Words are important

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We the people make our societies. Many of us agree that our societies aren’t good enough, that they should be better. This means that if we want better societies we need better people.

That means that we, the parents, have to make our children better than we are if a change should occur. Make it happen. Make your child better than you.

Here’s one way of doing just that.

Words are important. What we say have impact. Spoken words reflect what we think. Unspoken words can reflect what we don’t think. Spoken, as well as unspoken, words affect our children.

  • Words are powerful.

The following example showed up in a WhatsApp group chat the other day regarding a deceased friend to one of the members in the group (Google translated from Spanish to English):

“That the Lord, the Almighty God, spill over you a balm of peace, love and protection, its light through your whole body as a source of living water. That he heals all your diseases discovered and hidden. In the name of the father, of the son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. It passes this blessing to all your contacts, including me. With great pride and affection, you choose because you are special. The word of God says that Job was blessed when he prayed for his friends… Bless your friends and you will be blessed… Today is a day of blessing. “Bless”. “I bless your heart” – your life. -Your health – your home. -Your family. -your work. -your spiritual life – your finances and projects, in the name of Christ, choose to like who to bless.”

Now, as God is omnipotent, we’re supposed to show worship and gratitude for His work?

Am I the only one realizing how intellectually wicked religious people actually become…? Am I – really – the only one?

Let me explain my train of though here…

Omnipotent means All powerful, i.e. the creator of everything. Let me clarify that; God is the creator of EVERYTHING.

Omniscient means All knowing of everything. Let me clarify that; God the omniscient who knows EVERYTHING.

Omnipresent means Always present everywhere. Let me clarify that; God the omnipresent is EVERYWHERE at all times.

Now, digesting these facts soon one realize that God created mankind and everything else. As he created everything, he created good and bad, health and illness, prosperity and poverty, happiness and sorrow, life and death. He creates everything that happens to every living thing, be it a person, an animal, or a plant.

Now, the post above advocates admiration and  worship for a deity that is only proven to exist as a ghost within the mind of the believer. Keep in mind that this is a deity that demands love and admiration by threats of eternal pain if not complied to. This is the trait of an extortionist, a dictator, a tyrant, a fascist.

The post above DID NOT say –

Thank you for being a good friend of mine.

Thank you for being a good husband to your wife which I hold dear.

Thank you for being a good father to your children.

Thank you for all the good memories you brought us.

Thank you for your friendship. I will hold your memory dear for as long as I live.

  • No, the post did not say that.

The post above DID SAY thank you God for letting us know this good man. The post above praise a self inflicted artificial ghost of the mind as the one to admire and gratify.

But the post did not take into account the proof of existence of such a deity. Barely believing in such a deity was enough to show the admiration and gratitude, not towards the deceased man himself, but to a deity that cannot prove its existence without the assistance of a human being.

This means that whatever good this deceased man did while sharing his life on earth with his family and friends he is not to show gratitude to. He did not get the credit and thanks for the good he did in life. An imaginary ghost got all of it. God got all the credit. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!??

This post is so disrespectfully arrogant, it is as repulsive as it is gullible at the same time, towards a deceased friend, I barely want to throw up in response to it. …however, I won’t do that in public.

The words of religion really screw up some people’s minds…

If we teach, indoctrinate, our children to believe in teligion our societies will never change for the better. Because a child who ask a ghost for assistance when problems and hardships emerge in life will develop into an adult that will not find better solutions.

Religion is not promoting good values. All religions do, however, promote blind faith. Faiths that is not allowed to be questioned or criticized. Religions creates minds that will not think freely.

Words are important. Words have impact. Words are powerful.

  • Chose your words wisely, because they affect the thinking capabilities of your child just as much as it affects you.


Two pockets

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It is like religious people have two pockets in their minds. One pocket contains their every day life, their education, their perception of a living life. Here we find knowledge, logical and reasonable thinking, values, and everything else that in incorporated in anyone’s life. In this pocket we find logic, reason, critical thinking, as well as humanity.

