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Get Sick!

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Here’s the recipe to get sick when you reach your last 30 years of life left living:

Eat lots of meat products.

Eat lots of cheese and drink lots of milk.

Eat lots of processed food with ingredient labels that look like a chemistry lesson of which you don’t understand much of what they really are.

Eat lots of simple carbohydrates that turn into sugar within 15 minutes so you feed your future cancer cells as well as you can.

Eat lots of cheap fast foods and drink a lot of sugary sodas that all turn into body fat within a few minutes so you annual increase of body fat is at least a pound to five or more.


Drink lots of alcohol.

Avoid all natural macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and trace elements, in veggies and fruit, as if it was the plague. Don’t eat it!

Only move your body slowly at its minimum pace. Don’t exercise, don’t run, don’t take the stairs if there’s an elevator or escalator, don’t do anything that might require a higher heartbeat, sweat, heavy breathing, and using your muscles. Don’t do any heavy lifting. It build muscles and muscles burn calories and body fat. Whatever you do stay away from that! Muscles on men and women makes you look toned, fit, sexy, and strong. Fuck that shit!

Stay in bed and watch TV all the time, as much as possible.

Get a job that requires you to sit down at a desk 8 hours a day. Don’t move!

Do this for a lifetime and you’ll happily succeed in dying 15-20 years early as a very sick person with diabetes, (Men get impotent from diabetes. So no more fun sex with the wife or the husband from that point.) high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, and cancer.

Don’t learn anything, absolutely nothing, about nutrition, healthy foods, or how to get your body to perform at its best of its abilities at all times.

Don’t look for educational information on internet. That’s useless, it’s only the library of the world, and that can be rejected as pure nonsense and bullshit because it’s not published in a book made of paper.

And on top of that you’ll probably look like a fat pig that no one wants to see undressed, nor have sex with, unless they are drunk as a skunk…!

If you have children make sure to feed them the same as you eat, live the way you live, so they too can get obese and sick of diabetes at an early age. If you’re successful they might get fat and sick even sooner than you did. If you manage to give them diabetes early in life they will definitely die sooner than you, or at least you will shorten their life with at least 17 years. So there’s a success rate to aim for there! Get your tiny ones as sick as yourself as soon as possible.

Now, doesn’t that look like a great future for you, your kids, and your doctor?

…oh, and don’t forget to blame your genes for your lack of healthy luck as well. Healthy people are merely lucky. Good health has nothing to do with what you eat.

Just as lung cancer has nothing to do with smoking, right?

What food is best for cancer?

My Facebook pictures

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About my fitness pictures on Facebook

First: Skinny or fit – The definition
There is a distinct difference being skinny/anorexic or being fit.

The anorexic is skinny from starving. I.e. the anorexic has a very low level of body fat as well as a very low level of muscle mass, all due to starvation. They look like skin on bones since they don’t eat.

The fit one is muscular from eating healthy and exercising. The fit one eat healthy foods 5-6 times/day and exercises. The fit one has a low level of body fat but high level of muscles thanks to frequent healthy foods and exercises.

Listening to the criticism I have to ask; What’s wrong with eating healthy and exercise in order to be fit and look good? Is it that the fit ones looks like you would have liked to but don’t have the determination to achieve?

For some time now I’ve posted pictures of fit people. It’s mostly been pictures of women but some men too. I’ve done it for a number of reasons.

– I enjoy seeing fit people, male and female. But I have to admit that women look better than men… Above all, I admire the discipline and effort they’ve put in to get in such great shape.

– I’ve done it for motivational purposes. It motivates me as well as some friends.

– I’ve done it in order to show that there is an alternative to being overweight/fat/obese or just not happy with the looks.

But I see no other option than to stop posting the pictures since the negative reactions has gone out of hand. Too many overweight people got offended and criticized me for too many reasons.
My critics told me that I did wrong posting them. It was wrong because I have over weight people in my family. I was wrong because the pictures might be offensive to family members and friends. It was wrong because my pictures might affect young girls to become anorexic. And I was told that normal people don’t look like the ones on the pictures so I shouldn’t post them, they said. Now, keep that statement in mind – “Normal people don’t look like that”.…

I find these arguments weird, odd and sometimes bizarre.

Fact: The pictures offended some of my critics.

Note; These critics aren’t fit them selves. No fit person made negative comments. Ever!

