigating Sex Abuse Resigns After Being Accused Of Sex Abuse

Here we go again. 

If McDonalds deliberately covered up intentional food poisoning of children – would you still support them by eating there? 

– Probably not, right?

That said, why are there still Catholics?

Texas Dioceses Name 286 Catholic Leaders Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

Nuns raped in India.

From 2018

Vatican: It was consensual

Chicago, Illinois 

Illinois Diocese Didn’t Investigate 500 Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse.

Nuns of the Roman Catholic Church abuse/rape children too. 

The RCC is the worlds main organization for perverts, and the best covering up the crimes of its clergymen. That makes the RCC an accomplice, which is a crime as well.

Selling children isn’t what saints do, but Mother Theresa did just that.

This is what we get when protecting the church is more important than caring for the abused/raped children. Cardinal Timothy Dolan is the perfect example of how morally wicked religious people can become, and it confirms that turning to religion to become a better person is like turning to cigarettes to avoid cancer.

Pope blames devil

Blaming women

U.S. Justice Dept. Launches Probe into Catholic Church’s Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Baptist rape

Religious ministers and school teachers were the most commonly reported perpetrators. The greatest number were in Catholic institutions.

The five-year inquiry found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in Australian institutions.

Medieval dreams

NY Bishop Claims Age of Consent Should be 7 Years Old

Catholic Bishop: Secularism And Birth Control Is To Blame For Pedophile Priests

Catholic Archbishop Says Pedophilia Is ‘Spiritual Encounter With G-d’

Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children Forgiven by Church

The San Bernardino Diocese releases a list of priests accused of child sex abuse

One million dollar investigation

Cardinal Says Sexual Abuse Victims Should Be “Ashamed” Of Themselves

Brooklyn Diocese Pays $27.5 Million to Settle 4 Sex Abuse Cases

Pope Francis says Catholic Church sex abuse scandal shouldn’t be judged by today’s standards because everyone used to cover up crimes

US Conference of Catholic Bishops vs Women – criminalizing miscarriages and abortion.

Secret files suggest Catholic bishop shielded alleged ‘predator priests’ from the public

No one is safe from the predators of the Catholic Church. Not even the deaf/mute!

The Catholic Church Ran a Child Pornography Ring in Pittsburgh

“Cuando contamos los abusos las represalias fueron terroríficas”

From Germany: A leaked new study showed that 1,670 clergymen in Germany committed some form of sexual attack against 3,677 minors between 1946 and 2014. In Spanish:

-¿por qué todavía hay católicos?

Archbishop claims he didn’t know it is a crime:

The pope claims it was the devil who made adult men rape children:

-I claim that the Catholic Church is the most long lived evil organization on Earth.

From June, 2017: Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police.

“Priest allegedly said ‘Please God forgive me’ as he was raping 13-year-old girl.” -As God didn’t stop it from happening, I assume God forgave him, right?

Chile Church scandal: ‘How I escaped the priest who abused me for decades’. This is about how the victim escaped the sexual abuse of Fernando Karadima, El Bosque, Chile.Netflix has a movie made from his story.

More than a hundred, not 42.

A full investigation and handing over criminals to justice is the only way forward.

New Jersey sexual abuse hotline overwhelmed by callers.

BBC Mundo en Español

From Chile, en Español

From The Netherlands; 20 of 39 clergymen were abusers or protected them.

Bishop blames gays for the rape of children.

The Pope now says he sides with the victims of sexual abuse. That is a change of interest from him.

From OCTOBER 3, 2014

Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 child porn files. He later died from a heart attack.

Catholic Bishops In Australia Reject Mandatory Reporting Of Child Sex Abuse

Catholic Cardinal Says Sexual Abuse Victims Should Be “Ashamed”

He actually said he didn’t know it was a crime!

From July 13, 2017 – Raping children is religious freedom for pedophile priests.

It wasn’t a crime in the 70’s

Why are there still catholics?

Women Sexually Abused By Catholic Nuns Speak Up: She Told Me It Was ‘God’s Love’ | HuffPost

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