Then we have the second pocket. In this one we find everything that has to do with their religion and their faith. In this pocket logic, reason, human values, moral, and decency, are not present – as if all of it have been thrown straight out the window. This means that this pocket is not receptive to logic, nor reason, or anything that resembles any of it. Because everything in this pocket is connected to strong feelings, nothing in this pocket is based on facts. Because the religious pocket is all about what feels to be right, feels good, feels nice.

However, there is a communication between these two pocket. Sadly, it is only one way. It Is like there is a one-way bridge between the two. This one-way bridge goes from the religious pocket to the logical & reasonable one. But there is no communication in the opposite direction. None.

This clearly shows when one talks about everyday issue and deliberately switch the conversation over to religion. Because as the change of topic appears so does the personality of the religious person. In general s/he often turns from fairly decent, friendly and nice, to hostile and reluctant to think straight.

This is why I say that conversing religion with a religious person is like talking with a drunk person. It just doesn’t work. Because they lack the ability to think straight when they engage the religious pocket.

Freethinking atheists, on the other hand, only have on pocket. In this single pocket all their life’s events, all their knowledge, all their values & morals, are gathered, and there is a constant communication between any and all topics. This is the constant, never ending, re-evaluation of everything they know.

If you teach you children that your religion is the only truth, the right truth, you are a child abuser. You are indoctrinating a mind, an intellect, under development. You are violating this child’s human rights to learn form his/her own thoughts and experiences. You are violating the development of a free thinking mind. If you do this as a parent, you are a child abuser. Stop it.

Are you too dumb to think?

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I understand that it is hard to hear opinions that contradict yours.

I understand that it is difficult to compute the fact that despite ~5 billion religious believers in the world not a single one of them can produce factual evidence of their God’s existence at any other location than as a ghost in their minds. Furthermore, I understand that they get offended and angry when I question the ghost they hold precious.

I do understand that it is difficult for a Trump supporter to hear critical opinions on his/her malignant narcissistic liar of a presidential cunt.

I do understand that it is hard for the unhealthy overweight person to hear that s/he is a victim of a failing diet. A diet that for many is utilized as self medication of anxiety and other psychological issues.

But in either of these cases I do not understand when, or why, the intellectual process came to an end within them. I do not understand why these people stopped thinking.

Are these people intellectually lazy or are they just intellectually incapable – as in dumb? If the latter, is it possible to activate their capability of critical thinking? I’ve tried it repeatedly but have failed every time. Is it me or is it my subject who is too dumb to think straight?

Leading mankind…

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⁃ You can lead mankind to knowledge but you cannot make them understand.

According to the Bible God says “Love me or I will throw you into the fires of Hell to burn forever” is not a token of love but an example of extortion and ultimately fascism.

There are two reasons for you to believe in whatever religion you confess to.

1. You’ve been indoctrinated with it since childhood by parents, church, and society.

2. You cannot cope with the fact that you one day will cease to exist, and it scares you.

So what can you do?

⁃ You can admit that there are questionable moral values in all religions – including yours.

⁃ You can admit the fact that science have proven religion wrong countless times, but religion have never proven science wrong, not once.

⁃ You can learn in order to question the historical correctness of your religious scriptures.

⁃ You can learn in order to question the political intentions all religions possess.

⁃ You can learn about the origins of your religion and question how accurate it presents itself.

Here are a few well spent minutes with Christopher Hitchens:

Here are others that might be of interest:

The History Of Christianity:


The Origin Of Christianity


Christianity makes no sense:


Donald Dump the proniod

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No matter the country, we all get the politicians we vote for. As we do, this means that our politicians are a reflection of us. They are a reflection of who we are. Donald Trump is no different.

Now, there are a few good things one can say about Donald Dump; he’s one of the very few that manages to cover 100% of his head using only 30% of his hair. – …and that is quite an accomplishment.

Should we stop making fun of Trumps hair, or him?
– No we should not. Because his hair is as ridiculous as the rest of him, and his hair is a perfect analogy for the rest of his pathetic personality.

Trump Hair

His hair is as much a fake liar as the rest of him, trying to cover up the fact that there’s nothing underneath.