So I guess that my critics would have been ok with it if I’d posted pictures of fat people? That’s strange…

How did we end up at this level of stupid absurdity? How, and when, did we alter “normal” from being fit to being fat? I don’t get it…

Most overweight people would like to look better. Most overweight people would like to see something better in the mirror when coming out of the shower. But instead of doing something to improve their own looks and appearance they criticize the fit ones only in order not having to fix their own bodies! I find that a strange way of thinking.

Kind of like this: “I’m fat but won’t do anything about it. But I will criticize the one’s looking better than me in order to justify my own lousy fat way of living… I will criticize them in anger – or in tears – for telling me I’m fat. That way they feel guilty. That guilt will stop them from telling me the truth out of fear of my anger or my tears.” – Now, isn’t a great recipe for an obese success story!

Arguments presented to me are:

-I’ve tried everything to loose weight but nothing works. I always get the weight back again after a while.

-Change your diet! You are what you eat. In order to have the weight to stay off you have to change the diet that made you fat in the first place.

-Normal people can’t look like the fit ones.

-Well if that statement was true I guess that TV shows like The Biggest Looser are all lies then?

-Normal people can’t look like the fit ones because of genetics.

-That gene doesn’t exist. Scientist have tried to find it but no success yet…

-Normal people can’t look like the fit ones because being fat runs in my family.

-Bullshit! The truth is that you and your family eat more than you run.

-Normal people can’t look like the fit ones because of “what ever!”.

-Anyone who thinks he/she can’t get fit because of whatever reason is only looking for excuses to get the easy way out. They don’t want to change. They want to continue eating as they’ve always done. And they want to continue to find excuses for not doing anything about it. Furthermore they want others to feel guilt if the obesity is mentioned or criticized. That guilt will permit the obese to continue with his/hers unhealthy lifestyle.

On the other hand;

A fit person doesn’t get offended by seeing pictures of fat/obese people, do they?

Kind of like this:

“I’m fit and I get offended by looking at pictures of fat people at Wal-Mart! They should ban fat people’s pictures from the Internet. They insult me with their obese flabby saggy bodies!” – This doesn’t happen, does it?

If fat/obese people feel bad about them selves and/or get offended by looking at pictures of the opposite I argue that the fatso’s should change diet and start exercising.

So how did we get into a position where fit and healthy is considered abnormal?

I argue it’s because fat people have added guilt to their arguments. I think they made fit people feel guilt in order to hear less criticism of their way of life.

Today a smoker is widely criticized for not caring about his/her health. Today that’s legit to air. But telling a fat person that he/she faces the same health issues as the smoker is not accepted. Why is that? Both will get more or less the same diseases over time.  The smoker is supposed to accept the criticism but the obese one is not? Why is that?

If you got offended from the pictures I posted – Grow up, get over it! In the future I might post pictures of obese people instead, just to see if I get any negative reactions.

In order to make a change – The Internet has tons of websites showing anyone interested how to get in better shape. and is a good start. Appstore and others have several free e-books on what to eat.

In this age of information ignorance is a choice. Some say its bliss. That might be true for the ignorant, but it’s far from delight for the rest of us…


Good looking?

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What is more beautiful than a good-looking fit human body?

Why is it politically correct to make negative comments about a skinny and/or well-exercised girls physique when it’s not about the overweight/obese one?

I do agree with the ones arguing that skinny is not equal to good-looking. It’s bad looking just like the obese ones are. The two are just on opposite sides of the scale. Neither of them has an attractive physique.

But being fit is another story. Being fit is having a minimum of body fat stored and a maximum of natural muscles. This is very nice to lay ones eyes on, no matter the gender.

I like fitness and when I have lack of motivation for exercise I look at pictures of people more fit than I. Since I’m a man I have to admit that I find women more attractive and motivational than men.

At this moment let me make one thing clear:

I’m married to the love of my life. I’m married to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. My way of finding exercise motivation does not mean that I love my wife less. It doesn’t mean that I appreciate my wife less.

All men look at women. The more attractive women are the more attention they get from men. It’s natural. But most men don’t dare to admit this fact to their wives. Because the wife gets jealous… Hypocrites.

On the other hand most women find attractive men interesting to look at. A lot of times this is no secret for the husbands. A lot of women express their positive opinion about good-looking men. And the husbands accept. So it’s OK for the wife to look at attractive men but it’s not all right the other way around…? Why is that?

