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The end of bullshit, lies, and conformity

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Public announcement

Unlike many religious people I’ve read large parts of the Bible. It wasn’t told to me.

– I fucking READ IT! –

The Bible taught me that God is a sexual predator, a male chauvinist, a rapist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a narcissist, a psychopath, a liar, an anti-intellectual, an oppressor, a dictator, a tyrant – just to mention a few.

Religion 1

The Bible taught me that God is nothing but an ignorant intolerant asshole and a punk. In the Bible God proves himself to be a detestable moronic idiot.

As many of his worshippers, over time, adopt to a lot of Gods traits they become as detestable and obnoxious as God himself. That’s why they own the definition Religiot.

Religion 7

These discoveries from reading the Bible naturally made me an anti-theist. Because I’m better than this evil and hostile character that the Bible presents.

Furthermore, religion changes people’s minds from open & curious at birth to closed & viciously suspicious when adult. It changes people’s minds from nice & friendly at birth to evil & hostile when adults. It changes people’s minds from tolerant, empathic, and magnanimous at birth to intolerant, hostile, and selfish as adults.

Religion 5

There is nothing good coming from religion, nothing good that cannot be accomplished without religious beliefs.

Of all the seriously religious people I’ve met, no one, not a single one of them, has benefitted from their beliefs. Many has managed to avoid becoming as bad and evil as the God they believe in, but some has turned out worse than their God. However, no one has turned out a better person thanks to their religious beliefs. None!

Religion 4

As a self inflicted therapy I’ve written several articles on the appalling absurdities of any and all religions. Most of them are published here:

I’m sick and tired of it.
I’ve had it with this religiot bullshit.
– I’m done with it.
I’m moving on to another topic that makes more sense in this sick and wicked world of ours. I’m moving away from arguing with worshippers of hate, death, destruction, and mental oppression of the freethinking mind.

Religion 2

I’m moving on to a topic, to an art form, that looks for love, life, nature, and its stunning beauty. I’m moving on to photography.

However, if anyone dares to expose me to this religiot junk again they better put on a verbally bullet proof vest or they won’t survive the 50 caliber bullets of words fired in their direction.

If the religiots could read my mind they would know to stay the hell away from me.

Religion 3

– THIS IS A WARNING – If you dare to challenge me with your religiot bullshit again I will verbally shoot you into smithereens.

If your heaven is better than your life on Earth – please do us the favor and go kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit!

Religion 6

– Meanwhile, I’ll stay here looking for the loving beauty of life, taking beautiful pictures of what the religiot cannot comprehend, nor appreciate. Pictures of our planet, our one and only Home that we call Earth. It is far more beautiful, far more fragile, far more admirable, than most understand.

I’m going to take some of those astounding pictures of our planets amazing beauty, and for the ones who cares I’ll share them with you!

Hummingbird on a balcony-8

Third world countries and the global warming

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The United Nations holds an environmental summit every year. At this moment it’s held in Doha, Qatar.

More info at:


In 2009 it was held in Copenhagen. The expectations were high but the US President Barrack Obama and China ruined it all together.

The amusing part of that summit was the current president of Guatemala (GT) Alvaro Colom. He came to the meeting with a staff of 150 people, bodyguards included. Bodyguards in Copenhagen?


Alvaro Colom demanded, argued, that the rich countries should pay countries like GT for the pollution and the global warming effects they cause.

With this in mind – take a step back and look into the country Colom represented.

GT is corrupt almost to bankruptcy. Government officials and city mayors steal all the money they can get their hands on. It has no environmental program what so ever in the country. Pollution from households, vehicles, and factories is severe. There’s no environmental awareness at all in his country and he wanted the rest of the world to pay GT for the effects of the global warming!?

I can’t get it out of my head what the fool was thinking…  But I admit his arguments made me laugh, though.

In Latin America the environment and global warming issue is almost unknown which leads to a disturbing pollution of air, water and land. In Europe recycling and environment protection has been of growing interest for the last 40 years. In Europe one has learned how to make better and more profitable business when not polluting. In Latin America it’s the opposite.

My experience from Guatemala is not the experience from the entire continent. Off course it isn’t. But I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that GT could serve as a good example.

In Guatemala City (GTC) the city dump is located almost in the city center, in zone 3. At this dump criminal gangs are in charge of the business. Recycling haven’t been heard of by the regular citizen. The guys in the dump trucks collect and sell cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, newspapers, and some metals, but I think that’s all. The rest is dumped without control at the city dump.

When I’ve tried to discuss the global warming issue with people I’ve considered above average intelligent I’ve encountered laughs and an attitude of severe ignorance to the subject. As if it all was a joke.

Below are the links to six short films by National Geographic on the effects of global warming.

Could just one degree warmer change the world?

2degrees warmer:

3 degrees warmer:

4 degrees warmer:

5 degrees warmer:

6 degrees warmer:

The planet’s population lives a dangerous life. The annual environmental summits are trying to high lighten the subject. But countries like the US, China, Russia, India is fighting against it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what’s going on with our climate nor the effect of it. If this outrageous lunacy continues and the permafrost of Siberia in Russia is going to melt. This will inevitably lead to the release of enormous amounts of green house gases into the atmosphere, mostly methane, that will increase the temperature and ultimately, within this century, kill all life as we know it due to global warming.

Heavy rainstorms and drought will create food shortages. Melting ice at the north as well as the south poles will submerge coastal cities like New York, Miami, Tokyo, Stockholm, London and many more. Island as well as coastal nations will disappear under the oceans. Lack of fresh drinking water will start wars. More and more people will seek new living grounds in the northern hemisphere since the southern one will become too hot making life conditions too harsh if not impossible. Like I said – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the facts…

But in third world countries like GT the issue is not even on the governments table of interest.

In GT the 25’000 public transport buses, countless diesel trucks, family cars and motorcycles are without any exhaust control or regulation. There’s no doubt that the environmental impact from these combustion engines is immense.  Furthermore the internal electrical production uses polluting combustion engines to generate the electricity the country needs.

The culture in GT is to blame someone else, making someone else responsible and not taking action. Blaming someone else is convenient. It moves the responsibility to someone else’s shoulder.  But that doesn’t solve the problem.

Guatemala is a third world country.  Never the less it has to address it’s own environmental issues. Acting like Colom in Copenhagen 2009 is pure stupidity.

Looking into other cities close to GT, like the ones in the US, one rarely sees black exhaust smoke from trucks and cars any more. The reason? The petroleum companies delivers cleaner less polluting fuels. This could be done in GT too by demanding, ordering, the petroleum companies to sell the same fuels here.

In the mid 70’s California was among the first states introducing catalyst converters on all vehicles. Today these devices are standard in all developed countries. It’s illegal to have a vehicle without it. The same devices could be a part of the cars in GT too – if the government would make it happen.

Then, after taking environmental actions, the government representatives could attend the annual UN summit arguing it’s demands of more responsible behavior from the major polluting countries. One needs to clean up one’s acts before telling someone else to. It’s as simple as that.

The world is facing a devastating future. We are all a part of it. All of us need to take proper actions. Laughs, jokes and pure ignorance will ultimately kill our children and us, the parents.

It’s time to clean up our act – for future of our toddlers.


Colom left Copenhagen empty handed…

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