Donald Trump is a “man” who desperately tries to befriend everyone. But as he does he becomes the friend of no one. He is as phony as his hair trying to cover up that it’s nothing underneath, nor is it anything behind his forehead. As he is as dumb as an inbred he cannot phantom that there is anyone smarter than he is.

Donald Trump is the poor man’s idea of a rich person. He is the uneducated man’s idea of an educated person. He is the piteous man’s idea of a distinguished person. He is a fools’ idea of a smart & intelligent person. He is the weak person’s idea of a strong man. He is the failing person’s idea of success.

And that is probably the nicest one can say about him. Because from the top of the ridiculous hairdo that poorly covers his scalp it is all downwards – in free-fall.


… Donald Trump is a parody – of himself …

Because, Donald Dump has no political experience nor agenda. He is a proven narcissistic sociopath, a xenophobic racist, a homophobic misogynist, un- and misinformed, an arrogant and vulgar hypocrite. And probably one of the worst cases of the Dunning-Kruger Effect victims we’ve ever seen.

He is an uneducated, dumb, ignorant, and a full frame buffoon. He is an inflated, bloated, pronoid fool who cannot stop endorsing himself and his importance. From his point of view he is the best there is – at anything and everything.

He is a proven compulsory liar and a draft dodger, a sexual predator with no empathy, no compassion, no character, no conscience, no passion, no shame, no moral guidelines, no decency, no manners. He is a natural born tyrant and a fascist.

Donald Trump is a pathetic intellectually disabled misfit with the thought process of a drunk. He is nothing but a parody – of himself.

He is a useless piece of shit who can’t even keep his dick from fucking the wrong cunt.

img_4778The wrong hooker’s cunt; Stormy Daniels

– Donald Dump is so poor all he have is money.

Or as Rex Tillerson so well coined it;
– He’s a fucking moron.

Asifa Bano

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AsifaHer name was Asifa Bano, an eight year old child tortured
by eight men during three days. She did not survive, she died.
She was strangled to death with her head crushed.
She was 8 years old…


Eight men held Asifa locked up in a Hindu temple while drugging her and gang-raping her for three long days.

When they where about to kill her one man asked to rape her one last time. After that last rape she was nailed to the ground by a man’s knee on her back while he strangled her with her scarf, and then he hit her twice in the head with a stone to finish her off.

Her ordeal has created riot protests in India as religious leaders have stepped forward in favor of the perpetrators.

Asifa 1

This is what religion does to people. Don’t think you’re safe from getting affected by the sickening values your religion holds dear, whatever religion you confess to. You are not.

Religions are a pollutive insult to the human intellect. Period.

The religious argues that their god is –

  • Omnipotent, the all powerful creator of everything.
  • Omniscient, all knowing. God knows everything.
  • Omnipresent, god is present, i.e. around us, at all times.

This means that –

  • God created the torture that these eight men did to Asifa. Because god is omnipotent.
  • God knew what she would be suffering before the eight men killed her in the most horrible way imaginable. Because god is omniscient.
  • God stood in the Hindu temple and watched it all happen without intervening at all. Your god saw it all but did not stop the men from gang-raping her tiny body. Because god is omnipresent.

That is what you believe in. That is what your religion has made you believe and accept. This makes your god a sadist, an accomplice of torture and rape. You do realize that, don’t you?

According to your beliefs your god created what happened to her. He saw it while it happened in front of him. He watched her being raped over and over again, but he did nothing to stop it. Nothing!
– That is what you believe in, that is the god you admire and adore.


Asifa 2


If you disagree with any of this, your god is not, per definition, a god.

If you disagree with me, but still support your god, still believe your god is real;  then tell me, where was your omnipresent, all powerful, all knowing, god when Asifa cried for mercy and help? Where was your god when she was tortured and finally strangled  death by eight grown men? Did he stand there watching her perpetrators penetrating her one after the other without interfering? What kind of god is it you believe in?

I can tell you what kind of god you believe in. Your God is an evil tyrant, a fascist devil, a sadist child molester, a an utter fucking asshole.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because I can tell you where your god really was when Asifa was tortured to death by eight men in India. He was only in your mind, as a ghost. That is what your god is; a ghost in the delusional mind, that is what he is. Your god doesn’t exist. Because if he did exist, who would he help as he did not help Asifa?