There are tons of pictures of people showing their weight loss success. Click here to see them:

I will never look as good as a fit and young 25 year old, but I will do my best I can to get the best looking body my gender and age permits me. Here’s a collection of motivational pictures I’ve found on the net:

IMG_0199 IMG_0362  IMG_0364 IMG_0372 IMG_0402 IMG_0414 IMG_0420    IMG_0475 IMG_0513  IMG_0519             IMG_0532 IMG_0555 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0562 IMG_0570 IMG_0572 IMG_0573 IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0579  IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585  IMG_0587 IMG_0588   IMG_0592  IMG_0594 IMG_0595  IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0602   IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0607       IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0620

Weight loss and nutrition

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At this time and age of information its pure ignorance staying ignorant.


A lot of people want to lose weight and it’s really not that difficult doing. But first we have to establish some facts.

There are no benefits what so ever being overweight or obese. On the contrary. Being overweight will make you sick. There’s no doubt about that. It’s just a matter of time.

Being overweight or obese is not due to heritage, not due to some gene defects, nor the result of having a big boned frame. Being overweight is the result of what you eat. If you’ve heard anything else you’ve been lied to. You are what you eat. End of story. Period.

You may have inherited your food habits from your parents – but you did not inherit a “fat-gene”, because it doesn’t exist! And there’s no fat person due to a big bone frame/structure. If you think there is, let me tell you, stop believing in those foolish excuses.

Stop bullshitting your self with excuses blaming something or some one else. You are responsible for what you put into your mouth. You are the one opening it! Right? It’s not your wife, not your husband, not your mom, not your brother nor your sister, not your maid. It’s you. You’re the one opening your mouth eating and drinking all that crap that makes you obese. You. No more bullshit excuses. Bullshit excuses ends here!

Food, nutrition and exercise v.s. obesity isn’t rocket science. If you’re overweight you eat more than you run. It’s as simple as that. If you’re overweight you are facing a future of diabetes, stroke, heart attack, liver and kidney problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction (impotence), just to mention a few of the consequences. If you’re obese, or morbidly obese for that matter, you are actually eating your self to death. You are killing your self with food! It is as simple as that.

When the brain tells us that we are hungry it’s actually telling us that the body needs more nutrients, e.g. vitamins, minerals. But the modern man has forgotten what nutrients are. So instead of giving the body what it asks for s/he gives it what is at hand. Sadly that’s often fast food. Since the amount of nutrients in fast food are so low, in most cases none (zero), the body is soon to be hungry again since it didn’t get what it asked for in the first place. Due to the low/none/ nutritional value in fast foods it should not be eaten at all. It only makes you fat and is a waste of money.

Now, the body has three types of weight. Water, muscle and fat. Loosing the water weight is easy. Just stop drinking for a couple of days and your scale will tell you the difference. But this is not the way to do it, right?

Energy reserves
Fat and muscles are stored/saved energy reserves for later use in case of a famine. But in a modern society the risk of food shortage, a famine, is non-existent. So we need to teach our body how to adapt to the modern life.

Most people want to get rid of body fat. Some think starving, eating less, is the key to success. It is not! When starving the body consumes the muscular energy reserve instead of the body fat reserve. One get smaller, lose weight, but the wrong way. If you want to lose excess body fat increased metabolism and muscle exercise is the key to success.

Muscle exercise vs. cardiovascular
Building muscles burn more body fat throughout the day compared to cardio training, which only burns stored calories (body fat) during the actual workout. Both increase the metabolism but only the growing muscles consumes body fat during a longer period. And the longer that period is the better.

The only medically proven diet supplement that has effect is Omega 3 (increased metabolism). The recommended quantity is 4-6 grams per day. A complete vitamin pill like “One A Day” will do no damage but can be called into question. All other food supplements can be replaced with the correct diet/food.

Reducing body fat is made with food. A fit body with a six-pack is done in the kitchen. …and some muscle-building exercises.

Here’s how to do it:
I avoid using the word “diet” since it by many is perceived as a shorter period. It is not. The right diet is for the rest of your life … And I hope that’s longer than a shorter period …

No carbs
Now, during your weight loss period, avoid by all means simple carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice, any alcohol, potatoes, fast food, french-fries, ketchup (contains High Fructose Corn Syrup), chips, candy, cereals, deep fried chicken, etc.

Carbohydrates deliver the energy the muscles needs. Protein builds cells, i.e. muscle. Protein will not make you fat. When avoiding carbohydrates during the weight loss period the body’s forced to consume its energy reserves, i.e. muscle mass and/or body fat. In order to keep the muscle mass and get rid of the body fat you have to exercise your muscles. If not the body will consume the muscles before the fat.

