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This scares the shit out of me

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In a special interest forum that I’m a member of, a husband lets us know that his wife just got diagnosed with cancer. (FYI, cancer is light years from the special interest of the forums normal conversation.)

The husband then continues his post by asking for prayers for his wife’s recovery. And the positive responses to his request are massive! 

-I’ll pray for you.
-We will pray for your wife. 
-Prayers sent.
-God bless your family!
…and it just goes on and on in the same manner!

Except from two replies, there is not a single one offering the husband help and assistance. (I offered him knowledge on the effect of sugar on cancer cells, another offered him knowledge of alternative medicine for curing cancer.)

This scares the shit out of me!

Prayers 4
Now let us, for a second, agree that prayers work…

As God is omnipotent, i.e. all powerful, God is the one who gave her cancer in the very first place. And asking, in prayers, for Gods assistance for her healthy recovery is the same as asking the omniscient, all knowing, God to change his mind. 

Prayer 6
This leads to the conclusion that IF God do change his mind regarding the wife’s cancer he would not be omniscient, which means that he, by definition, cannot be a God. 

Studies shows that prayers are effective around 50% of the time. This means that the chance that the prayers for the wife’s positive recovery – due to prayers sent – is around 50%. Furthermore, it means that the husbands requested prayers only will give him false hope!  

There is no proof what so ever that prayers work. On the contrary, strong proof exist that prayers are counterproductive.

Prayers 9
A study on the effects of prayers contained three groups of sick people in a hospital.
-One group knew they had people praying for their healthy recovery.
-One group didn’t know people prayed for their healthy recovery, but people did.
-One group did not have people praying for their healthy recovery and had no knowledge about it.

Statistics showed that the group NOT prayed for did the best.

The group that did the worst was the one that knew people prayed for them. Probable cause; psychological stress from knowing that people prayed for them.

Prayers are useless. Prayers can add stress to a person’s troubled situation and make it even worse. Prayers are statistically proven not to be answered.

Prayers are proven to be self inflicted indoctrination of hope.

– God doesn’t give a shit about the one prayed for, nor the pleas included, because the man made God is non-existent. –

Prayers 13
Praying is the psychological placebo for people who will do absolutely nothing to help you.

We are hungry!
Prayers 11
Why isn’t your God listening to your prayers?
Why isn’t your God saving our precious lives?
-Could it be that your God is man made, fake, false, phony, and doesn’t exist?

If your God listen your prayers, why are children like we starving to death?

Religious people scare the shit out of me!

Prayers 14

Get Sick!

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Here’s the recipe to get sick when you reach your last 30 years of life left living:

Eat lots of meat products.

Eat lots of cheese and drink lots of milk.

Eat lots of processed food with ingredient labels that look like a chemistry lesson of which you don’t understand much of what they really are.

Eat lots of simple carbohydrates that turn into sugar within 15 minutes so you feed your future cancer cells as well as you can.

Eat lots of cheap fast foods and drink a lot of sugary sodas that all turn into body fat within a few minutes so you annual increase of body fat is at least a pound to five or more.


Drink lots of alcohol.

Avoid all natural macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and trace elements, in veggies and fruit, as if it was the plague. Don’t eat it!

Only move your body slowly at its minimum pace. Don’t exercise, don’t run, don’t take the stairs if there’s an elevator or escalator, don’t do anything that might require a higher heartbeat, sweat, heavy breathing, and using your muscles. Don’t do any heavy lifting. It build muscles and muscles burn calories and body fat. Whatever you do stay away from that! Muscles on men and women makes you look toned, fit, sexy, and strong. Fuck that shit!

Stay in bed and watch TV all the time, as much as possible.

Get a job that requires you to sit down at a desk 8 hours a day. Don’t move!

Do this for a lifetime and you’ll happily succeed in dying 15-20 years early as a very sick person with diabetes, (Men get impotent from diabetes. So no more fun sex with the wife or the husband from that point.) high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, and cancer.

Don’t learn anything, absolutely nothing, about nutrition, healthy foods, or how to get your body to perform at its best of its abilities at all times.

Don’t look for educational information on internet. That’s useless, it’s only the library of the world, and that can be rejected as pure nonsense and bullshit because it’s not published in a book made of paper.

And on top of that you’ll probably look like a fat pig that no one wants to see undressed, nor have sex with, unless they are drunk as a skunk…!

If you have children make sure to feed them the same as you eat, live the way you live, so they too can get obese and sick of diabetes at an early age. If you’re successful they might get fat and sick even sooner than you did. If you manage to give them diabetes early in life they will definitely die sooner than you, or at least you will shorten their life with at least 17 years. So there’s a success rate to aim for there! Get your tiny ones as sick as yourself as soon as possible.

Now, doesn’t that look like a great future for you, your kids, and your doctor?

…oh, and don’t forget to blame your genes for your lack of healthy luck as well. Healthy people are merely lucky. Good health has nothing to do with what you eat.

Just as lung cancer has nothing to do with smoking, right?

What food is best for cancer?

Doctors and God

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A doctor believing in a God has not spent much time thinking.
  1. S/He believes that God is the creator of everything, including the illness s/he is about to cure.
  2. S/He believes that God will help him/her to find the cure.
This means that the doctor believes that he is about to cure a disease that was created by God and now will be cured by the help of the same God. So why did the God create the illness in the first place?
If the doctor is believing in a God, i.e.  divine creation, s/he doesn’t understand biology – which is the core of his/her profession.

If that doesn’t make a person the laughing stock and joke of the week I don’t know what does.
Just to make it all clear and to avoid any misunderstandings – If you’re a doctor who believes in, and puts your professional skills in the hands of God you’re a stupid mother fucker who shouldn’t be trusted with anything of a higher value than a dime.

Science vs Religion vs Challenge

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