Asifa 3


Would he help you find your lost car keys – but not her?
Would he help your soccer team winning – but not her?
Would he help you for-whatever-reason-you-can-think-of but not her? – Seriously?

Me angry?
– You bet I am. I’m furiously angry for what religions does to good people’s minds. We are better than religion, no matter what religion we talk about. Goo people are far better than any religion.

If you’re one of God’s supporters, I have a suggestion for you.

-You can take that god of yours and shove the motherfucking fascist as far up your rectum as you can to where he belongs with the rest of your human excrements.

Your God is not worthy of any admiration, nor worthy any worship or respect. Because your god is a fascist tyrant and a full frame asshole.

  • But he is worthy all of the hate, disgust, ridicule, and bullying mankind can produce – because everything your god stands for mankind can do far better.

    Here is one of the many video clips about Asifa Bano’s destiny:

    Do you dare to watch it?


The good believer

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  • Don’t read the Bible.
  • Don’t exercise critical thinking.
  • Don’t look for better knowledge.
  • Don’t trust science.
  • Don’t trust logic.
  • Don’t trust reason.
  • Don’t trust facts.
  • Don’t think by yourself.
  • Don’t ask questions.




  • Believe because it is convenient.
  • Believe because it makes you feel good.
  • Believe because if you don’t Hell awaits you.
  • Believe that your parents told you the truth.
  • Believe that religion males you morally right, morally better.
  • Believe in conspiracy theories.
  • Believe the person with the largest voice.
  • Believe in authorities.
  • Believe there is a life after death.
  • Believe that a deity created all and everything.
  • Believe that your deity is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
  • Believe that your deity is more interested in helping you than he is helping the sick or hungry.
  • Believe that your deity has the power to make your life better than anyone else’s.
  • Believe that your deity is looking out for you.
  • Believe that your deity knows better than you.
  • Believe that your deity is your guardian angel.
  • Believe that your deity listens to your prayers.
  • Believe that your deity cares so much about you that he will change his divine and omniscient plan if you pray for it.

Praying Jesus


  • Accept that almost everyone you know will go to hell – but not you. You’re different.
  • Accept oppression of women. An oppression with the sole purpose to grant men access to female genitalia to penetrate and masturbate within at any time they see fit.
  • Accept that there is a deity watching you at all times. He’s watching you when you’re nice and when you’re bad. He’s watching you in the shower as well as when you have sex.
  • Accept that your deity gave you your life. God gave you your life, it wasn’t your parents doing it while fucking like rabbits.
  • Accept that your deity will kill you one day. And he will kill you when you least expect it.
  • Accept that you cannot question your religion nor its representatives. Because if you question you obstruct the will of God.
  • Accept that you’re an intellectual slave. With no free will, no power over your destiny, no power over the decisions you make in your life. God has all the power over you, you have none.
  • Accept that whatever happens to you your God wants it for you. No matter if it is good or bad, everything happening to you is within your God’s intent.
  • Accept that your omnipotent God needs people to argue for his existence, because He cannot prove his existence himself.
  • Accept that your God only shows himself to you, like a ghost in your mind, but nowhere else in real life.
  • Accept your worship of this deity as the worship of a tyrant, a dictator, a fascist. Because he will punish you with eternal pain if you don’t admire him and follow his will.
  • Accept that all this will be so confusing that you might need a psychiatrist for life to learn to cope with it.
  • Accept all of the above as your Norms Of Life, as your Normal.



  • Defend your beliefs in fury, anger, and violence, if needed.
  • Defend your right to trust the divine ghost that has occupied your mind.
  • Defend your beliefs with the emotional arguments of the offended.
  • Defend your religion as the only true one.


If you do all, or most, of what is listed above you will develop into the very best of narcissists – just as your religion wants you to. – Remember, you are created as the image of your God, you are the center of the world – because the Bible says so.


Do you need religion to be moral?
-No, but you need religion to be immoral.

So the final question is:

-Why engage with something as immoral as religion if the intent is to be the opposite? It’s as dumb as smoking in order to avoid lung cancer…


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