Replace the deficit of carbohydrates with increased amount of colorful vegetables and fruits as well as the amount of protein by having more grilled/cocked chicken breasts, egg whites, tuna, fatty fish and protein rich vegetables.

Figure out your calorie needs based on gender, age, body size and shape. Keep track of your BMI, body mass index. Google for the answers to any of your questions. Internet has tons of information on how to lose weight and gain muscle.

BMR is your Basal Metabolism Rate (Google for it). The number tells you how many calories you need if you have a full day of rest. This is the number to remember during a weight loss period.

Calculate your calorie needs for one day (use internet). Subtract 500 cal. This is the number of calories you need during the weight loss period. Divide the calorie number into 5 meals. Don’t miss out any of the meals. Make sure you have at least 1300 cal/day. Less than that and you will not lose the weight you aim for since the body gets to believe that it’s a famine going on.

Weight loss is no rocket science. It’s simple math.

A deficit of 500 calories/day gives you an overall deficit of 3500 calories/week. 3500 calories is the same amount of energy found in 1 lb of body fat. So a deficit of 500/day will lead to a weight loss of 1 lb/week. 10 weeks on the same deficit will lead to 10 lbs lost. 1-2 lbs is the recommended weight loss/week. It’s slow and steady and the body will adapt to it.

Eat more often
Divide your body’s calorie needs into 5 meals. Eat 5 small meals/day, i.e. every 3-4 hours. Breakfast, snack (fruit), lunch, snack (fruit), dinner. Don’t miss any meal! Fewer meals, every 5-6 hours, makes the metabolism to drop which leads to greater amount of body fat since the body thinks it’s a famine going on and starts burning muscle mass instead of body fat.

It’s very important to drink 3-5 liters of water per day since it increases your metabolism.

Get exhausted!
Exercise till muscle-fatigue for increased muscle mass. (Muscle weighs less per volume than fat.) Exercising for increased muscle mass teaches the body to burn fat depots instead of muscle mass. Eat something rich in protein 30-60 minutes after a muscle-building training session to break the body’s decomposition process of the newly activated muscle group. Never train the same muscle group two days in a row, let them rest 48 hours between the exercises so they can recover and grow in volume. Muscles grow during rest/sleep.

Have an “active-rest-day” once a week. Muscles grow 24 hours/day but mostly during night rest. “Active-rest-day” means walking or other light physical activity instead of the other days of more intense workout.

Women, gyms and weight lifting
Men lifting weights will get muscular and bulky. Women will not!

Most women at gyms exercise using light weights since they only want to obtain lean muscles and avoid getting big and bulky. But this training is all wrong. To get bulky the body needs testosterone. Men have it naturally but women don’t. That’s why no woman will develop huge muscles.

Women doing weight lifting will develop lean beautiful bodies. It’s a stated fact, since women don’t have the testosterone needed to look like The Hulk.

Another female mistake at gyms is lack of sweat. If you don’t sweat you don’t exercise hard enough. Being at the gym is no beauty contest. If the exercise doesn’t make you sweat it doesn’t have effect. Work harder, sweat that fat out. Sweating makes you look beautiful!

Food and insulin levels
Simple carbohydrates are found in fast food, Frensh fries, pizza, sugar, breakfast cereals, potato chips, nachos, Coca-Cola and other sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup sweetened sodas, white bread, white pasta, white rice, beer and other alcoholic drinks, ice cream, candy. When we eat simple carbohydrates the body transforms the carbs into sugar. Insulin is then produced in order to digest the sugar. Non-consumed sugar is transformed into fat and will be stored and saved by the body in case of a future needs, i.e. a famine.

Insulin peaks directly after every eaten meal and lowers metabolism considerably which leads to increased amount of stored body fat. Food that peak the insulin levels should by all means be avoided.

We don’t get fat by eating good fats. The right fats, i.e. olive oil and/or rapeseed oil, are recommended in order to build new muscular cells. Fats from diary and animals should be avoided. Simple tip: Avoid fats that are solid at body temperature. The risk that the solid fat get stuck inside your veins and blood vessels are big. Clogged arteries stop the blood flow to your brain and to the heart muscle leading to stroke and heart attack.

Morbidly obese people are at high risk of developing diabetes with further serious health risks as a result, and it’s all due to the insulin spikes that the diet exposes these people’s body’s to. Heart-, liver-, and kidney problems, stroke, amputated limbs, and male erectile dysfunction are a few of the problems a diabetic faces.

Keeping a diet that won’t produce insulin spikes is therefore a necessity in weight loss and muscle buildup.

So, there’s only advantages to keep a diet that doesn’t generate any insulin production. And as said above; a daily 4-6 grams of Omega 3 increases the body’s resistance to insulin and therefore increases the metabolism helping you to keep slim and fit.

The general diet AFTER the weight loss
50% carbohydrates from whole grain, 30% protein from vegetables, fish and chicken, 20% good fats is the basic recipe of a good diet. Individual diet variations due to your body’s response might have to be made.

It’s all about knowledge and psychology
Food is the nutrients and energy the body needs. It’s not a psychological treatment.

I do understand that some people use food for comfort. It’s used to feel better when sad, to feel happier when happy.

But the effect of years of short-happy-food-moments is being overweight or obese. All the excess weight will take time to get rid of. It requires dedication and hard work. But trust me, when it’s done you will carry your slim fit body with pride.

Instead of hiding the body in clothes you will be able to show it wearing a tight top or T-shirt.

Getting rid of the body fat, gaining muscle to become fit is a struggle. Keeping motivated is a necessity. Google for as much information as possible. Learn more about food and exercise. Make a weekly/daily plan, a routine, and stick to it.

Every time I feel the motivation going down I do four things:

  1. I remind myself why I started exercising.
  2. I remind me of my goal. E.g to get my six pack back.
  3. I look at pictures of fit people.
  4. I visit, Barstarzz, Powerfit Nutrition and Fitness Selfies on Facebook for inspirational exercises and pictures.
  5. I Google for “before & after pictures”. A lot of people have done the same weight loss journey as me. I look how they succeeded and get inspired.

Find whatever motivates you and don’t lose focus.

I wish you the best of luck.


Whose choice?

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What do you think – are overweight people responsible for their weight or not?

As you might know I think they are. I argue that each and every one of us puts the food into our mouths. Just as the smoker is responsible for the addiction to nicotine or the alcoholic is to alcohol. I don’t see any difference.

My opinion is that the overweight with excuses tell excuses for no other reason than not having to be responsible for their own actions. Try for yourself by using their excuses on any other issue, like the smoker, the alcoholic or the drug addict.

Doesn’t work, right? So why would it for the overweight?

Skinny vs exercised

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I’m exercising since the beginning of this year. I’m doing it for me as well as for my wife. A friend told me about a guy who wrote a book about his exercising. I haven’t read the book but the title got stuck in my mind; I Just Want to Look Good Naked.

During this year I’ve done different routines. Walking, running, going to the gym. Last year is was swimming. None of it works over a longer period of time. I got fed up with going to the gym, spending time in the car going back and forth. Out of the blue I found a website called BodyRock.TV. Here the hosts shows how to exercise at home using nothing more than your body weight. This fits me just fine.

The thing is that when some Bodyrockers post pictures of their success as a motivation to others there are people who just have to mock them. And that’s the part I don’t understand.

Why is it accepted to mock and criticize a woman who’s built muscles instead of body fat? Why is it accepted beeing negative about a woman’s body that’s well exercised with lean muscles but it’s not accepted to criticize the one whose overweight and/or fat?

The contradiction in terms is that every man likes to see a woman who looks good, i.e. well exercised with a minimum of body fat. On the other hand some of those men are criticizing the same looks! -Too skinny! -Out of proportion! -Too much muscles!

Some say that fat people are sensitive to criticism. -Don’t tell her she’s fat, you’ll hurt her feelings. I accept that. But what is it that says that exercised one are not sensitive to the same criticism?

We all make choices. We choose to be fat, skinny, exercised or what ever you want to look or be. I want to have my six-pack back. I want to have a body with muscles. I want to get as far away as possible from the tooth-pick-look-alike-body I have. If anyone criticize me for that later on – I don’t give a damn about what they think. But that’s me. Others don’t have the strength to have the same approach.

Don’t criticize unless you know the person can handle it.

And to the ones that are negative about some people at on Facebook:
Bodyrockers accept and respect your choice not exercising. Please accept and respect our choice as we do yours. LisaMarie looks great. LisaMarie looks the way she wants. Respect her choice.

LisaMarie, Sean, Lish:
You inspire me to get back into shape again. You show me that it’s possible no matter the age. For that I show you my gratitude. Thank you.

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